Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Global Warming Hoax | Lord Monckton and Stefan Molyneux

Thomas Sheridan - Facebook Quote 24th November 2016

"The greatest gift a guru, teacher or inspirational mentor can give you is to betray you. 

That's the moment when you begin to think for yourself."

Tu-95 Bombers Launch KH-101 Cruise Missiles at Terrorists

'Old bird' returns to serve justice upon the scum of the Earth.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Is WiFi Really Safe? - David Icke

5G wifi is already causing me headaches. There's no telling what damage is being done with the current 3G to 4G cellphone network in terms of higher order thinking.

I really don't get the whole 'freedom' thing offered by the smartphone wifi system to send images and stuff via cell towers that are bathing me with radiation that is being hurriedly pushed out without proper medical studies on their long term effects.

Here David Icke mentions how DNA can be reprogrammed as it is a frequency transmitter, so its not just your cellphone that is receiving information from the cell tower, its your DNA as well. 

What exactly is happening to your DNA is not fully known but when we are dealing with an artificial 'distortion' frequency that is being pushed by an establishment that has not been forthcoming in the past about what they are doing. Alex Jones mentions our DNA is unravelling and our sperm count is dropping

Whatever is at the end of the road of this wifi-DNA transformation is too early to tell, but the increase in demented and diseased people and children born with all kinds of problems show something is going on.

I get the feeling by the time they admit its a problem it will already be too late.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Soros Admits No Remorse For His Actions - Infowars

The fact this Nazi collaborator was not arrested and executed at the end of World War 2 is just another indicator of the mess the human race is in.

Apparently rumors that the Russian Federation has issued a warrant for his arrest are 'false' according to Then again Snopes is not credible, and of course Soros pulls a lot of strings in the media scene, from the shadows. Either way, an arrest warrant for Soros is long overdue.

This entity remains a top-level threat to human civilization.

LaRouchePAC - Reinstating Glass-Steagall

"Hopefully, there will. But it requires each measure. Glass-Steagall as an absolute precondition, without which nothing else will work; but that is not enough. Because we are not talking just about a banking reform. We are talking about a completely new paradigm in the economic system. And that has to be defined by the Four Laws of Lyndon LaRouche, which everyone should really make sure that they understand when doing this kind of lobbying work.

"Because Lyndon LaRouche has stressed that the key thing is to increase the productivity of the labor force. Because of neo-liberal, or monetarist policies of the last decades, this productivity has gone down, in the trans-Atlantic sector, below the break-even point. This is why we need a national bank, in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton; we need a national credit policy; we need an international credit system, a new Bretton Woods System; and we obviously need a `win-win' cooperation of all nations on building the New Silk Road — also inside the United States — to become a world land-bridge.

"Extremely important is the fourth of the Four Laws, which says that you cannot get an increase in productivity in the economy, unless you go for a crash program of fusion power; and an international program for cooperation for space research. Because only if you do these kinds of avant garde leaps in productivity — fusion technology brings you to a completely different economic platform. With the fusion torch, you will be able to have energy security for the whole planet; you will have raw materials security because you will be able to use any waste, separate out different isotopes, and reconstitute out new raw materials by putting the isotopes together in the way required.

"So it's a gigantic technological leap. And the same thing goes for space technology, because it will have the same impact as during the Apollo Program, when every investment in space technology, in rockets, in other new materials, brought 14 cents back for every cent of investment. And everything from computer chips to Teflon cookware, to all kinds of benefits, occurred as biproducts of space research.

"And to get the world economy out of its present condition, especially in the trans-Atlantic sector, you need that kind of reorientation towards scientific and technological progress, increases in energy flux density. And all of this Green ideology — which is really a no-development ideology — has to be replaced; and the world has to go back in the direction where the real physical laws of the physical universe are the criteria for truth, and not some ideology." - Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Monday, 14 November 2016

We Should Celebrate Trump's Victory, But We Must Also Recognize The Problem With Our Current Way Of Things

Politics is corruption. It is one of those stupid things that crosses over from kids to the adult world, from the classroom to the workplace, and destroys those who don't fall for the groupthink social conformity crap.

You could be liked by the group that made up most of the classroom one day, and completely ripped to shreds the next day, all because their 'godlike' figure said so, just another punk who somehow knew how to play the power game with the right words and openly displayed his harem of concubines.

Its great that Trump got elected. However the dirty election campaign and the attacks on Trump supporters showed the problems with the system of going through 18 months of campaigning, and then hoping and praying that leader will carry out your promises for the next 4 years. 

This method of running human civilization leaves much to be desired.

We have already seen the downside of this system with Obama.

This election was of interest only because Hillary was a very serious threat to global order and security if she got elected.

LaRouche's 'New Paradigm' series offers solutions not through electing and pinning one's hopes on leaders but through technology and sound economic principles that will raise the standard of living of the individual. 

Perhaps that was the real reason why they were generally critical of both candidates. The recent election cycle was mass psychological trauma on the people of the United States.

Real progress of human civilization will be found in the likes of new energy sources like Helium-3+Deuterium Fusion reactions for energy use, 300 mile per gallon cars, new rocket propulsion for easier manned space exploration and colonization of Deep Space.

Soros' Weimar America - EMERGENCY BROADCAST by Thomas Sheridan

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

United States of America's National Anthem

Donald J. Trump rightly becomes the 45th President of the United States of America.

I have had worse days.

Hope he keeps his campaign promises, for the sake of the country and the world, and the people in it. 

And on the military side, the United States doesn't need so many aircraft carriers or strategic bombers, and should forget those 800 bases in other countries.

On the space exploration side, it should get its arse off the sofa and stop being stingy with its budget.

Also please build some high speed trains from coast to coast. The country is way bigger than France.

Last but not least deal with the massive debt to minimize the impact of the inevitable collapse of the US Dollar before the people have to suffer a humiliating devaluation and hyper-inflation. Its coming soon so you don't have much time.

Also special thanks to Alex Jones and his crew of Infowars for playing a major part in making the alternative community succeed in bashing to bits the MSM liars and their filthy propaganda. 

Great article on how this election victory represents the smackdown on the 'Intellectual Yet Idiot' [IYI] types: