Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Jim Stone Nails It About Our Relationship to the Universe

When I first came across Jim Stone's website at www.jimstonefreelance.com, I found his straight talking no-frills reporting style to be a novelty among the alternative truther community.

A former National Security Agency officer, he's clearly been a serious infectious thorn in the flesh of the establishment with the huge amount of protective measures and IT knowledge needed to avoid being tracked down and killed by the Powers that Should Not Be.

What he says concerning the photographed man-made artifact on Mars is probably the smartest, ground-based reality thing said out there on the internet on where we stand as a species in relation to the Universe. Below is quoted straight from his website at www.jimstonefreelance.com:

"We Are Not That Important"

I cannot believe that after the Fukushima report, the huge importance of a few evil people destroying the future of this planet with tainted vaccines, and a plethora of other evil things being done to this world that the real key to it all is a stone head on Mars.

We have been lied to about everything, had information subverted at a level that is incomprehensible and it is likely to go back tens of thousands of years.



We now have confirmation that our little planet is definitely, positively, beyond all doubt not the only one out there. We have confirmation that worlds do indeed die and the universe gets over it.

My guess is that our world has too big of a plague of evil in the ranks of the power structure to be permitted into the greater existence beyond this world, after all if we have nukes and we will use them, if a few corrupted tribesmen [Zionists] will virus attack a nuclear facility in Japan [Fukushima] and destroy it at great consequence to our own world, greater civilizations would be idiotic to allow the threat of tribe mentality visit their worlds with disaster.

After all, as pathetic as it may be to them, a nuke is still a nuke. The nuke is probably the bench mark for quarantine. 

If a civilization has that type of ability for destruction it probably needs to know how to behave or it will be sensibly crushed like a scorpion before it can sting another world.

No wonder why our educational system has been destroyed.

This stone head on Mars says many other things, like how pathetic the Torah [Talmud?] is.

Consider this: We now have proof other worlds are inhabited, yet the Torah only gives a rather pathetic account of a tiny tribe on one world that wandered around on one continent predominantly in one little desert.

How big is that? How pathetic do we really look when that one tribe takes such an account and uses it to enslave the rest of the planet, feeling perfectly justified in doing so? How pathetic and threatening does it look to outsiders when that same tribe would apply the same logic off planet if given a chance?

We are screwed.

After seeing the behavior of the power structure put in place by that tribe on this earth, where that tribe infiltrates everything and corrupts it, lies about everything, flies airplanes into buildings, nukes Syria, runs fake Al Quaida and [Daesh] psy ops, and has the Samson option with nukes planted everywhere - a fact made reality by their ability to be sneaky and lie, will we be let off-planet when we are intelligent enough to harness the power of the atom yet are so easily manipulated and fooled?

Will we be let off planet when we can be tricked into doing horrendous evil all the while we think we are doing good?

How stupid would a greater civilization be to not infiltrate us themselves and body slam us into oblivion before we could get off this world and nuke them?


And don't even think about falling for the shillage saying it's just pixels or erosion or some other bullshit, we have proof of how screwed we are right here in front of us and nothing is going to change that even if 99 percent of the people out there cannot turn their brains on enough to see it is not fake or a stupid anomaly.

I do not think Mars died naturally. I think the tribe has a history that has been hidden from even them, and Mars got wiped out because they could not 'behave' themselves.

Earth just happened to be close by to pick up the slack."


Monday, 29 December 2014

Mars Rover Photographs Mayan/Aztec style Head

Reproduced here from Jim Stone's website in case that gets shut down. See the original webpage for full detail at: http://jimstonefreelance.com/mayanmars.html

"Trolls are going to have a tough time when anyone with Photoshop can take the original image, apply standard filters (no editing, only filters) and pull the detail out and see that it is real. All it takes to get the basics and confirm this really is a stone carving is levels or curves. This is going to screw the trollage.


This is a bona fide image from the Mars Rover. This came straight from JPL. It proves a civilization did exist on Mars, and Mars had to have been destroyed.

I had my doubts the rovers were real. I thought they were really somewhere in the desert Southwest [on account of man-made artifacts like coins and Earth animal bones being spotted in the Mars images]. But there are no Mayan heads to be found in the United States, and I doubt NASA would try to pull a fake rover stunt elsewhere.

Obviously NASA is silent on this, stupidly stating that it is a natural rock formation (don't you know that is a plagioclase feldspar mixed with calcite, quartz and bauxite, the miraculous combination that always spits out a carved head?), so you saw nothing there......RIGHT.

