Friday, 26 September 2014

John Lash The Sophianic Vision Story Of The Mysteries 08/25/14

'They use a very evil tool of cognitive dissonance. They say they will recruit you in a program of divine love, and then they put a Roman torture instrument, the crucifix, in your hand. How can a roman torture instrument be a symbol of divine love? If you believe that, you are in cognitive dissonance, and you are just as insane as the people who want you to believe it.' - John Lash

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Follow the Evidence, Forget the Theory

Dr Judy Wood's approach to the WTC question is something that should be followed by the Truth Movement that seeks to be the alternative to the mainstream. The mainstream institutions in every field is long proven to be useless to serving humanity with its collusion with the control system to occult and obfuscate the Truth from us and keep us running in circles.

When approaching the big question mark of what really happened on 9/11/2001, she did not go for the theory. In her words going for the theory is not going to hold up in a court.

And that is current problem with the convincing power of the alternative movement. A theory comes out, it 'feels' right because it 'appears' to make much more sense, and we go along with it because of emotions and such.

And that is where the problem lies especially when confronting those still stuck in the mainstream. In a way those of the mainstream calling us conspiracy 'theorists' precisely because when it comes down to the debating table, all we really wind up demonstrating is our emotional attachment to a theory.

Presenting evidence to demolish pre-existing theories with a detached, business attitude is far more effective. Because evidence, like in this case charred cars, less than expected rubble pile, intact foundation and dyke walls despite the dropping of five hundred thousand tonne building weight is Truth. Truth is 'what has happened' in its simplest definition, doesn't matter if it is obfuscated or hidden, it doesn't undo the fact that it happened.

'Yeah perhaps for once fires did burn up the steel and melt the building and sent it crashing down. But then how has that to do with lines of cars miles from the site getting burnt up in all these strange and unusual ways at the same time this happened?'

Then leave them to figure it out on their own. Their ego would be too big to listen to anyone anyway.

The flight MH17 shootdown over Ukraine was another example of evidence over theory. The image of thetypically reinforced cockpit riddled with 30mm bullet holes (entry and exit on both sides, indicating the cockpit was sprayed from both sides) showed evidence of 30mm bullets big enough to kill tanks spewed from an aircraft cannon showed that surface to air missiles had little to do with bringing down the plane.

Because its physical evidence leading to Truth the image was almost completely scrubbed from the internet except vigilantes like gatecrashing the lying asses running the western governments and made the local presstitutes of toilet paper of news look like dumbasses for joining in blind condemnation of President Putin.

Their evidence for Russian rebels supposedly shooting down the plane? A bunch of twitter feeds from a couple of masked men who were supposedly auditioning for Counterstrike: The Movie.

Here's a suggestion to the guys behind 'Ancient Aliens'. Be objective with the evidence, and leave the speculation to the audience.

For example the 1000-tonne stones of Baalbek, Lebanon near can be lifted only by the largest mobile cranes today  (It has to be this big: ) together with extensive site preparation and means of transport.

In other words those who carved these stones out did not face the challenges we face today with construction of modern buildings. That is what makes this interesting. This is the evidence that should be brought to the debating table.

Speculating about how the Temple of Jupiter might be a rocket launchpad is only good for entertainment value.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Caravan To Midnight with L.A. Marzulli (Peruvian Skulls and Cover ups by Bought & Paid for Scientific Establishment )

Interview with L.A. Marzulli about the Peruvian Elongated Skulls and the mainstream (read: useless) scientific community who establish a code of silence with intimidation and loss of tenure of one's position and career to hold everyone in check to parrot only what the control system wants the dumbed down public to hear.

Meanwhile the scientists bought and paid for will do whatever the control system tells them to do, including silence over these finds, because of their Religion of Money.

Monday, 8 September 2014

How to Create Mass Genocide

"I was spanked as a child and I've paid close attention to the consequences and the effects it has on my parenting. Spanking should not be confused with abuse. For parents who spank loveingly, and there is such a thing, it is a last resort to correct. Some children require more firm discipline than others. Study the effects of adulthood on children raised with no discipline. Parents should seek out healthy boundaries to spanking when in question. I am an advocate for it because I have seen it change disrespect to respect and it can happen quickly. Children who are loved unconditionally can be spanked and learn from it. They go on to thank their parents for teaching boundaries and live life not crossing other peoples boundaries. Spanking is a personal decision and should not be judged by others unless they are willing to do the disciplining for you. Spare the Rod Spoil the Child. Blah blah blah blah bullshit bullshit bullshit"

- Some brainwashed Stockholm Syndrome faggot who just renewed his S&M club membership

"To spank a child is a cruel, dispiteful, ignoble, mean, respectless, and dirty act because it is carried out towards a powerless person who is not allowed to defend herself / himself nor to escape from the aggressor and his ignorance. 

It is also the most destructive act because it damages the brain of the victims who will repeat their whole lives the lies and feeble mindedness of the King Solomon: spare the rod, spoil the child. 

Exactly the opposite is true: The rod spoils the child and leaves lingering effects for a whole life.

Solomon learned his lie from his own parents as you did it from yours and as your children will learn it from you." 

