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Snowden: ‘Training Guide’ for GCHQ, NSA Agents Infiltrating and Disrupting Alternative Media Online

"This is Britain’s  GCHQ how-to guide for Online Covert Action which, according to Glenn Greenwald (see links below) has been shared with US agencies like the NSA. Upon review, it can only be described as government-sponsored subterfuge of domestic society.

According to these latest documents, there are paid government agent/contractor persons on social media posing as someone they are not, whilst on the payroll of the government. Their job is to befriend members of the alternative media, embed themselves in the ebb and flow of day-to-day communications, and then to engage in elaborate subterfuge – by any means necessary. The training exercise below uses terms like “befriend”, “infiltrate”, “mask/mimic”, “ruse”, “set-up”, “disrupt”, “create cognitive stress”, “use deception”, “ruin business relationships”, and “post negative information on appropriate forums” – all of which is not only illegal and morally bankrupt, but also runs completely contrary to the very fundamental ‘values’ and indeed founding principles, of a modern free democratic society or constitutional republic. 

Government targets in this malicious operation appear to be bloggersactivistsjournalists, social event organisers and anyone else deemed to be a ‘emerging leader’ or voice in the public sphere, or alternative media online. 

This obviously extends way beyond the practice of employing paid ‘trolls’ to pollute comment sections and redirect forum threads – which still exists under both government and corporate umbrellas.

Thanks to Ed Snowden (photo, left), the public – as well as moral individuals within government and the judiciary, might fully realise just how these sort of underhanded, and unlawful operations have sunk to the lowest possible levels. 

It’s not enough that the governments of both the UK and US are blanket spying on each other’s populations and then swapping data, but now we see how they are aggressively targeting individuals in secret, undermining them and eventually setting out to destroy them – and all the while employing organised deception (with the full backing of the state security apparatus) to achieve a series of  said ‘outcomes’. 

That’s conspiracy to defraud, and it’s against the law in any modern civilised society. 

One has to pose the question: is this type of government sanctioned gang-stalking and conspiracy to defraud civilised? Most people would answer ‘no’ of course, but unfortunately most people are not making the decisions regarding these new malicious soviet-style programs in Britain and the US.

It’s so comforting to know that the governments of Great Britain and the United States have allocated public money not only to spy on their own innocent citizens, but also that ample public money is also being spent to actively undermine free speech, derail small businesses, to entrap and intentionally defraud and defame unsuspecting citizens that are deemed targets by some secret committee – all carried out in an extrajudicial (outside of the law) way.

Sounds very much like those horrific East German Stasi tales we all point to as history’s archetypal low-point of modern society. 

Those who know their history, know that this type of aggressive state attack against its own citizens has nothing to do with ‘national security’ or ‘terrorism’, but is merely a case of the state using its muscle against those who are shining a spotlight on its shortcoming and internal government corruption and criminal behaviour. 

By (almost) anyone’s metric, it’s a shameful chapter in history."

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This is what little boys in short trousers do. This is what losers with a big chip on their shoulder and have daddy issues do. The perfect sub human animal who wasn't born with a soul and sees power in dominating over others.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Last Channel of Free Expression and the Low turnout at Public Protests

The shills and the pets of the establishment are now going into full propaganda mode. On the heels of world internet day, there's a new drama on Channel 8 (as if anyone with 2 brain cells on active duty would still watch MediaCORPSE's shite) that features the antagonist as an anonymous hacker called 'Zero'. This itself comes on the heels of a significant increase of website attacks against government websites by Anonymous Collective, which in turn came on the heels of the immoral attempt by the government to impose new restrictions on websites to curtail the only channel of free expression in Singapore.

Cyberstalking, unwelcome hacking ( NOT like the one that did a great job at the target university computers of exposing the Climate-change Scam of 'hiding the decline' in global temperatures in 2009) cyber-bullying and blackmailing by using private images are real. But what isn't discussed in the mainstream media is the major spy agencies taking advantage of backdoor software installed in our mobile tracking and spying devices (that we euphemise as smartphones and iPads) so that they can remote turn on your smartphone and activate whatever spyware app they want to use without your knowledge.

