Tuesday, 31 December 2013

American Psychosis


Adbusters. Excellent article on something that has happened before. A sad state of affairs.

I have come to the conclusion that the human condition is such that the general public is so brain dead from the brainwashing propaganda and self centeredness that the only way they will wake up, will also be like doing treatment on a guy with advanced stage cancer, in other words when they realize it,  it will be too late.

Its the reason why I tend to avoid people. I post information and tweet, but meeting people face to face is abhorrent to me. Hearing their bullshit, lies and half-baked knowledge about the world is sickening. In the age of the internet, this is unforgivable. There is a vast storage of information, and someday it may be shut down as governments find ways to control them, if we do not act.

When this happens, humanity will have allowed itself to be hammered in the final nail in the coffin. We will have lost the last chance to instantly pass information that would otherwise have been censored by corporate owned mainstream media that puts out only one opinion and sell it like its the truth.

In this world of obfuscation, truth might as well be a matter of perspective. So as perception and morality, a condition of our sick society called 'moral relativism', leading to people deciding what's good in their view at their own whims,  at the expense of others. Its not uncommon to hear of people wanting to go up the corporate ladder so that they can get a chance at continuing what their higher ranked managers did to them, which is to backstab and use the newer and less experienced at their own expense, instead of working to break free of the mental illness.

Honestly, I would share Mark Passio's dim view of the current human condition. See his podcasts on www.whatonearthishappening.com

Saturday, 28 December 2013


"TAXATION is the claim that a group of people who call themselves "government" have been given the "right" to confiscate an arbitrarily-chosen percentage of the product of another individual's labour (a form of Property), whether or not the other agrees to share that product voluntarily.

Taxation is enforced by the threat of violence (behaviour resulting in bodily harm) or imprisonment (the taking away of physical freedom of movement) if for whom the product is being seized attempts to resist the confiscation.

This practice is always "justified" ( "made into a right") by those who claim that such a practice is necessary and required to "uphold the common good".

If we define Slavery as the confiscation of 100% of the product of the labour of another human being, we can clearly see their is no magical percentage to which we could lower this number (other than absolute 0%) that would no longer constitute Slavery.

If we are being honest with ourselves, Taxation is merely an euphemism for Theft, Violence and Slavery, the practices upon which it is actually based.

Since no individual anywhere on Earth has the "right" to claim ownership of the product of another's labour, such behaviour can never be "delegated" to a group, and called a "right".

Therefore all forms of Taxation is always WRONG according to Natural Law."

Mark Passio, Natural Law Seminar, New Haven, Connecticut, October 19th 2013

Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 Re-[tro]-Spect

I will first say I feel blessed to have come across Mark Passio's website www.whatonearthishappening.com

I urge all those who have come across this blog, go see his podcasts, and watch from #1 to #144. I am barely 10% in and I have learnt light-years of information. Doing the Great Work takes Hard work and time.

We are running out of time. The controllers are pissing themselves laughing. Watch this YT video based on a recent podcast by Mark Passio which echoes my sentiment for the human race:

I don't like human beings myself. 'Devolved, degenerated, animated, golems' pretty much says it. That's why 'sacrificing for the greater good/human race' is beyond me. I am above this timid, lying morality.

2013 is drawing to the close. We should be setting up colonies on Jupiter's moons by now. Instead we are bickering and arguing with each other, in the shadow of a post -11/9/2001 (day/month/year) world, while the NWO continues its steady move towards a global lockdown.

I feel bad for those WW2-era soldiers who died fighting for freedom, and look where we have gone. They died for nothing.

Merry Fucking Christmas and a Muthafucking New Year.

Signing out,


Also check out my latest drawing 'First One's Free' on http://sofdmc.deviantart.com , and I thank you in advance for viewing. I like big guns and I cannot lie.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

'Aquinas' On Liberty

Taken from WhatOnEarthIsHappening (WOEIH) Podcast #009

URL Link: http://whatonearthishappening.com/images/stories/woeih/podcast/009/AquinasOnLiberty.pdf

Main Page: http://whatonearthishappening.com/ and click on 'Podcasts' Tab and listen from Podcast #001

"All is Love.  Fear is Illusion.  All beings are Free.  Truth can never be destroyed."

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

I don't post much nowadays, so a big apology to those out there who might have been following this blog, hoping to catch an update.

I recently started work. Nothing I can't handle. The daily grind though is what's wearing me out, getting up, going to and from work on crowded trains, and leaving me little energy to do anything else but work. Aged in my early 30's but feeling like in my 50's. It seems the government seems to care little about the dangers of overcrowding and the risk to public health from overcrowding in public places.

