Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I Checked Out Because of the Awakening, Not the Lack of It

Being awakened is a lonely road for people everywhere, even more so in this city-state. It is hell to have to wake up every morning and remembering as a species we have a long way to go.

The infighting I see everywhere in the truth movement is putting me off. Its clear to those who bother to care that its been taken over. The hyperbole and overuse of the phrase 'World War 3' or 'WWIII' is driving away people in droves. Traffic for major alternative sites are falling like a rock.

People tell me I am negative, because I 'choose' to hate the world, and end up hating myself. Interesting theory, but that's all it is, because its based in ignorance of reality.

The same people telling me this also latch on to the latest workplace gossip such as some imagined romance between two people, not because they are born dumbasses, but choose to become dumbasses by focusing their energies on such spiritually and morally empty matters of zero value in increasing one's intelligence.

I checked out of Life because of the Awakening. Becoming aware of being lied to made me mentally and spiritually free, but not physically free.

Awakening has become a dangerous occupation, as Amos Yee would agree.

Awakening has meant social isolation, made interacting with less awakened or completely asleep people difficult beyond the essential communication required.

Awakening has meant friction with other semi-awake types who have set up camp and decided to be firmly camped in their belief system, a bigger box than others, but still a box of limited thinking.

New Agers who believe that 'love is all you need', 'never get angry' or 'that information is too negative' for starters.

Awakening is a process that cannot be reversed. There is no turning back. Attempting to do so would mean the ultimate in spiritual cowardice. Better to shoot oneself in the head than betray one's soul.

Checking out for me meant becoming numb in thought and awareness of one's surroundings, which has started to seep in lately into my life.

Its not going well for me in terms of impact on my personal health. Spiritual exhaustion might be a half-assed way of putting it, but slowly and steadily its getting easier for me to catch a cold. Maybe its that whatever I am saying is having no effect except at the end of the day preaching to the choir.

Recently got a radio with Shortwave and Medium Wave bands to do nothing but listen to static. Its what this materialistic money-minded man-made world is anyway. An empty illusion devoid of anything meaningful.

Meanwhile I will be waiting for someone with a sound, foolproof plan to demolish the Control System and its infernal lieutenants the Religion of Government Slavery and Religion of Money once and for all. I will reserve the right to choose to join based on its merits.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Amos Yee to Brainwashed Singaporeans - Snap out of Your Trance

Great points although Jesus Christ himself was against government authority and tried to expose the
fraud of religion as for what it was -  a tool of mind control. Then the same guys who hung him on the cross for they feared losing the control of the masses hijacked his last name and used it to create another religion of mind control to make you externalize your power and feel small, weak and needy.

LKY's legacy will be of order-following culture, a culture of subservience and fear-based mind control that Singaporeans grovel on their knees to authority and anti-establishment voices are toned down and tempered to the point they sound like whimpering. Making examples of the opposition like JB Jeyaratnam was part of the fear machine, because fear can get the masses to do what you
want them to do. Meanwhile sell fake positive stories on the state controlled media just enough to keep them working to prop up the control system that keeps them in the state of Hell they are in.

The mind control needs to end. Singaporeans need to stop living in the hypnotic trance that they are a first world country. They need to realize they have been sold a bill of goods.

How's that job going by the way? Are you really sure it will last long enough to pay off your apartment?

How's the transport fare hikes going, by the way? Are they justified when the system is falling apart that doors at underground subway stations can't even close the first time and we are getting system faults every other week?

The stats quoted in this rant are real. Maternity leave is a joke and based on Gilbert's website to help the unemployed, it might be better for career women not to have children in order to keep their jobs.

The culture here is ruthless and puts money ahead of everything else. Morality? Forget it. Care for the welfare of others? Couldn't be bothered.

The media control is so complete many Singaporeans,even the partially awake, don't realize what the world really thinks of them. The current climate of fear cannot be sustained and needs to be overcome, or Singapore will cease to be relevant in the world before this century is out.

NB: due to the 'controversial' nature (as if speaking the Truth is illegal) this video shared link may be broken by brain donors who seek to take it down.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Future of the Island City State

The founding leader of Singapore and graduate of the Fabian Society's London School of Economics (source: 'Human Race Get Off Your Knees' by David Icke) passed away on March 23rd 2015 at 3:18 am.