The last public transport fare hike protest in the Speaker's Corner saw 200+ people turn up. In a city of over 3 million Singaporeans this is pathetic. What may have caused this was since it was a Saturday, those who wanted to come and were affected by the public transport the most were probably working on Saturday out of a desperate need to make ends meet.

Those who weren't directly affected, most of them car owners, would not see the point in coming as they weren't taking public transport. This is the illusion of class division that the establishment takes advantage of. Looking the other way because it only affects one group of people is how totalitarian systems take over.

'First they came for the Trade Unionists, and I didn't speak up for them, then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up for them, then they (the Nazis) came for me and I had no one left to speak up for me.'

Another reason for the low turnout is the still prevailing fear of getting involved in something that would involve politics and getting a visit from the goons of the powers that be. All I can say to these people is to look at their children and grandchildren in the eye and justify their future of living in a more expensive, more draconian and ever more restrictions of freedoms, more riots, higher serious crime rates, because you wanted to stay 'out of trouble' and out of the intimidation.

Now is the best time ever with so many people in the world asking themselves why are they expected to bow down to their governments and pay taxes when these same governments don't listen to them? Not in the future, NOW, is the best time to stand up and be counted.

Keep going on the 'left' hand path of ignorance and choosing to keep one's head down hoping it will blow over, and not too far in the future we will be living in an Orwellian nightmare that would make George Orwell wince in his grave.

For starters, the vocal opposition would have been silenced by the gun or by the circumstances by then.

The only way to pay in the dark future is by electronic NETS transactions and no paper money. If the government can decide based on your loyalty to them if you can buy anything by controlling the amount of credits to your card, they can starve you out by ensuring you have none to purchase until you agree to surrender to their control.

The situation will be so dire that you would want to speak up, but it would be next to impossible. We are nearly there now with increased numbers of police security cameras, security measures of random searches and alcohol bans imposed on the Little India district because of the recent riots by the foreign workers from South Asia as well as restrictions on websites. This is just the start, and is not where its due to end.

To the fearful and to those who have told me that I was too negative, paranoid and obsessed with the negative, don't bother calling me for a source of sympathy when that day of total control and enslavement comes. A quote from one of the United States Republic's founding fathers:

"If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and posterity ever forget that you were our countrymen." - Samuel Adams

Friday, 7 February 2014

Freedom, Morality and Natural Law: The “Aquinas on Liberty” Essay

Freedom, Morality and Natural Law: The “Aquinas on Liberty” Essay
Posted on March 14, 2011 by Dave Lenef ( DL )

“True liberty is an essential property of objective truth and morality. Therefore there can be no true liberty in a civilization that enshrines moral relativity.”

So concludes the short essay that follows below. Written by an individual with the handle, Aquinas, this document elegantly builds the case that liberty is the result of choosing Right—that is, the morally right choice. And that morality derives from natural law principles, which are objective truths, not something subject to opinion.

Morality is very simple. You can feel it. Your body chemically guides you to know in your bones what is right and what is wrong. The Wrongs have been said many ways:

Do no harm.Don’t steal another’s property or injure another’s body.
Don’t initiate force or coerce with threat another against their will.

And the Rights as well:

Love one another.
Do unto others what you would have done unto you.

And so on... We know what this stuff is.

Nobody can bestow liberty on you. It is a state of being that comes from understanding and acting without contradiction with that which the creative universe intends. When humans feel, think and act consistently within this natural law, the result will be liberty. Until then, we are simply handed priviledges diguised as freedoms by our masters.

