Friday, 29 December 2017

Star Wars Fans Are Now Experiencing With Disney What Gamers Went Through With Electronic Arts

Real fans of the original Star Wars trilogy are up in arms over the train wreck that Disney has done to the latest edition of Star Wars with The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

However this is just the latest example of companies run by accountants destroy quality and storytelling over appealing to the brain-dead masses for their money. In Star Wars case its the tragic case of Disney pandering to the bottom-of-the-barrel oddballs and lunatics who think they are part of some great social shift shouting slogans.

One somewhat recent example is the way Mass Effect 3 ended, one such game developed under Electronic Arts.

However an older but equally significant example was the evisceration of the Command and Conquer (C&C) Tiberian series involving two major factions GDI and NOD.

C&C 2 Tiberian Sun had some elements taken out as result of reduced production time on the order of Electronic Arts had just taken over Westwood during production, however it was largely a decent game. 

C&C 3 Tiberian Wars had troubling signs of what was to come in C&C 4. Downgrading from typical fictional super-high technology terrain walkers of the year 2030 like the GDI Titan back to early 21st century wheeled vehicles was not adequately explained. 

C&C3 Game unit and vehicle design was mediocre as well as continuity issues with technology. Advanced weaponry like GDI Disrupters that killed anything it projected its rectangular beam at, or got in its way, were completely removed from C&C 3. 

GDI's super-unit the Mammoth Mark 2 giant walker (more than likely inspired by Star Wars Imperial walkers) which signified the height of mid-21st century GDI technology was removed for the sake of downgrading from walkers to wheels. 

Again it was for pandering to a certain group that would rake them the biggest profits.

C&C 4 employed radically different elements not seen in previous games, and storyline was atrocious with beyond weak characters and even shittier ending. So bad was C&C 4 that video game pirates were debating whether this video game was worth pirating.

While it is tragic to see where the Star Wars franchise has gone, the backlash by its high time that more and more see why corporate-profit minded developers and producers do not mix with the arts. 

Not many outside of the C&C fans cared when Electronic Arts destroyed C&C, at that time video games was considered fringe before the smartphone video game became widespread, so maybe with a large group like fans of the original Star Wars spitting blood over The Last Jedi it will highlight the problems of corporate media in a bigger way.

For those not familiar with Electronic Arts, here's a comprehensive graphic of how they have wrecked the gaming industry:

Sunday, 17 December 2017

NYT reports on Pentagon's 'Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program'

The UFO-alien visitation community is jumping up and down over this official admittance by a government agency of actively investigating Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and is supposedly the first official disclosure of the existence of the phenomena.

It was revealed that NASA rocket man Wernher Von Braun talked about plans to release 'official' UFO confirmation to manipulate and control the population to a certain agenda. 

The former name of Pentagon's UFO investigation program was 'Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program' and was funded by US Democrat Party member Harry Reid.

More serious level disclosure need to come forward before people can conclude there's something big going on. 

For starters there's too much bullshit and fairy tale stories by New Agers, scalpers, opportunists and government sponsored disinformation agents at work in this field.

Besides government is the least group of people to be trusted to tell the time in a room full of clocks. And Harry Reid himself tried to seize a US citizen's land (see also Bundy Ranch standoff) under false pretenses. 

In this case a retired trash musician Tom DeLonge is linked with the shadowy characters of the US establishment releasing disclosure information because the government cares about informing us after lying to us about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and faking chemical weapons attacks in Syria in a failed attempt to get the US involved in Syria supporting terrorist organizations.

What we need to pay attention more in relation to this news is what purpose was achieved in the US government's favor by releasing this information, at this time, using mainstream media, using the tactic of 'look over here, so we don't see what's going over there'.

This video should be worth looking at its entirety. Draw your own conclusions.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Crypto Currency - Great Opportunity or Ultimate Blindside?

Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm, and has been touted by the alt-media community as the real ticket to decentralizing, undercutting Central Bankers and freeing humanity from the grip of the Cabal. 

Enthusiasm is further fueled by the distrust in IRL paper fiat money and its constant devaluation by inflation.

However those of us who remember our Math classes especially in Advanced Math where we do these Binomial type progressions involving number values between 0 and 1, i.e. in the or 10^(-x) range, the progression would go into infinity.

We know just as whole numbers can go to infinity, the decimal side can go to infinity, milli, micro, nano, pico, femto, etc.

Here's the thing with Bitcoin. While most paper currencies stop at 2 decimal places (1-99 cents) the Bitcoin system does not have a limit of divisibility. Its obvious if you have used Bitcoin and transferred to wallets or exchanges. The number of decimal places are large to accomodate the micro-level transaction fees, eg 0.0001954 BTC.

Lynette Zang in this SGT Report interview mentions briefly this issue at 24:45 and mentions this shows how little we really understand this new form of money.

Right here would be where Quantitative Easing could be used to exploit this loophole, and to hell with the 21 million market cap, which looks great because it stops the exploitation of the infinity of whole numbers as with hyperinflation of fiat currencies, but conveniently there is no cap for the number of decimal places.

