Monday, 11 February 2013

We Stopped Dreaming

I watched this: and it reminded me of the day that dream died, and priorities changed.

Top YouTube comment from 2nd Episode: "Damn...I cried. I cried for dreamers, scientists, like me, who want to dream, discover, create. But we can't. This has to be stopped. Please let us inspire others again."

Another YouTube top comment: "Gangam style.. views. This video: only 300.000. Humanity is going in a wrong fucking way"

Its done by design. Public education is a joke. Entertainment and fluff are all that matters with a majority of today's youth. Becoming the next generation of entrepreneurs like Nikola Tesla or Magellan is far from our minds. Instead of celebrations of new scientific discoveries, we have posters of the latest fads and popstars, far superseding the few published articles about the discovery that our Universe could be one giant simulation with proof of an Intelligent Creator. Our priorities are wrong.

One may ask, what does it matter to think about these things. Aspiring to reach the stars can get people's minds off fighting each other over differing belief systems which are illusions in themselves.

Going out to the working world, a major problem with the system was its tendency to suppress at every level individual freedom and creativity, rewarding conformity and punishing those who went against the grain.

Something had changed with the world outside the classroom, or it had always been this way. Either way, society was heading for a direction where our talents, our aspirations, our maximum potential, was being suppressed and downtrodden over an engineered system of fear, unhealthy obsession with maximized profit over intangible benefits such as expanded knowledge and understanding.

As 9.11.2001 came and went, and the United States space program was left in the dust in the favor to fund a giant police state,  and so was the rest of the world's mood changed to survival, fear, economic uncertainty and bad news upon bad news of an encroaching tyrannical global government that was destroying what had been the beacon of liberty and propping up the communist state of  China.

NASA itself was an inefficient bureaucratic organization to start with, but by the time the film set for Transformers 3 wound down (filmed on location in Kennedy Space Center in 2011) NASA was putting up its launch pads for sale, parts of its massive hangars that had wheeled out the biggest space rockets were sold off to private corporations, and the plans to build manned rockets to Mars was lying somewhere at the bottom of the swamps surrounding the launch sites.

Don't believe the hype from the mainstream of new launch vehicles by NASA. The country is in trillions of dollars debt, with a situation set to be far worse than Greece when it implodes. Time will tell how soon it will come. Some like Max Keiser and Gerald Celente, frequent guests of Infowars, puts it at March or April. It may happen further down the road. Either way, don't expect a bright future for the United States space program.

A major shift in people's collective consciousness will have to take place to get ourselves back on the path. Thinking that one person with a brilliant idea could go into a cesspit, entrenched system and magically change it is a fool's errand. Its been attempted over and over again and time and again the system made the rebel go over to the dark side.

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