- Dr Alice Miller, delivering Truth and Justice in response

We need more budding mass murderers to cull the out of control population. So parents, please keep beating your children and turn them into psychopathic killers.

Find out more on how to create a mass murderer here:

For the record, I was beaten by my mother from young, supposedly because I was 'naughty' according to some who donated their brain away a long time ago. She would close the door and beat me. Rebelling against the pain would earn more beating. Then she would ask for forgiveness for making me cry, then do it in a few days later. She knew the power of the threat, raise her hand in the threat of beating when I did something that she didn't like. I had to 'love' her out of a more genuine feeling of fear.

Few to this day still bother to address the issues raised by Dr Alice Miller, who passed away in 2010. The world continues to pay a heavy price for that. Even if enough people pay attention eventually, it is already too late for me. I have grown into my second-degree psychopathy, and have more or less retired from the Truth Movement in terms of talking to people about waking up, tired of being condescended to or put down for being a 'nut'.

I have little emotion. I have little feelings of compassion and empathy. The concept of 'love' does not register with me and may explain why I don't want to have anything to do with having a girlfriend and have stayed single at this point in my life. Having stayed single doesn't even seem to bother me at all even though most people at my age have married with children. I have little time to care for other people's problems.

Good luck to who ever is out there who still believes in waking up the dead. Don't expect salvation from the new post-petrodollar era. New boss will be the same as the old boss.

This Goddess Sophia's Correction that was predicted by the Gnostics and brought back from obscurity by John Lash and his research had better happen now, as we are going off the cliff.


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Its more than just a 4chan meme.

Twin towers that were solidly build with the idea of standing up to a commercial jetliner ramming into the building came down in less than 2 hours.

In the case of the Beijing fire, as with is typical with that part of the world where saving costs in the name of safety is the trademark, someone gets the bright idea of setting  up a fireworks factory in the unfinished building. The end result is a building that is hardly worse for wear except in shades of black and grey.

To this day there are people who refuse to look at the Building 7 video and the BBC prematurely reading off the script indicating Building 7 had already collapsed when it was still standing in the afternoon right behind her.

This single fact that Building 7 was never struck by a plane and yet still demolished in the name of fulfilling the wishes of the Black Lodge of Freemasonry that would force people to look up and start questioning (see more on Mark Passio's podcasts on Freemasonry, Tarot cards, and the Occultic reasons behind 11/9/2001 at .

And it would get the ball rolling as deeper investigations and analysis showed the official story did not add up.

It was a mistake on the part of the controllers. They fully intended Building 7 to be struck by a plane, likely Flight 93.It was a mistake that was seized upon by the Truthers who until then were dealing with audiences barely enough to fill a phone booth, and ridicule.

The pioneers, Alex Jones, David Icke, Alan Watts, George Carlin and many others who lived to see the day that masses would start to listen to them. Making the alternative media and the Awakening what it is today.

'It is darkest before the dawn,' Alex Jones likes this quote. What he means is that things get at their worst before the best comes. Let's hope he is right. The controllers have still pushed through their agenda, clumsily, where false flags are now one of the top searched terms on the internet. The internet itself is targeted for firewalling China style. WW3 is already in its beginning phases, although there is still some chance of putting a stop to it.

The controllers know they are losing control of the situation. They don't like to lose. Now its open season on Humanity. They make sure a sense of hopelessness is enforced through cycles of fear, like the one we are coming up now in the days before the anniversary of that terrible day in 2001. They still believe their ideal of a Hunger Games society where what's left of us will live and work in squalor, serving them and living in an oppressive climate. They know what will happen to them when they lose.

They believe they will win. They have already lost by joining the dark side.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Transhuman Archontic Society of Singapore

Singapore had a government statutory board called the Telecommunications Authority of Singapore (T.A.S.) that fell off the radar in December 1999 when another stat board controlling the issuing of telephone numbers took over, known as the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA).

As they say once created entities never really die and this one has been resurrected and has seeped into this materialistic culture and zombified the masses like you wouldn't believe.

The result is the name of this entry, the Transhuman Archontic Society of Singapore (T.A.S.S.)

There isn't really much more that needs to be said after looking at the polls and stats of the countries around the world and how Singapore measures up.

Singapore is the world's most expensive city in many aspects.

Singaporeans - least emotion, longest working hours, third least average number of hours sleeping, one of the largest income gap between rich and poor, least happy, most stressful, least number of days per year having sex (average of less than 90/365 versus United States - 195/365)

Deep mind control of nearly 100% of the population when it comes to the Religion of the Monetary System and Government Authority + Slavery.

90% of people in public plugged into a smartphone at inappropriate times, like driving or crossing the road that require situational awareness as well as family outings. The 'apps' like Angry Birds on a device that is a spy device tracking your location comes before everything else.

Empty soulless words like 'commute' and 'commuter' that sounds like some inanimate electrical device on a motherboard.

And then the ID card and birth certificate system that tags on a barcode and ID number on a person like a bill of goods from a retail store.

Transhuman Archontic Society of Singapore, where money and results always come before your pathetic sad sack of shit life spent until 2 am in the morning ensuring the boss working along Robinson Road pays off his extravagant lifestyle.

Enjoy what you get.