I include my own comments interleaved after the applicable paragraphs. The uncommented version is available in PDF format: Aquinas on Liberty

Please take the time to read this very carefully if you value liberty and life.
page1image16344 page1image16504 page1image16664 page1image16824 page1image17248 page1image17672 page1image18096 page1image18520 page1image18944
Aquinas on Liberty
          As long as we abide in partial darkness, we will continue to be conquered.
          If we looked very closely at the idea of liberty, we would discover that there is a radical
distinction between true human liberty and liberty falsely so-called. Indeed, liberty falsely so- called is that same liberty which the New World Order qualifies as the “bait of an idea to attract the masses of the people to one’s party for the purpose of crushing another who is in authority,” and as an idea of freedom which is really an “infection,” and as a “slackening of the reins of government.”1

Where does the false idea of liberty come from? What is false liberty? What is true liberty? Knowledge of the correct answers to these questions is still lacking in the bulk of the patriot movement; and to the degree that it is lacking, so is integral unity and true power to overcome the menace. 

Until the patriot movement unifies itself under true philosophical principles, it will win only apparent victories, while the satanic New World Order continues its long march to total global domination.2 

1. False liberty (as opposed to true liberty) refers to merely an idea of liberty that sets one group against another, as in the two-party political system, or even in a manipulated revolution. There may be an appearance of more freedom, but ultimately the reins (or reigns) remain. This is not a state of true liberty.It still restricts free action(DL)

---page break---
page2image134002. Most of the freedom movements (patriot, tea party, etc.) are ignorant of what comprises true liberty. The fight for liberty must be based on philosophical underpinnings of universal principals of nature or the fight will fail. And as the fight fails, so it leaves the path open to tyranny and global governance. 

Examples of incomplete or false ideas of liberty include those in the sovereign movement who traverse complicated legal machinations, filing paperwork in order to classified as a different class of person by the state; or tea baggers who rail against certain segments of the population. (DL)

True liberty is the highest of natural endowments. It is the portion only of intellectual or rational natures; and it confers on man this dignity – that he is in the hand of his counsel and has power over his actions. But the manner in which such dignity is exercised is of the greatest moment, inasmuch as on the use that is made of liberty the highest good and the greatest evil alike depend. 

Man, indeed, is free to obey his reason, to seek moral good, and to strive unswervingly after his last end. Yet he is free also to turn aside to all other things; and, in pursuing the empty semblance of good, to disturb rightful order and to fall headlong into the destruction which he has voluntarily chosen. 

Worse still are those who promote a false and absurd notion of liberty, by perverting the idea of freedom, or extending it to things in respect of which man cannot rightly be regarded as free.3

The Declaration of Independence states as follows: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.4

Sad to say, this is a very ambiguous, and therefore dangerous, proposition, as it is subject to any number of conflicting interpretations. Indeed, the proof of its weakness is the young age of the total collapse of the American Republic. Obviously, that clause has not been interpreted properly. 

If it had been, we would not have devolved into barbarity in less than two hundred fifty years. It can be argued that the American Republic was built on Freemasonic sand; and thus if we are going to rebuild it, we might want to re-codify our foundational principles. In order for

(----page break---)

America to throw of its internationalist oppressors, a proper understanding of natural human liberty, in the minds and hearts of the American people, is indispensably necessary. For we the people have been brought low, and have been rendered soft and vulnerable as the direct result of having imbibed and believed a false notion of liberty and the pursuit of happiness.5

3. The Creator has given humans the ability to reason and choose. Reason aligned with truth will lead inevitably to liberty. But humans can also choose to ignore reason and choose less wisely, which will inevitably lead to confusion and chaos. (DL)

4-5. Ever since I realized that the phrase “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” was inspired by John Locke’s “life, liberty and property”, I’ve considered that happiness is far too ambiguous, while property is clear and specific. This small linguistic departure by the founding fathers may have set the stage for the devolution from our country’s original ideals.

