Thursday, 22 October 2015

'Lesser of Two Evils' is a Dangerous Form of Thinking

'Lesser of Two Evils' is a form of logic that a person engages in by choosing something that has faults, but is seen by that person as 'lesser faults' than the other choice by his flawed perspective brought upon by bad information, even though these faults have consequences down the road.

Here is why 'lesser of two evils' is a dangerous form of thinking:

-  the individual fails to go beyond a box of limitations and consider that a world exists beyond the range of choices currently available.

- the individual resigns to be lazy when making choices that will affect himself and those around him, even in matters of national security

- the individual finds excuses and justifications that go up against the immutable (cannot be modified) rules of Natural Law

- the individual finds excuses and justifications for compromising one's own value systems, giving ground to Evil an inch at a time, eventually degenerating to hardcore decadence a few generations down the road as what has happened to the United States in the last 100 years and accelerated at an exponential rate in the last 7 years.

- this form of logic is a convenient non-sequitur argument that steers the debate away from the essential points of argument by playing on emotional mind control such as Fear. 

Example: bringing up the atrocious conditions of a failed state (like Somalia) to suggest the current misdirection of one's own country engaged in acts of subjugation and violence is the lesser of two evils using the fear-based mind control.

- the long term results of such logic is that the situation still deteriorates until a nihilistic state is achieved, only difference is that a longer time was taken 'circling the drain'.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Beyond Syria - Russia's Huge Responsibility

Russia's actions in Syria marks the first time that America's direct imperialism has been challenged properly after years of false starts, most recent false start Tsipras folding like a cheap suit over the Greek bailout.

Russia's actions in Syria have given hope that this nightmare of the Wolfowitz doctrine will be turned around. While prayer can help in the end taking action to turn around bad actions of others is what will change this physical world.

And this hope runs much deeper than most, at least among those of us who are aware and are not limited to the MSM, that with justice a real chance with peace will come.

It has also given, I hope, some courage to humanity to take their own initiative to cut themselves from the parasites of the western banking cartel that have been holding real human progress since the Renaissance. This in turn will ensure their defeat.

However one must examine the motivations of what made Russia go into Syria. Russia understands the threat to its own survival if Syria is allowed to fall. 

It so happens that President Assad is not attempting to play both sides of the game like Gaddafi did. Also his country is key to Washington that if it falls, allowing them to block Iran's oil pipeline access to the Mediterranean. 

Russia won't go around and solve every problem out there if it does not pose a critical threat to its geo-strategic interests.

The article correctly mentions China's financial initiatives which have been going on for some time. Also with Russia's actions in Syria preventing US hegemony through oil supply and therefore its Petrodollar over Europe.

According to 'V' the Guerrilla Economist, the US Petrodollar will eventually fall. The question remains if the the western banking cartel that Evil has found a powerful weapon in will be destroyed along with it, or they will morph into another form.

Will the information of the internet and social media and enough awake people exercising the action to change by withdrawing support from this fictional system that they have been trained to be dependent on be enough to turn this multi-generational force of evil around?

Clearly the western banking cartel is still working this moment only because there are enough unawake still supporting this system.

It is tempting for some to say that this is another dialectic of East vs West. The article gives a hint of this by talking about the problems of the Russian Central Bank and its connections with the BIS.

For us on the ground, at least those who are aware that something is wrong with the world beyond what the MSM claims, Washington D.C. has gotten cartoonishly evil, as if someone behind the scenes is telling it to be so, which in turns feeds the belief that another dialectic exists.

Is Russia and China the final chesspiece to consolidating the global prison planet, or indeed we are entering a new era where this current nightmare under this Evil force becomes a memory?

Sunday, 18 October 2015

191 Endeavor Is Never Wasted

The Red Pill

It was about 3 years ago when I came across a guy who had gotten out of jail and was selling keychain tags for cash, his sales pitch would mention the Yellow Ribbon Project, which I think is a bunch of pretend to give the impression to the gullible that society here cares about reintegrating ex-inmates into society.

I soon found out that he had been part of a group related to finance in a department. All in that group were in on some stuff that they were not supposed to do, but only he was made the 'fall guy' for the group's wrong doings.

It was obvious he was well educated, his language wasn't some guy who had never gone to school, otherwise he wouldn't have found himself in that job he was in that got him into trouble. No doubt he had been drawing good pay until then.

But despite having served the system, all it took was one mistake and immediately he ended up in the slammer. Everything that would define his freedom would be taken away from him.

Even after he got out, he had a hard time. He said about the times when he was sleeping outdoors the cops would wake him up. More than once he had been urinated on. It was clear despite his education his face showed he had been through a lot of crap. He indicated he was doing alright, being able to pay off his house with the monthly salary he got from selling his keychains.

Society had turned its back on him. It was clear he wasn't going to get a regular job. He had been left to sort things out on his own and rely on himself. But because of this he had woken up to see how deadly the system could be to the individual. 

The same system that everyone upholds and supports, with excuses to justify it. So long as they don't end up like this ex-inmate. Yet this system gradually destroys the individual, gradually increasing costs of living, until one day the system is unsustainable.

All of it is man-made and a construct, originating from letters on a piece of paper with a fancy letterhead. It survives because the majority of its supporters, cowards who can't face their own darkness, projects it on others, with the excuse its justified. And everyone involved in it supports it even though they may have negative sentiments about it, because the paycheck is good.

It gets better. They ostracize those who have woken up as crazy and dangerous, because their masters running the same system tell them that this is so.

Those who are living it up should know that what happened to this ex-inmate can happen to them. Maybe they understand from their work experience that the work place is filled with wolves waiting out for weakness as a signal to devour. But they haven't found out how bad it can really get when the system ditches them into their prepared prison institutions, their wastebin for humanity.

People choose their own prison planet.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Putin: Who created ISIS?

'You must consider the interests of others, and you must respect other
people...  rise above the endless desire to
dominate. You must stop acting out of imperialistic ambitions. Do not
poison the consciousness of millions of people, [as if] there can be no
other way but imperialistic politics.' - Russian President

Thursday, 1 October 2015

2012-Mayan Calendar Moves North (Full Length) by Ian Xel Lungold

Video was done somewhere around 2003-2004. Predictions of 2007 suggesting Extra Terrestrial contact on a mass scale, teleportation, and a more Utopian world with money exerting less influence over people's lives in this video didn't happen the way it was expected or were aborted by the interference of the Powers that Should Not Be.

However 2007 and 2008 (5th Day and 5th Night) did demonstrate to the world the lengths banks were willing to go to screw over the people with massive bailouts as a reward for creating the problem in the first place and showed the masses that governments were taking their orders from banks. There has been no economic recovery since then. All figures from US economic data are fraudulent. 2011 onwards (entire Universal cycle according to Lungold and final 260 days of the old 5,128 year cycle) showed larger groups of mass Awakening, and attempts to exist outside of the corporate system and the matrix.

Its 4 years since October 28th 2011. September 2015 saw the Russian Federation and China demonstrate the United Nations 70th General Assembly their willingness to stand up to the tyranny of the western banking system with Obama made to look like the insane dangerous war-monger.

The pressure gauges of the western financial system are in the red and will keep doing so until a bad 'blip' on the financial screens causes a devastat-ownage of the global financial paper market system in an analogically similar way to the Piper Alpha North Sea oil rig going up in flames in 1988.