The 21st century as I am living it now is not what I imagined it to be. I remember believing in a more positive future. The past dozen years was a joke, a waste of time and a trip through hell of psychological fear based mind control of terrorists everywhere hiding under your bed. I am done with it and moving on, if the future has something that I can do that leaves a legacy behind to benefit the world.

Having a ton of money would have to be a first step. There's just not getting anywhere with it with the current system we have. Our society has become so ingrained in commerce we cannot escape the fact that money is up there with oxygen. At least in Singapore, you can forget about self-respect, electric power, water, food, getting a girl, living a half decent normal life without money. An old dude today said how his electricity was cut because he couldn't pay up the electric bills on time. Its already come to a point where people can hardly put anything to the savings as costs of living rise but salaries hardly move up a notch and so called local banks reward savers with a percentage that is a joke compared to the rate of inflation.

Getting a few million through a day time job will be impossible unless I was already working for the elite, by then I would have to sacrifice a part of my soul to get that far up.

But I need those few million if I am going to thrive, instead of just survive, spending one's whole life as a dead zombie working without ever really living life.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Stupidity of Syria Intervention

To be honest we need people right now to stand up and say no to Syria intervention. The Syrian rebels are completely infiltrated by Al-Qaeda elements who in turn is connected to internationally run intelligence services like the CIA (based on what is published in Infowars.com ). What's the other thing they are famous for? If you believe the official story, they knocked down the WTC towers in New York. BTW anniversary is just around the corner. 

It makes me wonder if the fact we are reaching the anniversary of the New York and Pentagon attacks in 2001 and this beating of the war drums and increased tension and fear are not connected.

 Lindsay Graham who loves being a whore of the death machine looks like one of those evil demonic goblins on Saturday cartoons who gets kicked in the arse by Kim Possible.

Ex-KGB and martial artist Putin will not hold back. The Spetsnaz are trained in a full range of martial arts including killing with hands and feet. They are trained to survive up to six hundred miles behind enemy lines for more than six months. The Russians do not hold back when they fight. They fight dirty, and by default war has to be in that nature so that its so horrific that leaders will do everything to avoid it. General William Sherman of the Union side in the American Civil War would have agreed.

Once war starts, the rules fly out of the window. The facade of civilized society breaks down. Once prices of basic needs skyrocket beyond our means, we will be forced into rationing, our collective IQ goes down and emotions such as fear, desperation and anger that dumb down critical thinking and logic take over. Meanwhile those who started this will run to their bunkers and sit back and wait for this to blow over.

This is not a game of Command and Conquer. Unlike a video game you can't hit the 'Load Saved Game' Button, because there isn't any. 

If you are outside the United States, please contact your Foreign policy officials from your respective governments and tell them to diplomatically pressure the White House not to intervene in Syria.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Monday, 22 April 2013

CISPA Passes House

Its back again. And further destruction of your civil liberties imminent. Supporters of CISPA have called for Boston Bombing, which shows signs of a false flag (how convenient) and Wikileaks as the reason for introducing CISPA. All it will do will mean the social media networks can give away your private data to the government when it is requested. Private security corporations have lucrative security deals in the billions waiting in the wings if this is passed.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mike Adams breaks down Monsanto (Worshipping) Act

Alex Jones feat Mike Adams. Talks about non-GMO, non chemical food, the fake liberal trendies who support post-birth abortion up to age three, the need to exorcize the populace, the need to wake up, spirituality, the spiritual purpose of existing on Earth, as well as the need to stop worrying about other people's opinions and finding one's own backbone.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

All are Born Original, Most Die A Copy

From Youtube channel David Icke News: http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidIckeNews?feature=watch


Monday, 11 February 2013

We Stopped Dreaming

I watched this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbIZU8cQWXc and it reminded me of the day that dream died, and priorities changed.

Top YouTube comment from 2nd Episode: "Damn...I cried. I cried for dreamers, scientists, like me, who want to dream, discover, create. But we can't. This has to be stopped. Please let us inspire others again."

Another YouTube top comment: "Gangam style.. views. This video: only 300.000. Humanity is going in a wrong fucking way"

Its done by design. Public education is a joke. Entertainment and fluff are all that matters with a majority of today's youth. Becoming the next generation of entrepreneurs like Nikola Tesla or Magellan is far from our minds. Instead of celebrations of new scientific discoveries, we have posters of the latest fads and popstars, far superseding the few published articles about the discovery that our Universe could be one giant simulation with proof of an Intelligent Creator. Our priorities are wrong.

One may ask, what does it matter to think about these things. Aspiring to reach the stars can get people's minds off fighting each other over differing belief systems which are illusions in themselves.

Going out to the working world, a major problem with the system was its tendency to suppress at every level individual freedom and creativity, rewarding conformity and punishing those who went against the grain.