....And Nothing of Value Was Lost.

As a strongman his tactics were seen by his supporters as necessary to put down gangsters, dangerous political elements seeking to destabilize, and get the country with those closer to the center of the global control spider web in the name of survival.

His legacy has led to a legion of order follower dogs trained to keep their heads down, do what they are told, and carry out actions that serve to benefit those who believe they have the right to control others for a dog bone / paycheck. And with these dogs are their minions, the fleas, who live on the dog's back, with a much shorter lifespan once their usefulness expires.

Making a ton of money has been the goal of the government, and this culture has trickled down to the masses as the cost of living has increased over the decades.

'My big grouse about Singaporeans is that they are so obsessed about money and getting ahead that they have lost their humanity. They admire success so much that there's no room for people who don't want to chase all those dreams' - Su-Lin, businesswoman on Yahoo news ( https://sg.news.yahoo.com/lees-authoritarian-legacy-may-fall-short-singapore-081443654.html )

She would know, being one of them whether she likes to admit it or not.

Consider that desperate people are selling tissue paper on the sidewalks of Orchard Road,  next to gilded stores of branded goods, in front of tourists from other countries.

History may judge the country more favorably, but the Cosmic Universe will judge this country on its obsession with money at the expense of its soul.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Great Stuff But So What: The Suppression of Technology by the Control System

Those who have at least 2 brain cells on active duty and have enough questions in their head to keep looking beyond the mainstream for what's going on have now come to realize there is a multitude of technologies and scientific discoveries as far back as the early part of the last century and even earlier and strange happenings that defy conventional 'science' but can be explained by books like David Wilcock's The Source Field Investigations and the library of books by David Icke, with one groundbreaking chapter on 'The Electric Universe' from 'Remember Who You Are'.

Stuff like Royal Raymond Rife's resonance cure for cancer, Tesla technology, sound frequencies to levitate and move otherwise insanely heavy giant loads, Cold Fusion, Free Energy, Anti-gravity (also probably to do with sound vibrations and behavior of particles in matter), the real history of humanity, the 'Ancient' tech and knowledge that was way more advanced that makes our tech look like clunkers.
Invariably all these things have an ending and its not favorable. It gets suppressed, hidden, raided, destroyed, and their inventors and discoverers wind up dead or threatened into silence.

Then the House Slaves of misinformation are told by the same controllers through the 'official' education system funded and run by one of its insiders, the Rockefellers (who by the way also suppressed Tesla's inventions alongside JP Morgan) such technologies are fantasy and the product of kooks and conspiracy theorists, nutters and tinfoil hats.
They use their letters after their names to put themselves on the pedestal of authority of information for people conditioned to believe the mainstream. They think they got the right information because it came from these official channels.
They would be more entertaining than clowns if not for the fact that all of the wars of the last century and this century and the deaths and misery could have been avoided had these technologies been developed further, instead of relying on the internal combustion engine and its deliberately nerfed efficiency in burning oil.

'Truth' is a matter of perspective. The watered down information from the Cabal controlled, state controlled, 'official' sources is their 'truth'.

'History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If he lives, and we die, his truth becomes written - and ours is lost. [He] will be a hero. 'Cause all you need to change the world is one good lie and a river of blood. He is about to complete the greatest trick a liar ever played on history. His truth will be the truth. But only if he lives, and we die.'

As a result of the controller's truth being written over those who had the real Truth but were suppressed or killed, those of us awake and aware of these technologies have to live in a world burdened by the knowledge but unable to reap its rewards because almost everyone else is in a trance.

Until the control system is dismantled with enough people (at least 50% of the world's population) fully awake to disengage from serving the system to kick off the tipping point, keep fantasizing, because it will only remain that, a fantasy.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

'Moon Landing was Faked' is to discredit the Truth Movement and Technological Analy-Cyst

I think Jim Stone, former NSA officer turned whistleblower said it best when he said the "Moon Landing is a Hoax" is a disinformation campaign to discredit the Truth movement. The Truth Movement by a large portion is made up of people who will latch on to anything that suggests some deep level conspiracy because it is food for them.

