Sunday, 26 February 2017

February 2017 and Thomas Sheridan's 'Sort Of' Apology to David Icke

Moving into March the first 2 months of 2017 have been generally without incident. Maybe its too quiet. Like everything's holding its breath before something gives. There's a lot of things that could give way. Like the financial system. Or some disruptive incident by the Deep State against Trump.

An Irish singer and actress named Sarah Mulligan wants to start a Irish Trump fan website. I say good for her for standing up against the general wave of anti-Trump blind retard sentiments. For the first time the presstitutes are giving an American President the same treatment as a 3rd world tin pot dictator. As if the fake news still have any relevance in controlling reality.

Sarah Mulligan's got good vibes about her, her bikini shoots don't have the overt slutty crass look that others have and her nudes are tastefully done. I don't agree with her sanguine view of the world but so what. She would make for a great actress for Belldandy's character if they did an English live action version of Ah My Goddess.

Thomas Sheridan did a 'sort of' apology to David Icke after another one of these digital-demon possessed retards posted on Sheridan's Failbook wall showing psychos laughing as they apparently fed puppies to a venomous snake. According to Sheridan the snake appeared to display advanced sentient behavior including smiling at the prospect of a coming meal, indicating a demonic intelligence had possessed the creature.

I have encountered black spitting cobras and they are devoid of any expression, like a natural robot. When disturbed, they stop and rear up, with zero change in their demeanor, their eyes staring out like the cameras on a drone.

Sheridan was clearly disturbed from the experience.

Mr Icke is known for his metaphysical theories, most famously the idea that certain beings can be possessed and in certain occasions those that possess these humans/animals can manifest into this realm, switching into our reality from an alternate reality like changing radio stations. These beings, in Mr Icke's words, also explain the existence of psychopaths in the establishment who order the death and destruction of nations like Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Either way I hope to hear more of Sheridan's research since he had been up to this point very skeptical of David Icke's shapeshifting reptilian theory in particular.

2017's lining up to be a year of the shake-up. About time, but good thing it took this long to give me enough time to prepare. Also it will mean life will serve some long-awaited payback to the scum of the Earth who think they 'beat' the system by screwing others over.

AV7 - Thomas Sheridan - The Lords of Perception And Their Psychopathic Control Grid

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Sweden has died. Do not allow your country to be next....

Gonna miss the beautiful blonde women. But this is what happens when child-like mindlessness goes up against cold, hard reality.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

What Is The Matrix

Finally someone who's speaking what I wanted to say about the fake, wimped out, fabricated society I live in but couldn't express as coherently.

Leave Your Emotions Out Of This

The most important advice a man could take. Emotions are your enemy.

Why Leaders and Leadership Is Problematic

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Being a Minimalist is the Only Way to Go

An article on Minimalism:

The job market is unstable. The future is uncertain. 

Consumerism in this day and age is vulgar and involves purchasing pointless things that one does not need. Consumerism is a bad drug and addiction.

TV has useless programs. Everything you want to watch that is of value is over the internet.

The fridge, the microwave, the gas cooker, the washing machine, the water heater, the fan and the computer are the few high tech things I would need.

Less money spent a month means more time for other things, more money saved for other things and for bad times, and in between jobs.

The only reason to own a few more houses is the rental income without having to work for it.

The extra money should go to stacking up on extra food, water and medkits for emergencies.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Hacksaw Ridge 2017 movie - Brief Review

The movie for me was an average.

First part of the movie did alright showing the effects of the First World War on returning veterans like Desmond's father played by Hugo Weaving. Violent fights in the house and outbursts were common. He realistically portrays the effects of war guilt where survivors question why they survived and their friends didn't. Similar experiences were felt by the baby boomer generation with returning combat veterans.

Second part of the movie involves the battle of Hacksaw Ridge. Realistic portrayal of battle but Mel Gibson ruined it with too many slow motion shots. Most of us who follow WW2 have seen real stuff from WW2 in Color / Apocalypse - The Second World War type documentaries, and therefore slow motion shots ruin what could have been a decent movie.

In the United States those who form the alt-right that got Trump in are now a powerful force in US politics and society and believe in the right to keep and bear arms. It is probable they cynically see this as a subtle attempt to convince the population into giving up their firearms given the leading role of the character as a Conscientious Objector against the use of firearms. 

Past attempts by the Hollywood establishment to use incidents like the Sandy Hook school massacre to convince the population to give up their firearms as well as their almost complete anti-Trump sentiments have made going to the movies made by Hollywood less popular, despite what sources like Wikipedia might say otherwise.

Secondly the alt-right see WW2 in a different light given recent information coming out about the background of WW2 and how the world was manipulated into it by the Banking Oligarchy. How widespread is this knowledge and how it affects this movie viewership is unknown.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Educational Racket - Rant

Sums up my experience getting a University degree and working at a job afterwards doing the office politics tap-dance for 2 years before I rage-quit the whole thing.

