Friday, 4 May 2018

The Silent Tragedy of Lost Potential

"It will be tragic if these insane criminal psychopaths drag the world down into a conflagration as this hegemonic crime syndicate doubles down on pursuit of empire, but it will be the silent tragedy of lost potential... of silent wondering what other destiny an extinct species could have had... had in not chosen the path of extinction.

A waste of energy... knowing that Humanity also could have build themselves a paradise on Earth with the knowledge & Technology available, had they chosen a different Path.

Our species' fatal flaw is our collective propensity to stupidity and following the most base motivations, such as greed, envy, etc. rather than becoming inspired by our better angels... of genius and art.

I hope we muddle through this bottleneck phase of our history some how and give evolution a chance to catch up with the runaway train of culture that has propelled us bi-pedal apes into the mess we now find ourselves in." 

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