.....The rovers really are on Mars and they are driving around the surface of a recently destroyed planet that was very much like Earth not so long ago. There are coins showing up from whatever civilization was there showing up in the rover photos: bones, animal skulls and now this carved head.

No doubt about it, Mars was inhabited and the superb condition of the relics that have turned up proves Mars was destroyed only a very short time ago.

Original image "Mastcam Right 2013-02-11 00hr 30min 54s UTC"
Zoomed in:

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Malaysia-based Low Cost Airline Air Asia Plane Goes Missing

Update: Plane debris found. Unlikely to find survivors. Looks like for the time being another case of a plane being lost to bad weather.


"AirAsia Indonesia regrets to confirm that flight QZ8501 from Surabaya to Singapore has lost contact with air traffic control at 07:24hrs this morning.
The aircraft was an Airbus A320-200 with the registration number PK-AXC."

Update: This looks bad. QZ8501 last recorded near Pulau Belitung in the Java Sea. The usual news will be about searching for it. The plane should have landed at 8:30 am in Singapore this morning.

Bad weather would be hard to say as the plane was flying at over 33,000 feet / 10 km from sea level, way above most of where the weather occurs. A plane that follows maintenance schedules strictly and flown by experienced pilots doesn't just fall out of the sky. Will have to wait and see for more hard facts.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Gold and Silver

"Once again, the accounting has begun, and it will not stop until the full accounting is completed.

Gold and Silver have revalued themselves throughout the centuries and called on fiat paper to account for itself.

In doing so, Gold and Silver bring fraudulent money to justice. They've always done this, and they always will.

It is as certain as the sunrise."

Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver - Protect Your Financial Future by Michael Maloney, Rich Dad's Advisors

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sydney Siege - Priming the Pump For Problem-Reaction-Solution

Land Destroyer: The "Shape-Shifting Sheik" and the "Sydney Siege": Suspect had multiple aliases, granted political asylum by Australian government, interviewed by Australian media, spent years as fake pro-Western 'Shia'a Cleric', condemning Iran and Syria before recently 'converting' to Sunni and supporting ISIS ]

Land Destroyer: Who Created Cartoon Character "Man Haron Monis" Behind 'Sydney Siege' Circus?...: Previously an outspoken critic of Iranian government, was interviewed by Australian media in 2001, loved Western society... December 15...

See also top articles on the Sydney Siege at www.jimstonefreelance.com

Why this apparent 'IS' attack now?

Consider looking up this interview with Paul Sandhu and V the Guerrilla Economist at the 53rd minute:

'V' tells Paul Sandhu that based on one of his multitude of high level insider contacts who was at the recent Abu Dhabi F1 racing event (where the big movers of the world meet) that a false flag is being planned from January to February in the Middle East involving 'IS' that will be devastating enough that the World's mainstream masses will blindly demand justice.

'See we should have acted then when the Sydney Siege took place, now look what's happened,' will be the mantra of the times, or close enough. The US Army will be suckered into this. The outcome will not be good.

Any US army veterans/currently serving the armed forces reading this, please watch the above video and consider spreading this information to your friends and contacts. Your fellow troopers have been used as pawns in a big nasty game that is done by players that do not care for your fate for as far back as WW2 and 1950's Korea war, and especially obvious in Vietnam War's Gulf of Tonkin non-incident.

Consider this fact that troops are being moved back into Iraq and Afghanistan despite supposedly 'withdrawing'. (If you don't believe it , look it up on Infowars, Russia Today and other alternative news sources or just search Youtube).

The Sydney Siege is the mere priming of the psychological pump to get us to have this CIA sponsored terrorist group, aka Al-Qaeda 2.0 inside our heads so we will blindly stand up and demand re-invasion of the Middle East.

Same old shit. Its high time soldiers wise up to what's going on, stopped doing the bidding of their masters and winding up dead or maimed, and then abandoned and forgotten.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Korean Airlines 'Princess' Goes Nuts over Nuts

Because being given nuts in a paper bag is worth turning the Airplane back to the Airport Gate.

Hard Truths:

Good job to the Koreans and everyone else for calling out on this and raging over it. Singapore had its own brush with this brand of bullshit with Anton 'Porsche' Casey putting down the people who use public transport as well as some shitfaced cockmongler scholar from China saying 'there are more dogs than people in Singapore' when his scholarship was funded using Singaporean taxpayer money.

