Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Stupidity of Syria Intervention

To be honest we need people right now to stand up and say no to Syria intervention. The Syrian rebels are completely infiltrated by Al-Qaeda elements who in turn is connected to internationally run intelligence services like the CIA (based on what is published in ). What's the other thing they are famous for? If you believe the official story, they knocked down the WTC towers in New York. BTW anniversary is just around the corner. 

It makes me wonder if the fact we are reaching the anniversary of the New York and Pentagon attacks in 2001 and this beating of the war drums and increased tension and fear are not connected.

 Lindsay Graham who loves being a whore of the death machine looks like one of those evil demonic goblins on Saturday cartoons who gets kicked in the arse by Kim Possible.

Ex-KGB and martial artist Putin will not hold back. The Spetsnaz are trained in a full range of martial arts including killing with hands and feet. They are trained to survive up to six hundred miles behind enemy lines for more than six months. The Russians do not hold back when they fight. They fight dirty, and by default war has to be in that nature so that its so horrific that leaders will do everything to avoid it. General William Sherman of the Union side in the American Civil War would have agreed.

Once war starts, the rules fly out of the window. The facade of civilized society breaks down. Once prices of basic needs skyrocket beyond our means, we will be forced into rationing, our collective IQ goes down and emotions such as fear, desperation and anger that dumb down critical thinking and logic take over. Meanwhile those who started this will run to their bunkers and sit back and wait for this to blow over.

This is not a game of Command and Conquer. Unlike a video game you can't hit the 'Load Saved Game' Button, because there isn't any. 

If you are outside the United States, please contact your Foreign policy officials from your respective governments and tell them to diplomatically pressure the White House not to intervene in Syria.