'Need to have experience to get experience' is the reality and essence of this scam of college education.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Oathkeepers Information by NavyJack & Alex Jones show

Oathkeepers reveals Soros planned Maidan style violent takeover of the United States: 
"The protesters on the ground see large crowds and continuous support from the MSM for their protests. They hear former President Obama telling them they need to keep going. They are energized and angry.

The people in the middle, the organizers, don’t really know where this is going; they do believe that with all of these angry voices something has to give. The people at the top (Democracy Partners, Soros, globalist and NEOCON interest groups) know this is just the opening salvo of a revolution.

In Egypt all it took was a few hundred thousand protesters to drive out the President. Here that won’t happen. The people at the top know that violence is the only way forward.

In the Ukraine they had to put a sniper up on a rooftop shooting in both directions (protesters and police) to start a civil war in order to force the President out. That is the formula that will be followed here if they can get the protests to grow over the next couple of weeks.

If what occurred in Portland last night were to happen again or if it were to happen in a state like Montana, Idaho or Texas, self-defense measures will eventually be used by citizens to defend themselves against the violent protesters.

A few violent protesters get shot or seriously wounded by citizens exercising their right to self-defense is all it will take to build the outrage to a level where either the President steps down to save the nation from a civil war (like in the Ukraine) or the shooting starts.

Either way, this is a bad situation.

With the MSM fueling the riots and protests, I am not sure how this can be turned off. The President is not being listened to by the left at all. They just don’t want to hear the truth about any of these issues. It is all AstroTurf, but it doesn’t matter.

Don’t think for a minute that the President can go on national TV and calm everyone down. No matter what he says the situation will be made worse by the MSM and social media.

Our only real hope is that the protesters become exhausted and their violence starts to slow down before any of them get hurt or killed. Pray for that and prepare for the worst.

If the protests were to slow and the anger subsides, the globalists only have two cards left to play;
1. The Kennedy solution, or
2. Economic collapse.

Both are tough cards to play because you can only use them once. I don’t know the answer. If I had to guess, I think they will attempt #1 because the President has shown ZERO willingness to compromise on his campaign promises.

If they fail and the President continues to unwind the United States from the control of the globalists for even another year, they will play card #2. The alternative would be that there would be no way for them to ever regain control. I do not think they will let that happen.

That is my opinion." - NavyJack

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Joe Rogan Experience #911 - Alex Jones 2nd February 2017

Most of this video is a pain to hear with all the interruptions and cross-talk, but one comment from the Youtube comments section is worth posting here:

"I agree with Joe. All of this generalization is very easy - it's hard to
intellectualize, it's hard to be specific. That's why
anti-intellectualism is so prevalent throughout America. Nobody wants to
give credit to mankind for any innovation in any field of knowledge. 

 It's always extraterrestrials, demons. It's never imagination,
consciousness, higher learning, hard work, artistic experimentation,
thinking outside the box, dreams, etc. It's always nefarious. It's
always negative. 

Most governmental conspiracies and social engineering
programs boil down to control. Some agencies in the human world work
towards control, others want freedom. 

Things are very complicated and
now that everyone has a voice with the internet, more and more people
can be brought into the fold of some very charismatic, passionate people
with certain theories that tap into people's very base and unconscious
fears, especially fears of the unknown, fears of the government, fears
of the future, fears of the devil, etc. etc. with very little

The more and more you study, the more you open your mind and
heart, the more bullshit you'll weed out." - BOHEMIA

United States Geological Survey: Silver Has 20 years global supply left

From 12th minute onwards.



According to the USGS, total global silver reserves are now 570,000 mt. Thus, if we divide 2015 production of 27,300 mt, we end up with 20 years worth of global silver reserves remaining...
at current rates of annual production. 

You will notice, that Chile now
has silver reserves of 77,000 mt for 2015. However, the USGS had a “NA”
next to Chile’s silver reserves in its 2009 Silver Commodity Summary.

Furthermore, the top three countries (Peru, Australia & Poland)
account for 51% of the total world silver reserves at 290,000 mt.



Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Truth About Oprah Winfrey

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Was Oprah part of a nefarious agenda? 

I would say if one is invited to a meeting involving agents of destruction like Soros, eugenicists like Bill Gates (Mr Polio Vaccine paralyzing thousands of India kids and 'kill Grandma to hire 10 teachers' with the money saved) media manipulators like Ted Turner and anti-humanity Rockefeller, that person is the enemy.
Negativity is a choice, typical New Agers would say. Ignorance is a choice as well in the age of Information on the internet.

Those who ignore the facts because they have been brainwashed by pop culture deserve what is coming to them.