Other issues like international banking laws that apply across borders designed to prevent capital flight by cryptocurrency wallet users are also talked about here. 

For the record I trade in cryptos and have made some money off the rise in Bitcoin. Those who have gone all into Crypto to the point of compromising on the fundamentals of real money of physical assets of value need to take the above into consideration.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Tyranny and Governments

A vocal minority ruling over the compliant silent majority.

Monday, 16 October 2017

GoldSeek article - Turning Point Nations on the Stage (Away from the Western Financial System)

The Singapore Govt has signed onto numerous Chinese-led non-USD platforms
An increasing number of trade deals have come with Beijing.
They move slowly away from total US-UK alignment.
-Dr Jim Willie

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Becoming a Hermit

'I am a 33 year old white male living in London, I have been through several long term relationship and a Divorce my last relationship was 6 years.

I am a self-employed photographer earning on average 3-4K a month depending on the travel I need to make for a shoot, I have a 2 bedroom apartment, I haven't been on a date in 2 years and haven't had sex for a little longer.

In those 2 years I left a job I hated, started a new career, traveled to 7 countries in 3 continents.

I believe I am a MGTOW hermit, I lost friends who couldn't understand why I didn't want to go out with them to pick women.

I cut off most people from my life because the pressure to fit in is just ridiculous and moronic, its  like trying to convince a guy who had his leg bit off by a shark that swimming is important.

I have come across a MGTOW hermit while I was in Tokyo at a car show, he was an executive for Nissan and had a great conversation with him about women and culture and that was the last meaningful conversation that I ever had with a human being face to face.

Most people don't take life seriously its is why I went hermit. Everyone is after money and to use people... Not many people care about anything, period.' - John Jones

Society has been going down the tubes deeper and deeper, and the insanity gets worse and manifests itself in the various self-destructive and mutilation habits that people give to themselves through tattoos and piercings.

In my experience the biggest backstabbers are those who smile the most. I myself have had to smile outwardly not because I am genuinely happy but to survive in the toxic system and gain something out of this toxic layer of spiritual death.

While the core group of staff at my job are great there are at least a couple colleagues that are clinically insane that while I am glad I am no longer directly dealing with them as a result of changing my job scope, overall I still wish I didn't have to interact with people altogether.

I agree with the above poster to Angry MGTOW's Youtube channel that people don't take life seriously. They keep singing the latest shit music from Katie Perry and other shit artists with no taste and no quality, they are empty bottles to be filled by the latest trends, and that is the way they are and they won't change. Forget any great 'Awakening'. Its time to move on.

If the field of psychology is being run on the theme of 'emotions' it would explain why it doesn't work. Promoting more socializing won't work when society is diseased.

Monday, 25 September 2017

BREAKING: Russia Presents Satellite Proof of US Troops Collaborating wit...

Damning indictment and its up to Russia what to do from this point on.

Watch Daesh terrorists scream and cry in the face of SAA tanks

You guys must have felt real brave as you sawed off kids' heads, and talked about what women to buy at a slave market.

But that was 3 years ago.

The best thing about it, the Moon was above, watching over your pathetic ends, without a shred of sadness.

For once a Daesh propaganda video with a happy ending. Epic thumbs up to the SAA tank gunner who ended these useless lives.

Monday, 11 September 2017

The Day That Ended the Old World

Enough has been talked about the events of sixteen years ago on 11/9/2001 (day/month/year).

It was the beginning of a decade and a half long period of misery in my personal life, of which in my view it hasn't fully resolved yet and has left me wondering about the point of living.

It was the beginning of the end of my belief in humanity as a collective to progress upwards in consciousness.

Any hope that we would have manned space missions to the Moon and beyond were dashed as people's money was taken and put into fighting imaginary strawmen and made obvious the fact that freedom and privacy was an illusion that the government could take away when it wanted to.

It also sprang up a movement of truthers that no sooner they began to gain momentum were hijacked by negative forces and discredited itself into nothingness through attacks and smear campaigns on each other as well as psy-ops of distraction like Flat Earth, Hollow Earth and Glass Ceilings in the sky, demonstrating the non-existent level of intelligence the so called 'Awakened' have.

Its a tough call when things don't go the way we want them to, but that has been the way of the world. We control little of what goes on in our personal lives, and we control none in the world.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Helium-3 Fusion - The Key to Positive Future for Humanity

From LaRouchePAC:

Thursday, 17 August 2017

SMRT Trains - A DeathTrap Waiting to Happen

Another major delay of the red line of a system this evening Aug 17th 2017 that has more in common with a third world country.

Using the city trains here is like taking a lift in a building on fire. 

Anything happens, there will be a stampede. Humans are prone to mass panic.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Strange Tales: Secret Space Program "Whistleblower" Corey Goode - A Caution For Internet UFOlogists

"Yes I'm interested in ufology. From what I can tell, there appears to be
a "there" there. Have I drawn any conclusions regarding what that is?
No. But I find the whole thing fascinating, regardless of what the truth
turns out to be, if that's ever revealed. But I have a strong aversion
towards people who take advantage of the openness and good nature of
regular folks to advance themselves.