Happiness is a shallow feeling that does not predicate freedom. Sometimes we must feel pain when we do the right thing. (DL)

As a natural endowment given to human nature by God, the omnipotent Creator of the universe, liberty must exist for an end or ultimate purpose. And this end must be identical to the essential determination and composition of human nature, which is rational, i.e., intellectual and volitional. The end, or object, both of the rational will and of its liberty is that good only which is in conformity with reason.6

Liberty belongs only to those who have the gift of reason or intelligence. Animals do not possess liberty. Considered as to its nature, it is the faculty of choosing means fitted for the end proposed, for he is master of his actions who can choose one thing out of many. Freedom of choice is, therefore, the essential property of the human will. 

But the will cannot proceed to act until it is enlightened by intellectual knowledge. For the proper object of the will is the good. The will cannot proceed to act until it is enlightened by the intellect. 

Nothing can be desired by the will unless it is judged by the intellect to be a good. Thus in all voluntary acts, choice is subsequent to an intellectual judgment that something is good or desirable.7

6-7. Our gift of reason is a means to a specific end. If we use our intellect in harmony with natural law—that is, free of contradiction from truth—we become more free and progress toward our ultimate end. I don’t pretend to know what that end is, but our nature rewards acting out of love, and moves us closer to unity.

Our gift of will is tied to rational thought. We use reason to judge the options before us and then we choose, resulting in action. Every voluntary act is an expression of our ability to choose rightly. But we always choose based on our evaluation of what will result in the most good.

Our thought processes can fail to deliver the Good. We may believe instead of reason, holding close those institutions of security that contradict fundamental moral truths. Or we might think we know based on false information. 

We’re not perfect, but striving to discover and understand that which is true will always keep us pointed in the right direction. (DL)

The will is referred to as the appetitive power of the soul or the rational appetite. Like the intellect, the will is a spiritual faculty. It is that power through which an individual seeks to execute an act or attain to an object proposed to it by the intellect. 

The object of the will is always the good, and even in the election of evil, it must be proposed to the will under the appearance of good. Anything chosen as a means is therefore viewed under some aspect of goodness.8

Therefore because in all voluntary acts choice is subsequent to a judgment upon the truth of the good presented, declaring to which good preference should be given, it is an immutably true principle that human liberty depends entirely on intellectual judgments that conform to reason and the natural law. 

If a judgment which does not conform to the natural law or to reason, and which is, therefore, objectively false and immoral, is acted upon by the will, then it is a source of grave disorder in society. Exponentially multiply the number of individual immoral acts, and you have a Republic that collapses from moral decay in a short period of time.9

Hedonism, i.e., the tyranny of the passions, has no place in the well ordered man or in the well ordered civilization. Unfortunately our elitist overlords have long been at dumbing us down to the level of beasts that cannot employ their natural rational endowments, but only their carnal lusts. 

We allowed this to happen to us because we mistakenly believed that the lie they told us, namely that true liberty is the “right” to do whatever we want, whenever we want, as long as it is not illegal or discoverable. True liberty is an essential property of objective truth and morality. Therefore there can be no true liberty in a civilization that enshrines moral relativity.10

8-9. Humans base all choices of action on intellectual evaluation, and those choices are based on what we judge is “best” for us at given moments. If a choice is based on fallacious reasoning instead of truth and logic, we are in contradiction with nature, and the result “grave disorder”. 

It is the exponential accumulation of all the false choices leading to immoral actions that have lead to the state of confusion and increasing lack of liberty we find ourselves in. (DL)

10. What is moral is what is true. Truth is truth. It is what has happened. There can be no shadings of truth, no relative orderings of less or more truth. It simply is. To the degree that truth can be known, knowing what is moral action becomes completely unambiguous.

We have been educated to believe in a lie that morality can be determined and handed down in laws of man. This has led to an idea that what is good is simply what feels good. That is hedonism. This way of thinking excludes reason, and therefore prevents us from connecting with what is true. 

This is an artifact of the domination culture, and the extent of our acceptance of that is the extent that we subjugate ourselves and move further away from liberty and closer to slavery. (DL) 

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Total Defence Day: What We Did NOT Learn from the Japanese Occupation of Singapore in 1942

On 15th February 1942, Singapore was surrendered to the Japanese by the British, ranked as the British' greatest military defeat. The anniversary of that dark day is commemorated on Total Defence Day, 15th February every year.

