Tuesday, 31 May 2016

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Orchard Road's Reckoning - And Nothing of Value Will Be Lost


"After Decades at the Top, Orchard Road Faces A Time of Reckoning"

And Nothing of Value Will Be Lost.

They just declared all their attempts to make Orchard Road the 'shopping destination' for tourists has been a complete failure.

The mainstream news article suggests:

"The busiest shopping streets around the world, such as Oxford Street in London or Fifth Avenue in New York, are not just about shops. They are also a “work-and-play” district where people enjoy hanging out, apart from eating and shopping." 

This is not going to work. Singapore doesn't have a developed culture like the United Kingdom or the United States. Its been successfully destroyed by reckless importing of cultural icons and symbols that are not native to Singapore, and in an attempt to 'localize' it, they destroyed the soul of these imported icons

Instead of allowing the local culture to grow, they forcefully took it and made a clone out of it, physically identical, but dead on the inside in the name of profit.

One is not going to turn the situation around by making more clones. The solutions offered show the tourist industry is being run by clowns who are giving the whole circus away.

"As such, turning Orchard Road into a lifestyle district — where both locals and tourists will aspire to go to for shopping and other activities — could, perhaps, be a game changer, said Ms Anthea To, senior associate director, research & advisory, at Colliers International." 

"Perhaps" does not inspire confidence that a sound solution is being reached.  

" [Director of lifestyle precincts development, Singapore Tourism Board (STB) ] reiterated that Orchard Road “remains Singapore’s most iconic shopping destination, and continues to be the location of choice for international brands seeking to establish their presence in Singapore and the South-east Asian region”. "

This quote runs counter to the main theme of the article itself confirms that the STB does not know what it is doing because it is out of touch with reality, and with that fundamental flaw their solutions are doomed to failure. 

Just like the previous 'solution' that made Orchard Road of the 1980s the repulsive shrine to materialism and decadence that it is today, by bringing in upmarket brands that only people with self-esteem issues will buy.

"Mr Ian Lee, 38, lamented that, over the years, Orchard Road has lost its connection with Singaporeans by going more upmarket. “We don’t come here much as it is no more a place for (the masses)." 

One thing they did get right and supports the above statement of the failure of the Orchard Road project.

The constant bad economic conditions, loss of confidence in job stability, which supplies the cash needed for spending, has  cut down the willingness to spend on useless branded items.  

Then there are those of us who have benefited in acquiring spiritual knowledge through the internet and reality of life have found that a materialistic life is not the path of happiness.  

Since everything seems to break apart in 2 years it is not worth buying more than what we need.

What Orchard Road needs is a merciful bullet to the head to put it out of its misery. The coming economic reset and removal of the US dollar as world reserve currency might provide the ammunition to provide the final death blow.

The next step would be to demolish all the shopping malls and replace it with orchards that first gave the road its name. No one wants to be reminded in their faces their status in life with shiny handbags and branded names that they can't even spell right, let alone buy.