Wednesday, 29 April 2015

"Buying Silver Was The Stupidest Move I Ever Made!"

For those who are losing faith in the Precious Metals aka Real Money due to recent price fluctuations.

National Default, Dollar Collapse, Global Economic Crisis | Jim Willie (...

Difference between 'Money' and 'Legal Tender'

Legal Tender - What the Government says can be used in commerce - used to be beever pelts and salt

Money - Exchangable regardless of country of origin, same value if all of the same ounce, stands the test of time (Gold), cannot be reproduced and printed out of a printing press

US Dollar - debt-denominated coupon posing as legal tender, and definitely not money (at present time)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Why You Should Drop Out Of School

(Comment below also appears on the Youtube comment page)

PROTIP: University college professors are funded mainly by their research grants. Lectures and tutorials is just their 'latrine duty' ("sai kang" in Chinese) obligation to their employer and it shows in their overuse of Powerpoint sound effects and voice that would make Armageddon sound boring.

'Absolute drones' would be the understatement of the year when it comes to lecturers in the local University I went to.

With one particular exception who did show passion in his lectures on monochromatic lasers.

Consider also that foreigners are preferred over Singaporeans because they have no National Service obligations, but of course the employers won't admit it. The internet has largely made school irrelevant beyond the O levels. The most I would go if I had to start over (God save me from that fate) would be polytechnic because the system still demands some form of paper qualification.

From what I have heard, public education hasn't improved, it has degraded. We have primary school kids killing themselves over grades. One kid told her maid 2 weeks before she jumped that she didn't want to be reincarnated as a human being to avoid doing homework.


'Most people need guidance to attain knowledge / Certain skills can only be taught in school.' - BULLSHIT.

I learned to use Photoshop from scratch. I learned to fix cupboards and drill in nails from scratch. I fixed a new plug to replace a damaged one from a vacuum cleaner on my own, having previously taken it apart and knowing that the live wire goes through the fuse, the blue wire is the returning current and earth wire (safety) goes to their respective pins and I need to coil the copper wire to form a good connection around the base of the plug pin.

I learned how to assemble a computer from motherboard to CPU and cooling fan to RAM and HDD on my own so I ended up paying for a PC at HALF the retail price. Now I am playing around with radio and making parabolic dishes to boost radio reception (and they actually work) because its fun to work with my hands. Also started from practically no knowledge of radio. (I don't offer services so don't ask).

What was behind all this? MOTIVATION and PASSION. Don't tell me I need 'guidance' when that guidance requires paying tons of money into the parasitic system that leaves me deep in debt ( student loans are debt, the modern chains of enslavement replacing the Roman-Spartacus-era real chains). The CERTIFICATE SCAM is designed to suck you dry.


'You need to go to school to learn social skills / School is a happy and joyous place to learn.' - SHILL ALERT

Whoever says this is the perfect brainwashed golem robot of the state or a paid agent troll. Again Amos hits it on the head. The example set by Amos at the 14th minute mark about getting detention for talking to your class mate to blow off steam 'because the schedule says so' is proof that it is not a place to learn social skills. In fact it is designed to make you another lobotomized robotic cog in a large machine following the dictates of the system to serve the elite.

Don't tell me about half an hour canteen breaks. That is not a lot of time. Children are also expected after school to go for more bullshit tuition lessons and 'enrichment' courses in piano that they may not really want but were forced to do anyway.

Then the children lose interest or drop out and wind up getting blamed for wasting parents money when same children did not have said voice in the matter originally.

See how great that's all working out?

Parents are not really listening to their children and believe what they think is right for the child when they in fact are the misinformed. Will come to the issue of parents as prison wardens of their children on behalf of the System at the next part. Schools' 'social skills' is not a reflection of real life. Found that out the hard way with office politics at my first job as industrial attachment where I had no idea what I should or shouldn't do.

Maybe if I had the time to learn real social skills by interacting with others with greater frequency than what is allowed in school instead of studying from dawn to dusk for over 10 years doing revision under the constant fear of not getting good grades in Maths and earning the wrath from my father, this wouldn't have happened?

