Friday, 30 January 2015

Friday, 23 January 2015

Singapore Fare Hike: The Frog/Crab In The Boiling Pot

Or 'salami tactics' or 'totalitarian tiptoe'.

To the rest of Singapore who seems to take this passively, don't seem to care, or actively serve to continue the violence of government as a civil servant in all branches of government, what are you doing?

What will these people respond when their grandkids ask them,

'where were you when this was happening?'

'oh, I was helping to bring this Orwellian nightmare into existence.'

As you have seen, where it is now, is not where its ending.

When is the population going to have a massive awakening where everyone stops whatever they do, i.e. stop paying taxes? When its $10 a bus trip? When people have to sell backside every day for a bus trip?

Realize that we are like frogs in a boiling pot, the heat is gradually taken up, and before we realize it we are being cooked.

So what is it going to take? Are you even that sure that voting will work? What are the chances they won't do something else to rig the vote? And then what is going to happen, go back and wallow in your own misery?

Its time to wake up. Arse off the sofa.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

You Can't Fix Stupid

And I don't care if you have an IQ of 180 with a pHD, if you can't be bothered to look for hard facts on the internet based on lame excuses alluding it to the 'underground' of the internet or the lack of time then you are just as a moron as the rest of them.

Like people texting while driving. You would think driving would require eyes on the road. The accidents, some fatal, have led to government making laws against texting while driving.

So who is to blame? Government or people? Government is just a reflection of the people who like the kids who obsess over their smartphones allow our human condition to be so.

Its a powerful drug to be able to use a smartphone to film something and upload it, the primal urge to record down our activities (hence writing and scrawling on tree bark) gone berserk.

Its an addictive urge and the thrill of waiting for incoming messages and then responding as fast as possible to it when it comes with neon blue lights on the screen and backlight of the buttons to look cool and high tech.

Until another fad comes along to replace this one to keep the consumer machine going. As much as it is unpalatable to think about, the predicted economic collapse is needed, a kick in the rear end is needed for these 'smartass phones for dumbass muthaf**ker' users.

The lights have to go out to fix this social cancer.

Because you can't fix stupid.


Friday, 9 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo incident - Psyop ‘s summary of bullshit psyop:

1. 10 people were supposed to have died with others injured. Yet at the scene, a max of 2 ambulances showed up when well over 10 would have been needed for such an event.

2. It looks like they did fire some real rounds from the looks of one of the police cars for this “drill”, however the pictures are not clear enough to show if the bullet holes are just gangsta stickers, in one of the photos the police officers are laughing and joking next to the shot up car where someone supposedly died.

Additionally, images on Google of shot up windshields have cracks going all through the windshield. In this France event, all damage is limited to where the holes are. Is that possible?

3. All people who responded to the scene had French Foreign Legion haircuts.

Odd for ambulance drivers and EMT’s.

4 (a good one) – If the perpetrators got away and have not been captured, HOW did the French police identify them within hours when they did not turn up elsewhere? Sort of like the passport on 911 or all those pristine passports from flight MH17. That works.

Gotta have a positive ID on them to “prove” they are “Muslim” and not just the Mossad out on a field trip. Gotta do it when the shock factor is at max. And no one dropped a passport this time, HOW did the police figure it out? TIMES THREE?

5. I never saw any bloody photos from this, not even fake blood, not even from a police officer who was shot by an AK and laying on the sidewalk for 10 seconds before being “shot” a second time, and still no blood. Very odd if this is real.

6. Target was a group of Jews, who belong to a greater whole which stages B.S. terror attacks frequently. That stinks.

7. How did the road miraculously have no traffic? The scene is set up as if staged. It is as if the area was cordoned off prior to the “attack” for a drill, so the “terrorists” simply parked smack dab in the middle of the road because they knew there would be no traffic.

8. How did the attackers know there would be a giant staff meeting with everyone important for the publication present to be shot all at once? A little help from the NSA or what?

9. The publication had serious prior financial trouble, and if it was going to close anyway, why not use it to stage a psy op? That would “explain” why it closed, would it not?

10. There is no recoil on the AK as it shoots. I initially assumed blanks, but what about rubber bullets?
At any rate, there was no sign of blood at any point from the police officer, an AK goes all the way through and bullet proof vests are for handguns, not AK rounds. If he was wearing one it would not work. LACK OF ANY RECOIL AT ALL SCREAMS BLANK.

11: All video initially posted was shot from rooftops. FOR A SCENE THAT LASTED LESS THAN A MINUTE. How did anyone get up to the roof that fast to get video of this, times several people shooting from different places?

The roof tops were just regular roof tops with no reason for anyone to be up there. It is not like there was a roof top Starbucks or something. Why were people up there to begin with, how did they figure out what was going on and have their cell phones all ready to shoot video from perfect angles from start to finish?

ANSWER: They went up ahead of time, got in position, and shot video of a drill they knew would happen. It is the only rational answer. Even if they were a roofing crew, they would not have figured out something was going on and had camera phones (times several) shooting clear video in under 15 seconds to capture this less than a minute long event.

The staged camera angles and time frame alone nails this as a fraud, such timing and positioning is flatly impossible. Even the robot android DATA from Star Trek could not have gotten up to the roof that fast, found where to shoot the best video from and captured this so well.

12: Getaway driver was in school at the time of the “incident”

"Classmates stand up for him
The classmates of an 18-year-old suspect in the Paris shooting, that occurred yesterday afternoon at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, have protested his innocence by saying that he was in class at the time of the incident in which 12 people were murdered.
Hamyd Mourad was reported to have handed himself to the police at around 11pm last night after he saw his name mentioned on the news and his friends and acquaintances have said that he has an alibi, as they claim he was present in the classrooms that day."