I created this video for the UFO Proof channel, and a "UFO Proof" version 

of it may appear there soon, but given the current profile and 
significance of this topic within ufology I wanted to get it out now and it 
seems perfect for my new Strange Tales series." - tmcleanful

Sunday, 23 July 2017

SU-35S at MAKS 2015 Airshow Russia

Older video from 2015 as 2017 video was removed.

F-35 still having problems with low cargo and payload as well as inability to target.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Alex Jones Addresses 'Agent' Accusations 29th June 2017

Alex Jones addresses from an idiot caller 'Frank' who throws at him a commonly seen accusation on forums and comment pages that Alex Jones is an agent of the powers that should not be.

This has been going on for over a decade and it has done nothing but sideline effective debate into real issues.

Even if true such accusations fails to acknowledge that virtually every group or institution that has well-meaning people has been infiltrated by dark elements to destroy attempts to change the status quo. 

(Freemasonry according to Thomas Paine inherited its philosophy and knowledge from revival of Druid beliefs and philosophy from pre-Christian Europe. But don't let facts get in the way of an exciting smear campaign.)

This applies no more accurately than the alt-media community itself. 

Pot calling kettle black much, such as 'no planes on 9/11/2001' and 'flat earth' and the 'giant trees' hoax that defies common sense laws of physics were no doubt fed by the control system's intelligence services to destroy the alt-media's integrity. 

Instead promoting a reputation for fringe groups and lunatics so that the spread of information damaging to the control system does not go far.

Ironically many of these who seek to 'expose' Alex Jones are by their actions disinformation shills themselves by distracting others from the real issues.

This is why the label 'truth movement' is now toxic as certain members with the intelligence of feral dogs constantly threw accusations and insults at public figures in the community. 

Most of these figures were trying to use the internet to share information that the paid corporate media would not show in order to maintain the status quo of the governing class. Some of them were not used to this treatment and have left.

It seems the so-called 'awake' community who should be made up of people smarter than the 'mainstream' TV viewer have not understood the meaning of discernment and being able to use one's own thinking. 

Those who get involved in the infighting and caught up in the child-like excitement of 'exposures' of those seeking to distribute life-saving information as 'shills and agents' are indeed the Sheeple 2.0.

Dr Jim Willie GoldSeek Article - Enter the Natural Gas Cartel - 5th July 2017

 "The King Dollar is mortally wounded. Many notice but the masses seem largely unaware. Since 1971, the Gold Standard has been removed from its anchor position. But since 1973, the Petro-Dollar has taken its place. It has called for crude oil sales led by the Saudis and OPEC to be transacted in USDollar terms, for oil surpluses to be stored in USTreasury Bonds, and for some kickbacks from the Saudis to the USMilitary complex for weapons purchases. 

Of course, the US is ready willing and able to create strife and to foment wars whereby the Arab oil monarchs will need more weapons...."


Our "Savage" Ancestors?

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Thomas Sheridan's Official Blog: Did 9-11 Damage Humanity More Than We Realize?

Thomas Sheridan's Official Blog: Did 9-11 Damage Humanity More than we Realize?: You know the way that some people create multiple personalities in order to deal with trauma?  

Then, they sequester the original personality - which experienced the trauma - into a dissociative identity partition of the consciousness so as to 'escape' the trauma. From this, the new multiple personalities take stewardship of the damaged person and then carry on as if the trauma never happened?

Read the rest of the article:

The Opening Of A Second Front Against the Gold Cartel - Rob Kirby

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Issues Warning to Trump

Sunday, 25 June 2017

5G WiFi - The Elephant in Your Living Room

I feel sick when I am sitting near a 5G WiFi enabled modem. The masses are fine with losing their minds for better communication.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Putin Takes American's Question On Stopping Russophobia In The United States

The globalists' and western banking cabal's worst nightmare for hundreds of years has been the world's nations especially the powerful ones working together for the common good.

So their dogs in the establishment controlled media outlets inside and outside the United States in countries that are owned by the same cabal at the very least minimize Russia's achievements against terrorism in the Middle East or make it appear as if the Russian position is not representing their definition of 'international opinion'.

United States and Russia are both nuclear armed nations. It is necessary that both nations are working together for the common good for the safety of life on Earth, and for real progress towards Type 1 level of civilization using nuclear fusion and other paradigm changing technologies.

It has always been the goal of the western banking cabal to divide and carve up nations, set them at war with each other, so as to profit off the deaths and resource strip-mining that follows conflict.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Fact That Destroys the Entire Climate Change Scam

First thanks to the readers for sharing the previous article on the Paris Agreement. And now, here is a paragraph that says it all.

"Niel Tyson: "If I and my advisors had never learned what Science is or how & why it works, then I'd consider pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord too."

Response: Oh, are you a pro vaxxer too? That "science" line is all too familiar.

