Sunday, 27 March 2016

Benjamin Fulford March 4th, 2016 update

The message by itself sounds great. No one wants war, we want our technology and efforts to go to building a better future. The current trend of dystopia, recession, endless war is making for a bleak future and contributing to wilful depopulation by choice to remain single, at least among those who are awake and gain sources of information outside the mainstream.

Benjamin Fulford also offered solutions for the US to cushion the impact of the inevitable de-Dollarising of global trade in the coming Global Economic Reset.

[More on the Global Economic Reset here: ; ]

However he has mentioned as far back about mass arrests that later came to nothing, as well as the need to have a 'world government that must not be fascist', when the entire quoted phrase is a contradiction in itself. This puts his overall message in doubt, while his heart might be in the right place.

No solutions have been proposed that have longer lasting effects like the application of the original US constitutional republic and its Bill of Rights on a global scale or the moving away from the monetary system to a more  Ubuntu-contributionism system as being carried out on an experimental level by Michael Tellinger of South Africa.

Looks like whatever happens we will be largely spectators as long as we are trapped in the Matrix of having to work to pay off bills for even the most basic of needs that leaves us too exhausted at the end of the day for anything else. A stark example, appropriate on this day of Ancient Palmyra's liberation from the Daesh, is the Syria war against Daesh.

The sane world was pounding its fists in moral outrage since the Daesh started its terror campaign in 2014 but did little except fill social media and internet webpages with words of frustration. 

We can celebrate what happened on this day because a person in power, the Russian President, gave the instruction to his forces to go in and turn the situation around with the help of Iranian General Soleimani's tactical experience, the Hezbollah brigades and other contributing factions from as far as Afghanistan. By this only then the monopoly of action by Evil was broken and therefore given some real competition, and justice is being served.

This is a fact that we spend all day at work and have little time or energy left at the end of the day for anything else related to furthering the cause of freedom or intellectual pursuits. Using the brain to think does take up a lot of energy and requires good nutritious food, both of which are in short supply these days for the man-in-the-street.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

General Stuff

TAFEP (Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices) is too little too late. 

It is the latest partial birth abortion from the same system that gave us the useless Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) and WDA.

We have been abused and mistreated as employees in Singapore's typical top-down work style, losing out to cheaper foreign workers including white collar jobs, nullifying our qualifications, etc.

So we have moved to under-employed jobs, and found online ways to make money, or cut down on everything including having families.

Those of us who have done the cost-benefit calculation in the latter. We have found out the freedom of not having families. 

 It is necessary in a world where everything including water is charged and we are living in a psychopathic control grid that measures you in the same cost-benefit analysis as a product on sale. 

When the state wants you to have kids, it sees them like a sheep farmer who sees a lamb as another provision asset for wool or meat. 

The system is psychopathic because it is designed by psychopaths to serve psychopaths.

There is a time for compassion. And there is time to be ruthless, what is often called 'ruthless', seeing reality for what it is, and acting accordingly by disengaging from the system.

Realize this fact before you stand up in the name of 'patriotism'.


Russia reduces its involvement in Syria to close to pre-intervention levels, more like fulfilling their 6-month rotation cycle required for military equipment on combat duty. 

IMF backed Ukraine's treatment of ethnic Russians needs watching over with a sharp eye from afar and some engagement without getting involved in a quagmire.

Turkey should abandon its Ottofag dreams and dump Erdogan the dictator. No one liked the empire back then, and no one wants it now.


US Navy deployment in the South China Sea is led by a nobody general without the necessary combat experience, according to the Savage Nation.


Why don't we have 200 miles per gallon / 75 km/liter engines. And better yet, its some sort of new power source that is mass producible so we get off our addiction to oil?

I don't want to hear another new iShit or other new phone. Give me some new fuel technology for vehicles, or a rocket that can take us to Mars in 1 week, and Jupiter's 21+ moon system in 1 month. Miniaturization has done more harm than good.

Human-caused global warming is a non-issue. Water vapor holds way more heat than carbon dioxide. Ask someone who has lived in both the hot desert and the tropical rainforest, day and night so you aren't wasting time with an establishment 'scientist' who got his 'insights' from living inside a research lab all his life.

A 'job' that I can like, requires only 2 days per week and won't have to leave home and join the subway cattle car for 2 hours a day in total would be fine too.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

There are no Limits to Growth: Mankind Must Conquer Space

Science No Longer Inspires [Download PDF - Towards a Galactic Science Driver]

"Einstein and Planck changed our fundamental understanding of the Universe. The age of space travel, smart phones, satellites, and silicon has been built upon that new understanding of the Universe. 

While our ability to pursue certain tracks of engineering and technological development has greatly improved, there have been no new fundamental scientific revolutions—no new Einsteins, no new Leibnizs, no new Keplers. 

Even worse, the understanding of true science has not merely stagnated, it has collapsed." - Benjamin Deniston

In order to earn a living as a scientist, one has to take grants from organizations that are deeply embedded in the control system and are more interested in controlling the progress of humanity.

Most of the scientists are therefore controlled or have the belief in the status quo and authority.

The perspective of LaRouchePAC has been about how the philosopher Bertrand Russell was the most evil man of the 20th century. Among other things like mentioning ideas that were about control and seeing humans as soulless automatons, he proposed using Mathematics as an underlying foundation of science, making it a mainly left-brain, calculative thinking without the creative side.