The Imperial Japanese Army went ahead with an ethnic cleansing policy against presumed hostile elements in the Chinese population. The plan was drawn up beforehand and was started immediately after the Fall of Singapore.

Post-war, crimes against humanity like these and others led to the formation of National Service as a means of forming a strong defensive force ready to stand up to threats with the overall goal of ensuring if diplomacy fails, the country will be able to stand up to external threats. A seemingly logical way of doing things in a dangerous world where wars of resources are still being fought.

Among the sites where the ethnic cleansing took place in 1942 was at the Punggol Beach at the northeast corner of Singapore. In the Punggol Beach massacre, over a thousand Chinese males were rounded up from homes and villages along Upper Serangoon Road in the central northeast of Singapore.

One of the groups of people targeted by the operation were people armed with weapons that would 'disrupt social order'. As we saw what happened, the Imperial Japanese Army did not bring in order, but chaos through fear, luring certain neighbours to co-opt and tattle on each other, creating an atmosphere of suspicion and fear, and those who were brought in were tortured in horrible ways to make an example of and cower the rest of the population into fear.

The most the locals had in the form of weapons was if they were in the Volunteer Corps and even then they were given simple arms that were used to hunt wildlife. General Yamashita himself couldn't believe his luck that his 30,000 men (going up against 80,000 British soldiers) were able to capture Singapore in less than 2 weeks, stating in his diary that had the British discovered their numerical weaknesses, they would have been forced into the disastrous street fighting of the kind that had destroyed the German 6th Army in Stalingrad (today's Volgograd).

This itself is a clue to the point I am trying to make here. Had the nearly half a million to a million civilians being armed with the modern weapons of the time against 30,000 Japanese troops, 1200 them military police, the outcome would have been very different. There would have been mass casualties on both sides, but the civilian population, especially the Chinese who were being targeted, would have died with a rifle in their hands, not with their hands tied behind their back and at the mercy of their captors. The Japanese will have experienced unsustainable mass casualties fighting in the streets that they were less familiar with than the locals. Control over Singapore would have been non-existent. It would have been the Japanese that were being massacred, not the civilians.

This is indeed telling when the Japanese High Command said about invading the continental United States of America, a country that had a Bill of Rights that acknowledged the inherent Right ("We see these Truths to be Self-evident") for the People to Keep and Bear Arms as the 2nd Amendment.

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a MAN with a RIFLE behind every blade of grass.' - Admiral Yamamoto, architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Which brings us back to modern times. Instituting National Service may on the surface means that the country is defended against external attack. But what has been ignored is the looming threat of government itself. Opposition party or the incumbent, it does not matter. As long as we have a group of masters believing it has the moral right to rule over the people, and the people are told they have the moral obligation to submit to the rule, we are under SLAVERY.

Never has it occurred to us that a government can descend into tyranny once the civilian population has been cowed by fear and threats of violence (violation of one's rights)?

Kenneth Jeyaratnam is the Secretary-General of The Reform Party in Singapore. His case against the government's decision to feed a US$4 billion line of credit to the IMF supposedly to prop up failing economies in Europe was thrown out in October 2013 by the courts. All this while the locals are struggling with stagnant incomes, competition with cheap foreign labour, and are now facing rising costs of living in all areas including public transport.

You can see his full article here :

Based on  Mr Jeyaratnam's findings, and the apparent lack of transparency and fairness in the courts, its clear government accountability is completely dead. Singapore is officially under an oligarchical dictatorship, as if we didn't know that already.

'The judiciary has now come to the rescue of the executive by ruling that we have no locus standi to challenge illegal government actions.' - Kenneth Jeyaratnam

If a bunch of crooks who have enriched themselves off the backs of the hard work of Singaporeans through the forced extortion of taxes (read: protection money) can get away with doing what they want, there is nothing else to stop them. This is especially worrying with the government having the monopoly of force and violence through the ISD, police and armed services and the people of Singapore do not have some means of self defence.