Something had changed with the world outside the classroom, or it had always been this way. Either way, society was heading for a direction where our talents, our aspirations, our maximum potential, was being suppressed and downtrodden over an engineered system of fear, unhealthy obsession with maximized profit over intangible benefits such as expanded knowledge and understanding.

As 9.11.2001 came and went, and the United States space program was left in the dust in the favor to fund a giant police state,  and so was the rest of the world's mood changed to survival, fear, economic uncertainty and bad news upon bad news of an encroaching tyrannical global government that was destroying what had been the beacon of liberty and propping up the communist state of  China.

NASA itself was an inefficient bureaucratic organization to start with, but by the time the film set for Transformers 3 wound down (filmed on location in Kennedy Space Center in 2011) NASA was putting up its launch pads for sale, parts of its massive hangars that had wheeled out the biggest space rockets were sold off to private corporations, and the plans to build manned rockets to Mars was lying somewhere at the bottom of the swamps surrounding the launch sites.

Don't believe the hype from the mainstream of new launch vehicles by NASA. The country is in trillions of dollars debt, with a situation set to be far worse than Greece when it implodes. Time will tell how soon it will come. Some like Max Keiser and Gerald Celente, frequent guests of Infowars, puts it at March or April. It may happen further down the road. Either way, don't expect a bright future for the United States space program.

A major shift in people's collective consciousness will have to take place to get ourselves back on the path. Thinking that one person with a brilliant idea could go into a cesspit, entrenched system and magically change it is a fool's errand. Its been attempted over and over again and time and again the system made the rebel go over to the dark side.

Go here for the real news:


Monday, 14 January 2013

Too Much Of A Good Thing

This country has survived by following protocols down to how an air stewardess should serve passengers. But these protocols were part of a system that was also being led by men who had the gift of common sense and some degree of critical thinking of when to follow these protocols.

Unfortunately this system has created successive generations of programmed robots who in turn have expanded just as government expands and extends the red tape the number of protocols and paperwork. Becoming a manager becomes a chore of pencil pushing mountains of documents and little else.

Another unhealthy tendency is that when things go wrong, the higher ups have the tendency to push the blame to anyone but themselves. It will naturally fall on the guy in a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) culture who made a tiny mistake in the SOP and therefore will take all of the blame and get removed.
Another troubling aspect is the vicious way which mistakes are condemned, causing a conspiracy of silence and unwillingness to own up, which further perpetuates the unjustified blame game.

This has a chilling effect and its founded on fear of losing one's job, overpowering and greater than messages and initiatives to promote "critical thinking" and "creativity".

Or in the case of advertizing of an on-going project on a construction hoarding while Biopolis at One North was being built, "creative chaos" (whatever the fuck that was).

The above quotes have to be said in heavy quotation marks as they have become buzzwords of bullshit and are used to the point they hardly carry any of the original, real meaning. This country as a result of its small size and people-only resource has had to focus on middle-man type stuff like telecommunications and international business, and any venture that makes tons of money. But its obsession has also let 'creativity' and advanced thinking skills on a multidimension, imagination type level associated with successful people go by the wayside in the education system in favor of certificates obtained through exam-centered education.

Earlier the analogy of 'programmed robots' was used. Newly graduated people going out to work have to adjust and learn new things. Very often they have a hard time 'getting it', because of the pre-programming of the education system has removed that sixth sense, robbed them of their soul, made them conformists of the working and consumer culture.

The greatest oxymoron I have ever heard has to be the 'thinking soldier'. Imagine that in the most rigid of institutions, the armed forces. If there ever was a real 'thinking soldier', it would be someone like the fictional American trooper called Beetle Bailey.

'Beam me up, Scotty. This world's a shitty place.'


Alternative News:

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan

Thank you Alex for saying it like it is. These people who think you overdid it don't realize the absolute danger the world is in, how close we are to midnight.

Bissinger et al who called for hurting you and your family, they will have their comeuppance for advocating violence.

Wish the world was run by Ron Paul type leaders.



Sunday, 6 January 2013

Agenda? What Agenda?

One of the favorite lines of attacks by cointelpro / disinformation / government trolls against the alternative media icons like Alex Jones and David Icke is that they have an <insert label here> agenda as part of a campaign of disinformation and confusion.

Even if these messengers did have an agenda, the general public can look at the message on its own as it is and see if there is any logic or evidence to the statement or information made by the messenger, without letting the affiliation/personal opinion/faction allegiance of the messenger color the message.

The key is to avoid mass media and other sources that influence knee-jerk responses or tell you how to think. Knee-jerk responses don't require critical thinking, which takes up time and energy, which is why many do it.

Shutting off the TV and reducing mobile phone usage to sms texting is a start.