Sunday, 14 June 2015

Twilight Zone Level Epic Fail of the Truth Movement: The Flat Earth/Concave Earth/Glass Sky Distraction

I was listening to Richie Allen Show with Zen Gardner: "The Media Is A Tidal Wave Of Disinformation. Disconnect From It And Never Look Back."

At 22:20 when the flat earth theory was brought up and Zen Gardner attempt to placate the foaming-at-the-mouth retards by giving a neutral answer under the guise of 'the need to question everything and be open-minded', my mind almost went thermonuclear.

We are in the 21st century, we have satellites in space, we can see airplane condensation trails meeting the sea/land at the horizon after taking a curved path, showing the sky and therefore the planet surface is close to spherical, and there are the ISS time-sequence videos taken showing the Earth at night using a low light camera. If we take a decent telescope and point to space we can see that the planets like Jupiter and Saturn are ball shaped.
Not the ones under your pants smelling of five days of ball sweat, you unhygienic fuck.
Sure mainstream science is manipulated and controlled, but to completely throw everything including your common sense with the bathwater opens you up to manipulation.

This flat earth nonsense has been going around long enough, alongside with less 'popular' theories like glass skies and concave earths propagated by self-declared false prophets and false messiahs who believe those who criticize them should be put in FEMA camps. The only real prophet/messiah in this world is one's own.

The flat earth theory got popular some months ago when a video released by members of the dark occult run control system about a 'classified' NASA video of scientists supposedly admitting the earth is flat, evidently a short acting skit done as a joke, according to Thomas Sheridan.

The dark occult had done enough research on the inner workings of the human mind and opinions and views of large numbers of people on the street to realize that enough people with worm-eaten brains made up the truth movement that lacking common sense and discernment would buy this whole thing hook, line and sinker.

For the first time in thousands of years of control the dark occult-control system are losing control of their sorcery over the population. Enough people have logged on to the internet, seeing information that coming from alternative sources, joined the dots with their own real life experiences, and are voting with their wallets and withdrawing support for known globalist corporations such as Monsanto.

The control system is not about to lose all that without a serious fight, and one would be stupid to assume they would not. Having researched on a long history of past psychological operations that had succeeded and failed, they determined that a sizable portion of people would propagate this nonsense, and found an old NASA video that does it.

Enough high profile cocksuckers of the alternative media (the word "alternative" now gives me a nasty headache worse than after eating McDonald's) have bought into this that the debate has become mainstream that this is being brought up in almost every major and minor podcast.

Rob Potter: This one is kind of pissing me off. I have refused to ask it of you, but I keep getting questions. My god, people are telling me that the earth is flat. All they have to do is look at a Hubble telescope and watch Saturn rotate and I don’t know why they need to hear it from you.

Agent COBRA: Okay. They will hear it from me. I will post a certain thing about this on my blog very soon.

Rob: Okay. The earth is a sphere correct?

COBRA: The earth is very close to the sphere. It is flattened a little bit, but it basically is, yes. I don’t need to answer this. I think it’s obvious.


Yeah its fucking obvious to anyone with at least 2 brain cells on active duty, including New Agers who believe in good Extra Terrestrials coming to rescue the human species.

This psy-op has worked successfully, just as the Russell 'Brand' of Purple pill that Thomas Sheridan coined on his blog said. All in all, its proved a successful distraction to occupy the airwaves and take the debate away from more urgent matters related to the future of humanity.

This is just one of many methods on how the control system takes over movements that oppose its relentless and ruthless march to the human race's total destruction and enslavement.

This will likely remain one of the lowest points of the Resistance against the control system in its level of intelligence for a very long time.