Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Globalist Control Freaks Meet Behind Closed Doors to Decide Fate of the Internet

First question that our 'elected' leaders and the rest of us should be asking is how does a small group of Nosferatu vampire types numbering no more than a few hundred are allowed to decide the fate of what comes close to a genuine libertarian facility of communication used by billions of people?

The free internet should be made another Amendment like the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution - The Right to Bear Arms. Shutting it down will have the same effect as taking away people's right to self defense, it allows criminals in government to go hog wild and cause the nations to fall off the cliff of tyranny.

The internet helped to expose crimes done by top government criminals that used to be brought down by courageous journalists of old who are few and far between these days (like Amber Lyon at ) but now brought under the heel of government to become meaningless mouthpieces that no one with discernment or are waking up would read, watch or listen.

Anti-SOPA was a successful campaign only because Wikipedia and Google jumped on the bandwagon, while CISPA had less exposure. Now this. Do we wait until they come out with actual draconian anti free internet policies and then we protest? Please use the above link and spread far and wide and raise awareness. Vinton Cerf, former DARPA computer programmer has wrote about the dangers of where this is going (refer to above link again)

Enough is enough.