Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Former NSA officer and Whistleblower: Moon Landing Hoax is a Disinfo Psyop Revisited

"I deeply apologize if this web site covers topics that are too complex for the moon landing hoax crowd to handle, but the Van Allen belts never stopped the Apollo missions for a very good reason -

They are TOTALLY PASSABLE. You just can't live there. The Van Allen belts were talked about all the time back then and the fact that the astronauts passed through them in an hour and a half and therefore would be OK was stated repeatedly.

The Van Allen belts are not a problem unless you stay in them for three weeks.

BUT OH MY GOD, THEY HAVE RADIATION, RADIATION RAAAAAAAAADIATION AND ARE THE END OF THE WORLD! Well, I have a little secret for the scientifically illiterate types, something that will SCARE YOU TO DEATH!  

Take the cover off your smoke detector and look inside. Don't just take it off far enough to change the battery, I MEAN LOOK AT THE CIRCUIT BOARD. On that board there will be a little round metal canister with a hole in it. IT HAS A RADIATION WARNING SYMBOL ON IT BECAUSE IT IS RADIOACTIVE. 

Smoke detectors use a radioactive source to detect smoke, and it has been on the ceiling of your bedroom for 15 YEARS. OMG YOU ARE DOOOOOOOOOOMED!


Because your government sucks so much from you in taxes and steals it outright after [Zionism] took over that Nasa can't afford a Saturn V rocket anymore, it can only afford a space moped (my add-in: probably referring to the Space Shuttle) and as a result they can't just blast through the Van Allen in an hour, it will take weeks because all they get is crap now and yeah, THAT MAKES IT "IMPOSSIBLE" NOW.

And here is why this topic irks me so much: Because it is an obvious attempt to get people to stop dreaming about space travel and just stay on this earth and go NOWHERE, because "we never did" and there is this BIG BOOGIE VAN ALLEN MAN IN SPACE THAT HAS US ALL TRAPPED. 

What a load of bunk scientifically childish god it just rubs me backwards and I have GOT TO BE CIA because I said we went to the moon and really the truth is I have an IQ above 50 that says we went to the moon simply because even I know people who were involved in that program, have at least a basic understanding of science and physics and if you are out on the web pushing the "moon landing hoax" you ought to instead just set up an Amish style camp in America like the movie THE VILLAGE and push your bullshit there, all the while you keep a Van Allen monster in the woods to make people afraid to flee your idiocy.

If you succeed in hoaxing mankind's greatest accomplishments out of existence, the village is where you will be, and you won't deserve anything more."
Source: http://jimstone.is

Monday, 25 May 2015

Former NSA officer and Whistleblower: Moon Landing Hoax Theory is Disinfo Psy-op to Discredit the Truth Movement

From Jimstone.is email inbox:

Anonymous: "About the NASA moon landing…a good friend of mine was a project manager for NASA during the 60’s and 70’s. In fact, he was responsible for getting the ‘monkey’ back alive when they first sent it into space as a trial run.

He also worked with a number of the astronauts prior to them going to the moon. He worked with Neil Armstrong on the X15 (when Neil was a pilot) and considered him a good friend. My friend was present at Edwards Air Force base during the live feed of the moon landing. He also had conversations with Neil and other astronauts (Harrison Schmidt) related to their moon experiences.

As far as he is concerned, the moon landing did happen. When I related the ‘belief ‘floating around the internet that the ‘moon landing was a psy op, he stated that there was enormous amount of correlating data that was generated during the moon landing. Many people were present when this data was being processed as the moon landing took place. It would be impossible to falsify this type of condition.

He also indicated that there is no way Russia or China, with all of their ‘spies,’ would not have exposed a ‘false landing’… immediately. 
[Jim Stone's] response: With me, you are preaching to the choir. And I have this to add - what about the mirror the astronauts left up there? The one for bouncing a laser off of so the Moon's orbital position could be perfectly pinned down? They have determined WITH THAT MIRROR that the Earth will eventually lose the Moon in about 700 million more years. How do you hoax that?

Anyway, it is all really stupid to me, I guess some idiot out there has been tasked a desk job at the CIA to spew B.S. and make "truthers" less credible.

Now my box will be full of junk for saying it, but the "moon hoax" is for people who simply did not actually look at the history of the Apollo program, where every last stinking thing was filmed on a Hollywood set multiple times before they did it, so they could be critiqued ON FILM and learn to DO IT RIGHT, rather than DIE IN SPACE. Duh, how hard is that for people to grasp?

After they got it right on film numerous times, THEN the mission would be done. Then some idiot got hold of the photos and film from these sessions, which happened on the ground and were well published, and said that is all there is.

I beg to differ, because there is a mirror up there still being used TODAY as proof, and China photographed one of the landing sites with a probe they sent. Anyway, I am probably preaching to the choir . . . . .

Oh, the latest shillery is about the Van Allen belts, which were known of long before Apollo and are indeed fatal if you stay in them for over 3 weeks but the Apollo astronauts had the GOOD STUFF, you know, like America had before the "liberals" took over and got through the Van Allen belts in about an hour. In that context the Van Allen belts are practically meaningless.

Source: http://jimstone.is
Some regions may not be able to view the website as the owner often reports it blocked in some regions by the Cabal's internet censors.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

End of the 40 day season 2015 - Perspective

The social media is flooded with 'inspirational' pictures and videos. Then the whole bunch of guys will say how great this guy is but never really mean it, but they do it to be socially accepted, whatever the fuck that means.

I turned back on society a long time ago, in the later part of 2000, while in Junior College/ High School. I realized what a futile gesture I was doing trying to be part of society. Trying hard to fit in only got myself ostracised and cut out of them. Even then I saw how the upcoming cellphone technology and first widespread use of internet was doing it wrong with new models coming out every other month, keeping people in a cycle of jealousy and endless comparing of gadgets instead of the technology. Things haven't changed much because people are full of shit.

Recently one of those class 'leaders' in terms of influence from that time showed up on the street I was on, and her face contorted in shock and disgust at seeing me. A cunt who has gotten irrelevant with age, with the same thought patterns and same looks of rotten meat of roadkill from 15 years ago, despite being a high flier academically.

Her opinions, or others don't have anything more to do with me anymore. I don't care what they think because they were less than animals to begin with. Because I am not looking up to some authority figures with pHds or biologically related, waiting for answers. I am not dependent for answers from others. I am not dependent on other people's opinions to validate my existence. Dependance is key to control.

At this point in time those that have yet to awaken have to be left to themselves.

It is clear that the Truth movement has been at least a partial failure.

While it is easy to blame the government, their very presence is a reflection of the level of awareness and care of the majority. And the majority still make excuses for slavery.

There are those who think it is their patriotic duty to slap someone in the name of a dictator who would have thought of these same people as less than slugs, because the masses aren't even looked as alive by the Cabal. Useful only as a work unit and a number on a tax form.

Whatever. I don't really give a damn about people anymore. Humanity is not worth wasting one's life saving when its mentally sick to the core, so sick it believes the smarter ones who see through the illusion need to be put in a mental hospital and increasing numbers of sick fucks are making justifications and excuses for lowering of age of consent.

The smart ones have already figured out and staying single, leaving the less well-read and well-informed to populate the planet, to keep voting in increasingly decadent systems of governance, until the species self destruct. This is a generational degradation at work.

If a bunch of 'Truthers', if they are stupid enough to try, can turn around, that is their business. Because it is no longer mine.