It won’t matter, just like the Boston bombing, where dorm room mates said Tsnarev was not at the bombing scene when it happened. Once they name a patsy, he is TOAST.

What an innocent dupe Hamyd was for turning himself in expecting the system to be just when running a Jewish scam! Gitmo time!

Definitive proof they use blanks:

Many people have analyzed the police officer shooting video very carefully, and have noticed something I missed, but they do not know what it is. I do. Something flies out of the gun and flits around behind the police officer’s head.

Shills have said it is obviously a skull fragment. But that would not happen with no blood, and there is a far better explanation which when put along with the rest of the scene proves beyond all doubt they were shooting blanks.

A blank round has a paper wad where the bullet would be to hold the powder in place. When fired, this paper wad comes out of the gun and goes nowhere, it stalls near the barrel and flits around for a while. This mystery object many have made note of is simply the paper wad from the blank.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

"Al-Qaeda" attack on French Newspaper Hebdo in Paris

"Police hunted for three heavily armed men with possible links to al-Qaida in the military-style, methodical killing of 12 people Wednesday at the office of a satirical newspaper that caricatured the Prophet Muhammad." - AP

But let's be reminded of how this is all playing out, getting the western world to be filled with anti-Muslim sentiment.

This was the purpose of last month's Sydney hostage taking.

Because they want us to support what's coming down the pipeline. As Syria September 2013 showed, American servicemen were willing to go on Twitter and reject orders to go to Syria. They decided they needed to build up the urge to go to war again on a war-weary public.

Problem-Reaction-Solution style.

Problem = Sydney Hostage taking + French shootout + future similar event to further up the ante
Reaction = Anti-Muslim sentiment, fear of terrorists of Middle East origin like after 9/11/2001
Solution = Mainstream and the uninformed support re-invasion of Middle East when ISIL does the planned atrocity (as of yet to happen, but watch out for it).

The ultimate goal is said here at the 52nd minute:

This is where they want the world to go. To get our anti-Muslim sentiments whipped up that when this massive false flag planned in the Middle East happens, the mainstream world will say 'Enough' and the US will be involved in Gulf War 3.

Don't fall for it.

Update: Jim Stone of nails it again:


I just saw the key video that clearly shows a police officer clearly getting shot in the head by an AK-47 at point blank

Problems: No brain splatter, no blood splatter, white smoke off the barrel dispersing in a wide cloud (which blanks do), no body lurch at bullet impact. No brain splatter? Face totally intact? Still in controlled position absent brain?


I rest my case.

Larken Rose Most Brilliant Anarchy Speech of 2014

How to spread information effectively.

'The moment you stick your moral code into his, you've already lost.' - Larken Rose

Sunday, 4 January 2015

"Once You See What Is Going On, There Is No Point In Being Attached To Anything, It Can Be Taken Away From You Tonight"

The latest podcast #181 from Mark Passio has gone back to 3 hours. This was a good one in terms of talking about our species' place as a bastard child of the Annunaki and left at the doorstep of the Universe, and we have to learn to grow out of our adolescence, but we don't seem to want to.

He said how Quantum despite its sci-fi connotations simply means 'amount' in Latin, i.e. quantity. Its like in chemistry when you need to add enough 'amount' to reach a tipping point. Likewise the tipping point for the awakening to knock down the House of Cards is hard numbers of people changing how they think.

He said it will take minimum 50% to be properly awake and enlightened (bare minimum like you and me researching all this huge volume of data and talking about it with other people). Hard numbers shows that even among the truth movement only a small amount are seriously involved in real research.

He said 'if anyone thinks that close to half of the population is at that state now you really have psychological issues... there is seriously something wrong with your perception. I don't know what planet you are on, certainly not on Planet Earth in 2015.'

I can relate to that knowing full well what he means. Even telling 'saner' stuff like stacking up on Silver instead of relying on devaluing fiat paper currency I get the usual 'nutter' responses. I am so used to being alone in this I hardly notice it anymore.

One of the callers made a point that I had realized early on in my life and later on at the point of Awakening four years ago when I had that personal crisis in my life but I couldn't really express the way this guy nailed it.

'Once  you see what is going on, you realize there is there is no point in being attached to anything because it can be taken away from you tonight.' - A caller

MH17: Ukrainian rebels show kid's toy

And the trooper crosses himself after taking his cap off.

How the complicit western propaganda media delivers their lies as explained by German Comedy (same rebel crossing himself starting from 3:00 )

Zionism is Doomed ~ Ken O’Keefe, August 30th 2014

"An awesome talk by Ex US Marine Ken O'Keefe, exposing the Zionist
Movement's Infiltration and ownership of the most powerful Governments
in the world, Zionist's own and run our Financial Institutions, our
Governments, all the Media and TV Stations, and they are in the final
stages of a plan that will bring a Global Fascist Regime so ruthless and
brutal Humanity will be changed forever!, if you don't know about
Zionism, you may want to have a listen, because these Psychopaths are
coming for us at break neck speed!!" - Russell Sprout

Friday, 2 January 2015

Ken O'keefe on PressTv exposes Obama, Bush, ISIS, Bankers, Syria

Bald fucker gets a second waxing of the day from Ex-Marine Ken 'The Polisher' O'Keefe.

Ken O'Keefe shows soldiers how to fight a REAL war, the Information War.