How about: For science, study why the desert gets cold at night. Study atmospheric composition, and what gasses hold heat the best. #1 is water vapor, #2 is methane. 

Water vapor has about 5000 times the heat retaining potential of Co2 in the atmosphere.

That's why the desert, which has just as much Co2 as anywhere else, gets very cold at night, because the air is dry and the heat goes right out. 

If you can't understand that simple concept, you can read all the science you want, and you'll be too stupid to avoid getting scammed. I BET YOU PAY YOUR MECHANIC BIG BUCKS, MISTER SCIENCE!"

I can verify this with my experience in overseas trips, in the arid areas of Kanchanaburi, Thailand during the dry season (dripping wet pants drying in 15 minutes because it was low on moisture) at night when it was bitterly cold, compared to the tropical jungles of Brunei, where night and day had similar temperatures because of the endless rainstorms and high humidity. 

Both these locations were 39-40 deg C average daytime temperatures.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Paris Agreement - A Collective of Short Sighted Thinkers

When a solution to a problem requires further taxing of your money and more centralization of authoritarian government (Latin - mind control), that 'problem' was more than likely made up and doesn't exist. 

Such as the 'problem' of human caused global warming by carbon emissions.

The latest environmental 'scare' of the world ending because of carbon dioxide is likely a scam as the solution to this involves another layer of taxes on the population. It doesn't help developing countries still dependent on diesel and other fossil fuels and doesn't help the overall situation of global poverty by charging developing nations for 'excess' carbon emissions.

The move to reduce greenhouse gases also shows the limited in-the-box thinking of the 'scientific' institutions civilization has entrusted its progress to. All about increasing the efficiency of machines that modern civilization depends on to function - by less than 1% at most, or by removing those that are still essential for a country's manufacturing sector.

The problem is these engines are still running on fossil fuels. The amount of energy released per unit weight for fossil fuel is low by today's standards. The last industrial revolution was the indirect result of machines moving from coal and steam to diesel and petrol/gasoline. 

When machines moved from coal to diesel, trains and ships could travel further and faster, and became cleaner and more efficient.

We are long overdue for the next industrial revolution that will come about with moving from petroleum fuels to a more powerful and usable fuel source that would make demanding industrial applications such as desalination plants more economically viable, as well as produce enough energy per weight of fuel to make electricity too cheap to be metered for domestic use.

Fallout 4 GMV {Radioactive : imagine dragons}

Finally a music video that does it right.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Alien Covenant - Thoughts [Spoilers]


"The Chestburster was probably the biggest and most confusing curve ball of the entire film. Instead of the snake-like, infantile Xenomorph offspring seen born from every Human host in every Alien film before it, the Chestburster born of Oram was born complete with a full elongated cranium, arms, legs, second jaw and tail. It literally looked like a miniature adult Xenomorph. There were no aesthetic cues to insinuate this was an infant by any means besides its miniature size.

The concept of cocooning, shedding those cocoons and developing a hardened exoskeleton were completely thrown out the window and within minutes this Chestburster, or what should be called “Minimorph”, developed into an overly organic looking, adult Xenomorph. 
 I would have loved to see a similar scene where one of the surviving crew discovered a shed cocoon and were then introduced to the adult Xenomorph, similar to the original Alien. I’m not sure why they chose to introduce the Chestburster this way and I see them having a hard time explaining how we go from Minimorph to iconic Chestburster before we really come in the back door of Alien.....

....Of course, a big question everyone had since day one of Covenant’s production was what became of Dr. Shaw (Noomi Rapace). Sadly, like many of us speculated, Shaw is deceased by the time the Covenant crew arrive. David’s attitude towards Shaw and her fate was a puzzling one – he seemed to have adoration for her, but as we later discover, he had not buried her in his garden, or kept good care of her remains – but instead had used her for his own twisted experimentation.... This solidified David as a truly evil and twisted character. " 

- Chris' review of Alien: Covenant

It does seem Ridley Scott has disowned certain key features of his own movie Alien (1979) that was key to establishing the franchise of how the Xenomorph grows. No idea why he broke away from established canon, unless he intends to change back to the original snake larvae and moulting-cocoon system when it is explained how the Xenomorph becomes like the ants on Earth, with queens, soldiers and workers. 

Looking through the movie save for a detailed sketch of Dr Shaw's mutilated body in a set of scrolls and the android David saying he would do to Daniels what he did to Shaw, it was hard to find any other detail of the fate of Dr Shaw. 

It is likely she wasn't attacked by a facehugger, but from the mutilation she was probably a victim of David's first experiments with parasitic wasps laying eggs that hatched into larvae that ate her inside out, and not a victim of a facehugger as Wikipedia's current edit of the article on the movie says.

Either way this story showing that David's twisted experiments had something to do with creating the Xenomorphs destroy the mystery and our deepest fears of going into vast unknown of space that was probably what the first Alien aimed for. Sort of like the Predator representing our deepest fears associated with the unexplored tropical jungle.