And there is the Singapore connection with this . She is on the Advisory Board of the Nanyang Business School of Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Evidence of this faggotry:  http://www.nbs.ntu.edu.sg/About_Us/Leadership/AdvisoryBoard/Pages/Heather_Cho.aspx

Their mission is "To educate global business leaders, and to advance knowledge in the theory and practice of management globally".

I guess her usual advice has been how to effectively throw a bitch fit over a fucking paper bag.

Supposedly she's already unpopular with South Koreans for this: 
http://news.yahoo.com/nut-rage-spat-latest-stumble-korean-air-family-100334576--finance.html )

"In 2013, she gave birth to twin boys in Hawaii, entitling them to U.S. citizenship. Korean Air had sent Cho to work in the U.S. two months before her expected delivery date. But within South Korea there was anger that U.S. citizenship meant her sons would be able to avoid South Korea's two years of compulsory military service for able-bodied males."

Its high time that the institutions like NTU realize that position, money and social stature is bullshit.

The poisonous influence of the Religion of Money is creating a situation of class warfare and privileged self-serving personalities like Heather Cho.

The people already get it, as social media surrounding 'Nut Rage' has shown. It is essential that institutions like NTU act quickly to kick her out of the board or continue to go down with the fast sinking reputation of this loser.

I like to see the useful idiots from the Singapore Kindness Movement (who can't find a microphone fast enough to denounce Singaporeans as anti-foreigner and anti-harmony for justifiably raging over the blatant selling out of their country to outsiders under the big lie of Foreign Talent) condemn Cho as she did something exactly opposite to what they stand for and is in the advisory board of a major educational institution in Singapore.

We're all supposed to love and tolerate, even when given an ugly, offensive paper bag of nuts, amirite?

But I ain't holding my breath.

Arriving in Hyundai car to look ordinary and humble. Check.
Looking shocked like she just came out of hiding after an artillery barrage. Check
Wearing black to look like one came straight out of a funeral. Check.
Speaking extremely softly hoping that she can get away with not actually saying an apology. Check.

No worries Ma'am. We know you will get back to your mansion with porcelain floors while the rest of the world moves on to face yet another day to work their arse off for a rigged system that just raised prices of basic stuff like eggs and biscuits to further fleece people during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays.


Dec. 9, 2014 : 'V' the Guerrilla Economist - What To Expect In 2015

What V the Guerrilla Economist talks about at 53:00 :

Watch for the period of January to February 2015 for a possible event in the Middle East that will drag the United States Armed forces into a conflict that will become its ultimate graveyard for its reputation as a military superpower and hence its ability to back the Petrodollar hegemony as World Reserve currency.

'By the end of 2015 we will see an undermining of the Petrodollar.' - V quoting an insider.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

InternetAristocrat explains why he left Youtube and #GamerGate

Some common sense advice about 'movements' and 'causes'.

More information on GamerGate and why it was such a big deal at http://encyclopediadramatica.se (Not Safe For Work website)

Not that I care for all this shit anymore. The last game played on a regular basis was Borderlands 2.

Its been a long history of gaming from the 1980s when we had 5" floppy disks and Commodore 64 computers with 8-bit colors, through the days of Half Life and its derivatives at the turn of the millennium (still waiting for the idiots at Valve to get their fucking act together with concluding the series, their delays are so long its not even funny anymore) to the Call of Duty era.

Probably thanks to the way the video game industry has been corporatized by the likes of EA screwing over epic storylines such as Command and Conquer and Mass Effect, its probably safe to say that games have lost their luster and there is a high chance unless a decent game that appeals to me comes along, I might be done for good.

It seems the new wave of DIY gamers propelled by initiatives like Steam Greenlight that should have been an opportunity for gaming entrepreneurs to do what they felt big game studios like Valve, Interplay and of course Electronic Arts fell short of has instead allowed bullshit like gender-bender sex-change games to be uploaded by morons. Making it worse is that a new and disturbing phenomenon of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have been trying to take over this part of the video game industry.

The gaming industry in the United States will go under like everything else once the Collapse happens. No one will be thinking of getting video games when people are probably going to be selling their rear ends for a loaf of bread.

This decade might end badly for gamers and anime fans alike as Japan gets irradiated by Fukushima and the current inept leadership of that country makes the worst possible economic decisions.

Already one of the longest running manga series, Ah My Goddess has concluded in June 2014. Given the theme of the manga was about the existence of higher dimensional enlightened beings making contact with one particular human and hidden in plain sight in front of all his fellow humans passing themselves off as 'foreigners', its conclusion was of special significance in the spiritual sense.

We need to clean our own toilet of false dogmas and enslaving religions of money and government. Our juvenile phase as a species is over.