Another high flier (academically) who graduated before me with top honors and working there full time did and said things that annoyed and offended his co-workers. Proof that the higher education system churns out more mentally ill people than 'smarties'.

The education system was drawn from the Prussian model designed to churn out obedient conformists of soldiers and workers. Our education system is largely steered by the Rockefellers who also shut down Nikola Tesla's advanced research projects that would have given Free Energy to the world.

(Nikola Tesla was the inventor of Alternating Current that made the modern electrical distribution systems possible, yet he is given only a brief mention at best in school textbooks.)


'Parents not allowing me to drop out./You are not going to be successful without a good qualification' - SCAM ALERT

In the early stages it is necessary to be able to learn the basics on how to read and write to survive in the modern world. Beyond the O-levels it degrades the brain unless you know what you want in life (many young adults don't in this confusing screwed up world).

I would go as far as to say that many college graduates know FULL WELL that they had been scammed and lied to by the time they hit mid-career, but their ego prevents them from admitting it and subject their kids to the same vicious cycle, all over again. You will be judged karmically when you know what you did is wrong to mislead and deceive your kids using fear and authority to push them through the sausage machine. Excuses and justifications will not count. Parents please wake up and realize you are destroying your kids souls.

UK researcher David Icke dropped out at 15, never cleared his O levels and did everything from footballer to BBC presenter at a top slot on morning sports and head of the UK's Green Party before becoming a researcher into the metaphysical nature of reality writing over 20 deeply researched books whose own bibliographic references would take lifetimes to read in total. 'Find out what you want to do with your life instead of worrying what others might say or think about you,' would be his sagely advice.


Meanwhile Straits Times online with their recommended channels goes out trotting out 'celeb parents' who gloat about 'parents are to blame' and 'Amos lacks gratitude'.

As if the tools of state media will know anything of what Amos has seen through the social engineered facade.

All because Amos spent a brief time working under Jack Neo somehow makes other celeb parents the authority on how Amos' parents should be.

Jack Neo is another coward who publicly distanced himself from Amos over his recent remarks about LKY's passing. Also don't forget this is the same Jack Neo, the philandering fuck who had trouble with his zipper for 2 years with a girl who had more in common in appearance with roadkill and set a fine example of how to look like an idiot apologizing over it while selfishly subjecting his more good-looking wife to more trauma in the same conference.

Interesting that most of the top search results on this scandal have been scrubbed, unless one does some digging. ( )

I would say that Amos has woken up and seen the system for the rigged casino/fraud that it is. Of course the bloody system that serves those in power and get money from enough gullible people who believe in this fraud don't like hard questions that expose them for the blood sucking parasites that they are.

And of course the brain donors will blindly support the system that has brainwashed them into loving their enslavement. Good going, morons. Why Singapore is a shithole? Look at the number of people who thumbed down this video.

Guaranteed a good portion of this group watched barely 30 seconds of this video and the rest simply stared in disbelief at information that is based in reality but outside of their bubble and therefore checked out. It is fair to say the education system made them that way, dumbed down and unable to critically think.

Critical thinking and asking questions is part of the true learning process as well as a balanced array of subjects (look up the Trivium and Quadrivium). Stop watching and listening to state media and stop gluing your nose to your smartphone everywhere you go in public.

'Smart-ass phones for dumb-ass muthafuckers.' - 'Professor Griff', Public Enemy No.1

Monday, 6 April 2015

Final, Undisputable Proof Singapore is A Nationwide Mental Institution

"Although the exhibition has been open since March 25, many visitors said they came in particular to see a red box that Mr Lee used to keep his working documents. It joined the exhibition on Thursday. Education Minister Heng Swee Keat wrote about the box in a widely shared Facebook post on March 24, detailing how it had been a key feature of Mr Lee's life."

Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Velocity of Now April 2, 2015 with Thomas Sheridan

The previous blog post "Why I Checked Out Because of the Awakening" should have waited a little longer until this came about so I could underline that statement with this.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

A320 Cockpit Door Video

Problems may be encountered accessing his website due to revolutionary nature of information.