Sunday, 25 June 2017

5G WiFi - The Elephant in Your Living Room

I feel sick when I am sitting near a 5G WiFi enabled modem. The masses are fine with losing their minds for better communication.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Putin Takes American's Question On Stopping Russophobia In The United States

The globalists' and western banking cabal's worst nightmare for hundreds of years has been the world's nations especially the powerful ones working together for the common good.

So their dogs in the establishment controlled media outlets inside and outside the United States in countries that are owned by the same cabal at the very least minimize Russia's achievements against terrorism in the Middle East or make it appear as if the Russian position is not representing their definition of 'international opinion'.

United States and Russia are both nuclear armed nations. It is necessary that both nations are working together for the common good for the safety of life on Earth, and for real progress towards Type 1 level of civilization using nuclear fusion and other paradigm changing technologies.

It has always been the goal of the western banking cabal to divide and carve up nations, set them at war with each other, so as to profit off the deaths and resource strip-mining that follows conflict.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Fact That Destroys the Entire Climate Change Scam

First thanks to the readers for sharing the previous article on the Paris Agreement. And now, here is a paragraph that says it all.

"Niel Tyson: "If I and my advisors had never learned what Science is or how & why it works, then I'd consider pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord too."

Response: Oh, are you a pro vaxxer too? That "science" line is all too familiar.

How about: For science, study why the desert gets cold at night. Study atmospheric composition, and what gasses hold heat the best. #1 is water vapor, #2 is methane. 

Water vapor has about 5000 times the heat retaining potential of Co2 in the atmosphere.

That's why the desert, which has just as much Co2 as anywhere else, gets very cold at night, because the air is dry and the heat goes right out. 

If you can't understand that simple concept, you can read all the science you want, and you'll be too stupid to avoid getting scammed. I BET YOU PAY YOUR MECHANIC BIG BUCKS, MISTER SCIENCE!"

I can verify this with my experience in overseas trips, in the arid areas of Kanchanaburi, Thailand during the dry season (dripping wet pants drying in 15 minutes because it was low on moisture) at night when it was bitterly cold, compared to the tropical jungles of Brunei, where night and day had similar temperatures because of the endless rainstorms and high humidity. 

Both these locations were 39-40 deg C average daytime temperatures.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Paris Agreement - A Collective of Short Sighted Thinkers

When a solution to a problem requires further taxing of your money and more centralization of authoritarian government (Latin - mind control), that 'problem' was more than likely made up and doesn't exist. 

Such as the 'problem' of human caused global warming by carbon emissions.

The latest environmental 'scare' of the world ending because of carbon dioxide is likely a scam as the solution to this involves another layer of taxes on the population. It doesn't help developing countries still dependent on diesel and other fossil fuels and doesn't help the overall situation of global poverty by charging developing nations for 'excess' carbon emissions.

The move to reduce greenhouse gases also shows the limited in-the-box thinking of the 'scientific' institutions civilization has entrusted its progress to. All about increasing the efficiency of machines that modern civilization depends on to function - by less than 1% at most, or by removing those that are still essential for a country's manufacturing sector.

The problem is these engines are still running on fossil fuels. The amount of energy released per unit weight for fossil fuel is low by today's standards. The last industrial revolution was the indirect result of machines moving from coal and steam to diesel and petrol/gasoline. 

When machines moved from coal to diesel, trains and ships could travel further and faster, and became cleaner and more efficient.

We are long overdue for the next industrial revolution that will come about with moving from petroleum fuels to a more powerful and usable fuel source that would make demanding industrial applications such as desalination plants more economically viable, as well as produce enough energy per weight of fuel to make electricity too cheap to be metered for domestic use.

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