Ridley Scott's interview here confirms that the Xenomorphs are the creation by David at 3:20, and disses the Alien vs Predator movie series at 5:05:

"...If that is what happened to Shaw it is beyond stupid. Prometheus was opening the door for a massive universe full of posibilities in story-telling. Covenant seems to be trashing all of that and having David as the creator in full [dis]regard. 
 If he's the creator then how the hell does a 2,000 year old ship with a chestbursted fossilized alien come into play that precedes anything David may have done? Yeah unless Scott pulls [a] Hail Mary and brings the engineers and their story in full force I'd say it's safe to say the franchise is cooked. Ironically even Ridley said it himself when he said the beast was done. Just more of the same brainless crap." 
 - 'Dsparil'

The general conclusion at the end of Convenant is that never trust a megacorporation like Weyland Yutani, or its assets like its synths. Instead of being the lifeline for colonists light-years from home, they become the death of everyone on board out in deep space with no rescue in time. It seems the moral of the story is to avoid getting on board a deep space colonization project funded by a private corporation. Probably a better idea when exploring space would be to have one's own spaceship and to be ready for everything and anything.

Overall this movie sticks with the the dark storytelling and dark endings for characters in the Alien franchise including the protagonist survivors like Dr Shaw, Daniels and later Ripley before she was cloned. It does make me wish they could continue the Alien vs Predator franchise just so I can see the heads of a few corporate scumbags and evil, twisted androids from Weyland end up in a Predator's trophy room.

I did like the Xenomorph's own POV in the main ship, almost mirroring that of an extremely angry person with affected vision from his incensed rage with those little twisted fiber like lines on its otherwise clear vision.

I will probably add more thoughts if they come up.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Natural Law Are The Only Rules To Follow

Natural Law in simple terms is do what you will WITHOUT harming someone else. Or using another way it is do not do to others what you do not want to be done to yourself.

Too many rules create mental illness.

A household made up of too many rules usually lead to insane and maladjusted children.

Religions demanding puritan standards and declaring sexual expression as dirty created the prostitution industry.

Likewise the Prohibition in pre-WW2 United States led to rise of Al Capone and the illegal alcohol industry.

Man-made rules and rules outside of Natural Law serve to keep the elite and the slaves in their respective places.

I reject religions that have rules and rituals like fasting for several weeks on end, rituals like fixed times for prayer, direction to pray, ritual bathing, ritual circumcision done on children too young to say no to the barbaric procedure, etc. 

Religions with rigid regulations lead to damaged people with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Rise and Fall of Command And Conquer

A warning when profit and greed overrides quality.

The inevitable result of corporations, bottomlines and profit margins ruining everything. Even if you are not into video games, the story of Command and Conquer will have many parallels in the fall in quality of the arts to the sewage that we have today in music, video games and movies.

Command and Conquer is being highlighted here because it was one of the first games I played, and it had a good story going that had much potential.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Alien: Covenent Trailer Images

The Engineers lost because they made their ships out of toilet seats.


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Solar Warden, SSP, Fake News, Super Soldiers, Contact in the Desert and More

Exposing the bullshit scams and scammers involved in taking advantage of people who are in bad times and are desperate for hope or positive news.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

ChannelNews Asia - Fake News With Fake Expressions of Laughter

Anyone who has spent more than five seconds interacting with non-synthetics who are not faceplanted in their smartphones will know how real emotional expressions look like.

When the female anchor on FakeNews Asia announced this evening about an upcoming news piece about Japan fixing its trash problem, her right eyebrow went up in a way that would have required a lot of energy and effort. Overall it was clear that she was faking her laughter, in addition to the way her body moved about in her chair. 

I didn't know dealing with trash was hilarious. I thought saving the Earth from our pollution was serious business, just like the Internets.

It was obvious the male anchor was raising his eyebrows at times when they were not required to be raised.

TV programs - programming your mind to love your enslavement.


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

David Rockefeller Dies

Breaking Broken News - David Rockefeller Has Gone To Gay Porn Hell.

(We know he probably died months earlier and March 20th was a nice date for the numerology-obsessed parasite class to announce it.)

Eat this, Globalist-Satanist-Child-Raping Muthafuckers.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Glyphosate = Mass Die-Off of Phytoplankton

"Phytoplankton levels in the ocean have recently dropped by more than 40 percent. What could cause that? FACT: it is NOT global warming, despite claims that it is. Clear proof it is not global warming is in the fact that phytoplankton exist from the equator to the arctic, which represents an enormous temperature gradient, and phytoplankton is dying off at all temperature gradients. This proves global warming as a reason to be a hoax. "

"The following report hit a nerve. How do I know? Because there was not one piece of active code that did not get broken, and it then got seeded with stupid spelling mistakes a spell checker would not catch. I have had to fix this dozens of times, and that simply does not happen." 

In case of website block -

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

'Positive Thinking' As Done By The Slaves

A form of stockholm syndrome of grovelling to authority while living in a self-constructed bubble, convincing oneself that being fucked over is okay.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Construction - The Cesspit Industry

I met a guy who worked in construction (like I used to) but moving away from it into the logistics side of construction equipment. He was moving away from it into logistics because of the absolute crap the construction industry has become, he got his ass kicked a few times from other companies playing dirty behind his back.

Strictly speaking it wasn't really a redpill moment because I already took that pill in 2011 related to my involvement in the construction industry, the beginning of my real awakening. It was another confirmation signpost, that I had made the right decision leaving that loathesome industry in that year.

Foreign construction workers brought here from China have part of their pay cut so that the company can win the contract at lower cost, sometimes up to $50million cheaper. 

The workers have no choice but to stick on because if they go back early they will have no way of paying their debtors that they borrowed to come here and might be killed or their family exploited. 

They basically work for little or no pay for over 6 months to a year until their debts are paid off, even longer like 1 year plus when their company does shit like this. And of course the local clients here are only too happy to accept these scumbag construction companies. 

I am not christian, but I do smell 'karmic judgement' coming down hard on this country that has everything built on labor exploited in the manner described above. And most won't see it coming, practically 9.8 out of 10 on the city trains have their faces planted in smartphones. The mind control is complete. 

But Goddess Kali doesn't care for this country's faggotry or excuses. She will execute as with the Will of Divine Universe, without mercy.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

February 2017 and Thomas Sheridan's 'Sort Of' Apology to David Icke

Moving into March the first 2 months of 2017 have been generally without incident. Maybe its too quiet. Like everything's holding its breath before something gives. There's a lot of things that could give way. Like the financial system. Or some disruptive incident by the Deep State against Trump.

An Irish singer and actress named Sarah Mulligan wants to start a Irish Trump fan website. I say good for her for standing up against the general wave of anti-Trump blind retard sentiments. For the first time the presstitutes are giving an American President the same treatment as a 3rd world tin pot dictator. As if the fake news still have any relevance in controlling reality.

Sarah Mulligan's got good vibes about her, her bikini shoots don't have the overt slutty crass look that others have and her nudes are tastefully done. I don't agree with her sanguine view of the world but so what. She would make for a great actress for Belldandy's character if they did an English live action version of Ah My Goddess.

Thomas Sheridan did a 'sort of' apology to David Icke after another one of these digital-demon possessed retards posted on Sheridan's Failbook wall showing psychos laughing as they apparently fed puppies to a venomous snake. According to Sheridan the snake appeared to display advanced sentient behavior including smiling at the prospect of a coming meal, indicating a demonic intelligence had possessed the creature.

I have encountered black spitting cobras and they are devoid of any expression, like a natural robot. When disturbed, they stop and rear up, with zero change in their demeanor, their eyes staring out like the cameras on a drone.

Sheridan was clearly disturbed from the experience.

Mr Icke is known for his metaphysical theories, most famously the idea that certain beings can be possessed and in certain occasions those that possess these humans/animals can manifest into this realm, switching into our reality from an alternate reality like changing radio stations. These beings, in Mr Icke's words, also explain the existence of psychopaths in the establishment who order the death and destruction of nations like Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Either way I hope to hear more of Sheridan's research since he had been up to this point very skeptical of David Icke's shapeshifting reptilian theory in particular.

2017's lining up to be a year of the shake-up. About time, but good thing it took this long to give me enough time to prepare. Also it will mean life will serve some long-awaited payback to the scum of the Earth who think they 'beat' the system by screwing others over.

AV7 - Thomas Sheridan - The Lords of Perception And Their Psychopathic Control Grid

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Sweden has died. Do not allow your country to be next....

Gonna miss the beautiful blonde women. But this is what happens when child-like mindlessness goes up against cold, hard reality.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

What Is The Matrix

Finally someone who's speaking what I wanted to say about the fake, wimped out, fabricated society I live in but couldn't express as coherently.

Leave Your Emotions Out Of This

The most important advice a man could take. Emotions are your enemy.

Why Leaders and Leadership Is Problematic

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Being a Minimalist is the Only Way to Go

An article on Minimalism:

The job market is unstable. The future is uncertain. 

Consumerism in this day and age is vulgar and involves purchasing pointless things that one does not need. Consumerism is a bad drug and addiction.

TV has useless programs. Everything you want to watch that is of value is over the internet.

The fridge, the microwave, the gas cooker, the washing machine, the water heater, the fan and the computer are the few high tech things I would need.

Less money spent a month means more time for other things, more money saved for other things and for bad times, and in between jobs.

The only reason to own a few more houses is the rental income without having to work for it.

The extra money should go to stacking up on extra food, water and medkits for emergencies.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Hacksaw Ridge 2017 movie - Brief Review

The movie for me was an average.

First part of the movie did alright showing the effects of the First World War on returning veterans like Desmond's father played by Hugo Weaving. Violent fights in the house and outbursts were common. He realistically portrays the effects of war guilt where survivors question why they survived and their friends didn't. Similar experiences were felt by the baby boomer generation with returning combat veterans.