In this modern technological era, the Rifle and Shotgun would be equivalent to the Sword of Roman times, and the Stone and Spear of Prehistoric Men.

In the not so distant future, there remains the possibility that we will be faced with a situation similar to those who were unfortunate to be living in the Japanese occupation of Singapore, except this time those to come and grab your wife and kids will be those working for the local dictatorial government.

Reading history will show how giant massacres and mass deaths occurred after a country's people were disarmed, Russia's collectivization (20 million dead), China's Cultural Revolution (60 million to 80 million dead), Cambodia's Killing Fields (3 million dead), Nazi Germany's holocaust after disarming the Jews and others (11 million dead), etc.

There was a reason why the United States instituted the 2nd Amendment, and high powered rifles were not invented for just hunting game. Historical fact necessitates the need for the individual to have measures of self-defence that match up to the level of technology of the government's ability of use of force.

This one and a half long interview sums all this up perfectly, especially at the 28:00 minute :

You tell someone not to have the right to use modern arms of this time to defend oneself, you effectively have control over that person, you are putting them in a class below a ruling class, and if you do violence to them, they have no means to fight back. Disarmament has nothing to do with the weapon, its all about CONTROL and SLAVERY.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Independant Compatriot's Article "World War 3 is not inevitable" on Temasek Review

This article forgets that the US dollar is headed for potential collapse, the country of the United States is a tyrannical police state, liberties in that country are all but gone, for a Republic barely more than 200 years old.

This article also COMPLETELY forgets that there is a global elite that uses politicians like Obama, Bush, Cameron and our politicians for us to throw mud and blame for our problems when the truth is the world is run by a few people at the top, the Banking and Energy Dictators who have worked hard to ensure every resource on Earth especially energy is metered and paid for and the 'unwashed masses' in their eyes keep paying their taxes to the government and get high on drugs, and they are the ones behind the inflation of an illusion called 'Money' (mono-eye, fake One Eye or fake Enlightenment)

This country of Singapore is built on a very weak foundation of commerce based on the Religion of Money (see that Forbes article on Singapore's uncertain financial future that MAS is in denial about) that has assumed that money will stay forever and is a legitimate way of the distribution of resources. Money is a tool of enslavement that creates a class society so that certain skills are considered 'more valuable' than others This is especially with true creative arts in this country, ask anyone who followed his passion in art if he is able to take care of himself without other streams of income.

It forgets that in history since the Roman Empire that currencies always drop to zero as political corruption, decadence and hedonism takes over. Inflation is forever, ERP rates will NEVER go down, fare hikes are permanent. Our current way of civilization is built on illusion by a few at the very top. These people will INSTIGATE giant wars such as World War 3 that pits various ideologies and religions that today are at each other's throats to cull the global population in all its horror and violence and bring forth a New Dark Age that will be ruled by the Dark Gospel of Lucifer and the absolute Evil that it brings about.

See Albert Pike's letter that predicted World War 1, World War 2 and how World War 3 will be carried out. The parallels are too close to be a coincidence. And people still don't want to believe in a worldwide conspiracy so huge and malevolent that it beggars belief that a group of so-called humans would get together and plan the extermination of the human race.

And yet enough still live in a realm where information has been attached the emotion of 'negativity' so people have tuned out from the world at their own peril. 'Let's all party together for tomorrow we die' is a not uncommon mentality in our time.

The solution while simple in itself requires responsibility, owning one's own power and hard work in its learning and application. The wealth of information on turning this around is available in the podcast section of

Unfortunately in the Singapore context with the overworked individual who is disillusioned from working one's ass to the ground in one's slave job and not receiving any appreciation for it, after having spent one's childhood wasted on endless schoolwork for a paper degree that is meaningless anyway,  'responsibility' and 'hard work' are words that will send many of us running a thousand miles in the other direction.