Friday, 25 September 2015

Anonymous: Operation Black October 2015

I say let's take it past October until this rotten cancer that commits usury and uses debt as a means to enslave nations and maintain their tentacles of power crumble.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Going Solitary In A World Populated By Morons

Recently someone I knew from the David Icke forums and lived in Down Under decided to delete his gmail account.

By the time I saw his email, just 4 hours after he had sent it, he had made good on his promise in this email, part of his larger goal of living off the grid or 'in the boonies' as people there like to say.

He had a less than desirable childhood, and subsequent interactions made him decide to further isolate and insulate himself. Somehow he found an opportunity to live without having to go through the trouble interacting with people.

Demands on the individual from society at large has crossed the line into the downright intrusive and destructive a long time ago.

We are programmed to conform, starting with the elementary/primary school uniforms and ridiculous short trousers made of plastic.

And then we are put in groups, usually with people we have mixed relationships with that causes us stress when it comes to working in this artificial environment that is human society.

Such an arrangement would have worked in the past, but in the mechanical, soulless, programmed 'modern' world, living, working and interacting with a large majority of people can be as hazardous as air pollution.

I see minimizing contact with others, especially those who think they own you and therefore have a right to dictate how you live and how you eat, as much as possible as the way to discovering oneself.

Otherwise forever having to put up a front so as to conform is just self-destructive and removes the only real reason for living.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Future after 2015: Going Forward?

It is uncertain what direction For The Record will take.

The video game Doom 3 shows at the early stage of the game how most of the people on base are turned into possessed, zombie killers when the dimension to Hell is opened as glowing skulls streaming in can enter through screens and possess the individual. In real life, its much less obvious and through years of programming that enough people are possessed by a satanic mind virus that seeks only to think of themselves and how much money they can earn for themselves.

It has been shown here time and again and on posted videos why a mode of thinking is not just outdated but downright dangerous, and how individual actions based on ignorance can affect others.

That is why the commonly used argument that 'new citizens swung the vote' is of no consequence. It merely shows these new citizens have belief systems rooted in service to self and how much they can get out of the system, just like many of the longer term citizens of the country, the so-called 'true blue' citizens.

It is a reflection of the fundamental values of this country that is greed and exploitation, and therefore attracts characters of those values that has led to Singapore becoming the most expensive city in the world. The term 'my fellow Singaporean' is yet another empty propaganda line useful for politicians to attract the attention of the zombies busy feasting on their diet of China-made low quality breakable iPhones and smartphones and the latest opportunities to screw each other.

Most of the points raised here and on posted links and videos were about the human condition and ignorance of its own slavery. They had very little to do with politics as politics is just a final product of the people's level of awareness and care for others.

The recent elections showed that greed, stupidity, apathy and cowardice rule the majority of this country, despite the presence of the Internet and the vast amount of information on Youtube and elsewhere show that we are heading to a new Dark Age.

For The Record will be going to another direction or simply be abandoned. It was quiet and devoid of regular updates lately because of the above reasons. This country and the golems living in it is a lost cause, not worth worrying about. They voted to be as such.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Singaporeans - Mind Controlled Slaves

A nation of sheep will be ruled by a party of wolves.

As far as Singapore is concerned the Awakening is dead. The Divine Hand of Blessing has been removed from this country.

Singaporeans have demonstrated they can't exercise judgement when it comes to serious national matters. When Judgement Day arrives, it will be in the official records that Singaporeans chose this to happen to them.

Just pray it arrives in the form of a giant asteroid so the suffering will be in a very short time frame.

If there was indeed voter rigging, it only proves what I have said all this time about the fallacy of belief in the institution of violence called government (mind control), which in turn is ruled by the banking and corporate elite.

There is no point hoping for a future in Singapore, where there was none to begin with.

Going on social media and in public lambasting the incumbent party and then out of irrational fear vote for the same party in the polling station is not 'political immaturity' as some alternative voices have stated. It is called cowardice and treason.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Singapore General Election 2015

People who want an increase in Goods and Services tax, you vote in the same ministers who enrich themselves with million dollar salaries while old grannies push around stacks of cardboard because they are restricted from withdrawing their retirement funds in full.

Fear is not an excuse when your children's and grandchildren's futures hang on your decision.

Working in the government's civil service is not an excuse to vote the elitists in charge for another 5 years of mismanagement out of fear for your job.

Comparing ourselves as 'the lesser of two evils' with other less fortunate countries to justify voting in the same bunch of guys is a baseless argument and shows disconnection from reality.

Voting out of fear is Misuse and Abuse of the Right to Vote.

Monday, 7 September 2015