Second part of the movie involves the battle of Hacksaw Ridge. Realistic portrayal of battle but Mel Gibson ruined it with too many slow motion shots. Most of us who follow WW2 have seen real stuff from WW2 in Color / Apocalypse - The Second World War type documentaries, and therefore slow motion shots ruin what could have been a decent movie.

In the United States those who form the alt-right that got Trump in are now a powerful force in US politics and society and believe in the right to keep and bear arms. It is probable they cynically see this as a subtle attempt to convince the population into giving up their firearms given the leading role of the character as a Conscientious Objector against the use of firearms. 

Past attempts by the Hollywood establishment to use incidents like the Sandy Hook school massacre to convince the population to give up their firearms as well as their almost complete anti-Trump sentiments have made going to the movies made by Hollywood less popular, despite what sources like Wikipedia might say otherwise.

Secondly the alt-right see WW2 in a different light given recent information coming out about the background of WW2 and how the world was manipulated into it by the Banking Oligarchy. How widespread is this knowledge and how it affects this movie viewership is unknown.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Educational Racket - Rant

Sums up my experience getting a University degree and working at a job afterwards doing the office politics tap-dance for 2 years before I rage-quit the whole thing.

'Need to have experience to get experience' is the reality and essence of this scam of college education.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Oathkeepers Information by NavyJack & Alex Jones show

Oathkeepers reveals Soros planned Maidan style violent takeover of the United States: 
"The protesters on the ground see large crowds and continuous support from the MSM for their protests. They hear former President Obama telling them they need to keep going. They are energized and angry.

The people in the middle, the organizers, don’t really know where this is going; they do believe that with all of these angry voices something has to give. The people at the top (Democracy Partners, Soros, globalist and NEOCON interest groups) know this is just the opening salvo of a revolution.

In Egypt all it took was a few hundred thousand protesters to drive out the President. Here that won’t happen. The people at the top know that violence is the only way forward.

In the Ukraine they had to put a sniper up on a rooftop shooting in both directions (protesters and police) to start a civil war in order to force the President out. That is the formula that will be followed here if they can get the protests to grow over the next couple of weeks.

If what occurred in Portland last night were to happen again or if it were to happen in a state like Montana, Idaho or Texas, self-defense measures will eventually be used by citizens to defend themselves against the violent protesters.

A few violent protesters get shot or seriously wounded by citizens exercising their right to self-defense is all it will take to build the outrage to a level where either the President steps down to save the nation from a civil war (like in the Ukraine) or the shooting starts.

Either way, this is a bad situation.

With the MSM fueling the riots and protests, I am not sure how this can be turned off. The President is not being listened to by the left at all. They just don’t want to hear the truth about any of these issues. It is all AstroTurf, but it doesn’t matter.

Don’t think for a minute that the President can go on national TV and calm everyone down. No matter what he says the situation will be made worse by the MSM and social media.

Our only real hope is that the protesters become exhausted and their violence starts to slow down before any of them get hurt or killed. Pray for that and prepare for the worst.

If the protests were to slow and the anger subsides, the globalists only have two cards left to play;
1. The Kennedy solution, or
2. Economic collapse.

Both are tough cards to play because you can only use them once. I don’t know the answer. If I had to guess, I think they will attempt #1 because the President has shown ZERO willingness to compromise on his campaign promises.

If they fail and the President continues to unwind the United States from the control of the globalists for even another year, they will play card #2. The alternative would be that there would be no way for them to ever regain control. I do not think they will let that happen.

That is my opinion." - NavyJack

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Joe Rogan Experience #911 - Alex Jones 2nd February 2017

Most of this video is a pain to hear with all the interruptions and cross-talk, but one comment from the Youtube comments section is worth posting here:

"I agree with Joe. All of this generalization is very easy - it's hard to
intellectualize, it's hard to be specific. That's why
anti-intellectualism is so prevalent throughout America. Nobody wants to
give credit to mankind for any innovation in any field of knowledge. 

 It's always extraterrestrials, demons. It's never imagination,
consciousness, higher learning, hard work, artistic experimentation,
thinking outside the box, dreams, etc. It's always nefarious. It's
always negative. 

Most governmental conspiracies and social engineering
programs boil down to control. Some agencies in the human world work
towards control, others want freedom. 

Things are very complicated and
now that everyone has a voice with the internet, more and more people
can be brought into the fold of some very charismatic, passionate people
with certain theories that tap into people's very base and unconscious
fears, especially fears of the unknown, fears of the government, fears
of the future, fears of the devil, etc. etc. with very little

The more and more you study, the more you open your mind and
heart, the more bullshit you'll weed out." - BOHEMIA

United States Geological Survey: Silver Has 20 years global supply left

From 12th minute onwards.



According to the USGS, total global silver reserves are now 570,000 mt. Thus, if we divide 2015 production of 27,300 mt, we end up with 20 years worth of global silver reserves remaining...
at current rates of annual production. 

You will notice, that Chile now
has silver reserves of 77,000 mt for 2015. However, the USGS had a “NA”
next to Chile’s silver reserves in its 2009 Silver Commodity Summary.

Furthermore, the top three countries (Peru, Australia & Poland)
account for 51% of the total world silver reserves at 290,000 mt.



Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Truth About Oprah Winfrey

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Was Oprah part of a nefarious agenda? 

I would say if one is invited to a meeting involving agents of destruction like Soros, eugenicists like Bill Gates (Mr Polio Vaccine paralyzing thousands of India kids and 'kill Grandma to hire 10 teachers' with the money saved) media manipulators like Ted Turner and anti-humanity Rockefeller, that person is the enemy.
Negativity is a choice, typical New Agers would say. Ignorance is a choice as well in the age of Information on the internet.

Those who ignore the facts because they have been brainwashed by pop culture deserve what is coming to them.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Clinging to the Past and Sentimental Thinking

The urge to cling to the past, comes from a state of being where it is believed as a result of new experiences the current situation is worse than before. 

Going to old places and seeing old friends, in an attempt to find what's no longer there. 

Even playing old video games to find that old connection when things appeared simpler or more straightforward, believing somehow that in doing so one can find one's feeling of security.

Its all an illusion coming from an attachment to what was temporary to begin with. But people cling to it in order to find that pleasure they once hand.

Since time passed the borders have expanded, new truths were learned, some of them ugly. Perceptions and views have changed. 'Romantic' notions of how the past must be like are now dead and gone.

Even finding a pretty woman with the right kind of hair and body proportion size, she will change in many ways, probably faster than you would believe. Its a reality that women more easily believe in what the state says than men, if men are educated and do a bit of logical thinking unbound by fear and the illusion of 'social belonging'. Almost none of it good. 

Its almost certain right now the only 'good' woman you will find is in a video game or cartoon. The wealthy men know this when they are settling a divorce that had nothing to do with affairs.

Acknowledging this world and everything in it is temporary, at a deeper emotional level than just logical thinking, is the first step.

Recommended reading: 

The 9 Laws of the Dark Triad Man

Friday, 20 January 2017

Trump Inauguration

Good riddance to 'skidmark' Obama. Commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence to May 2017 was just a move to save a non-legacy that created the worst terrorist faction in modern history.

Politics... I don't believe in political solutions. Politics is corruption. Its just one level of ruling class that rules over us and takes orders from hidden power brokers.

Trump will be a nice way to shake things up, if he lasts his first term following up on his promises.

Other than that its also indicative of how bad things had gotten that Trump was the United States' last chance to set things right.

Human civilization, if it is worth saving, will have to go beyond the system of politics and the need to manage others with groups and institutions that can be co-opted.

That said, I agree a lot with this special Velocity of Now Trump Inauguration Special:

An American Dreamer, Trump Campaigning theme:

Thursday, 19 January 2017



- those that believe they have authority over you

- those who write laws that demand you hand over a portion of your earnings

- those that spread negative propaganda behind your back

- those who deceive you through lies and half-truths

- those who coerce you into following their belief systems

- those that create money that can never be paid back

- any entity or individual that takes away your inherent Rights

Sunday, 15 January 2017

RMR - Guest: London Paul - The Sirius Report (01/13/2017)


Dr Jim Willie article on Goldseek - Crisis, Dullards (Dumbasses) and Wake-Up Call: 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Going into the Dustbin of History

City-states have serious vulnerabilities.

In Singapore's case, it depends on gas from Indonesia to run its powerplants.

Most of the food is from overseas.

The world's moving in new directions with the New Silk Road's main artery linking China, Khazakstan and Russia into Europe. Singapore's income from international shipping will further drop as China's goods bypasses the South China Sea and goes overland into Europe in a shorter period of time.

Petroleum refining might be profitable for a few more decades, but coming alternative fuel sources will eventually reduce that sector's contribution to the economy.

Quality of life among the working population is one of the lowest in the 'developed' world, with 'least happy', 'least satisfied' and lowest sex rates in the world.

Singapore has always been a globalist enclave since the British empire founded it as a trading port. It was a place where people came to make money. Those who stayed did it because they believed there was still more money to be made. 

Patriotism is for those under mind control.

The here-today-gone-tomorrow immigrants might be from different countries at this time, but the motivations are the same. Once they realize its all a made-up illusion, they will stop coming. 

The positioning of the city-state as a place to hold gold and silver will buy it some time. Other than that the only thing attractive is the money and security. Those things are illusionary and temporary.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Morons Having Kids

There are many who act on the impulse of their urge to reproduce, including women, even though birth is a difficult process.

The fact is when you are born you are born into this world with a label, a serial number and a barcode. Like a supermarket product. You are nothing more than a product to the government, itself a fiction but the morons around you believe it is real so you are subject to it.

Taxation is theft and enslavement as it involves taking a part of what you earned using your body. Believing that the government has a right to tax you is indicative of mind control.

Evil requires complicated reasoning to justify its existence.