There is a  lot of real hidden illegal and immoral activity going on by the powers that should not be but it requires discernment and investigative work with hard evidence. Relying on speculation and tabloid style sensationalism of 'super sekrit stuff coming from a well-oiled machine of corruption and evil' is what is opening the Truth Movement to manipulation and makes the movement look idiotic.

Moon Landing Hoaxers fail to consider why are there laser reflectors on the moon and how were they put there. (I am sure aliens put them there, have no fear, there's always an explanation for everything.) To this day scientists on the ground can tell how far the Moon has drifted away in orbit because of these reflectors. As long as they can't answer properly why those reflectors are there, the 'Moon Landing Hoax' is a fanciful theory by those who have bought a bill of goods sold to them by the Dark Occult-ocracy.

Granted, there is a lot of justified suspicion with why the Apollo moon landings were suddenly ended when it was Humanity's greatest achievement and did not follow up with Moon colonies and space stations.

If anything NASA itself should be blamed for creating the conditions for such a hoax to run wild with their abrupt termination of the Apollo project and for replacing it with a piece of shit spacecraft Shuttle whose launch configuration made it prone to accidents, as was highlighted with the falling debris supposedly causing the Columbia disaster and barely went beyond 200 miles and did tepid progress in space exploration compared to what would have been had we gone to the Moon and set up permanent residence there.

And today we stand up saying we want to go to Mars when our current publicly available technology of chemical rockets only allows for a squad-sized group of people squeezed in a small crate for 9 months. And chemical rocket technology should have been superseded a long time ago.

In many ways the lack of space exploration after 40 years and insane improvements in computing technology since 1969 is hard proof that a technological progress of humanity is being steered and retarded by a small group of anti-human globalists. With the technology to make a smartphone that combines a video recorder, camera, computer, calculator, watch, pager, notebook, etc going to the Moon should be no harder than outfitting a New York cab with the right tech to make it space drivable, think of the movie the 5th Element with Bruce Willis.

Humanity's only hope for turning this around is that when Russia and China buries the neo-satanic cabal running the whole charade of the US-EU military industrial complex running NASA, black ops, mind control MK-Ultra+Monarch garbage and human space exploration that they will take up the slack of the past wasted 40 years.

Or better yet go all the way and ditch the systems of government and money altogether and from there work out the science of space exploration that stays within the limits of Natural Law principles. As long as there is a monetary system about there will only be more divide and conquer through class division and envy with energy wasted killing each other and beating each other down over who has more 'stuff'.

Look back over the past decade since the turn of the 3rd Millennium, 21st Century C.E. and the technology has become everything from surveillance, more efficient ways to kill and be killed, and transhumanism, except the benefit of humanity. Humanity has found itself working longer hours for less pay and a lower quality of life, shorter lifespans and exploding rates of late-life diseases and the best thing is they buy the propaganda of being faulted for the problems of the world.

Where's the help from all the increased technology supposedly to make life better? Wasn't the 21st century supposed to be about flying cars, a longer life and a cheap cure for cancer?

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Living in this World is Fun

We have New Agers telling we are spiritual beings and we chose to be born here and somehow in the process of being born, forgot about said objective to help change this hell world originally built by the rest of the same amnesic induced spiritual beings/hyoomans, in many cases like mine got beaten and put down by my parents for not scoring 'well enough' in the grading system, so I go out to the world all screwed up and low self esteem and hating myself and avoiding relationships, becoming part of the problem because of said amnesia-induced issues until all the bad karma gets piled up so high the smell of that wakes me up and helps me break through the social conditioning and then remember the fact that I had forgotten the fact that I am indeed a spiritual being, don't you know, who forgot but now I can remember by reading articles and videos on the Series of Tubes known as the Internets which is Serious Business so I am going to become totally enlightened accessing some Ak-whatever Records while supposedly we have a third eye that opens while the Pool's Closed due to AIDS.

Makes total sense.

'Cause its a bittersweet symphony, this life;
Trying to make ends meet, trying to find some money, then you die.'

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Trigger That Started My Awakening Process

A process that is still ongoing for the system has a massive obfuscation agenda in place, no thanks to the golems who serve it in exchange for a paycheck and other material garbage that is depreciating in shorter and shorter time frames.

My trigger for awakening was when I realized that the story I had been told by the nazis in the house (parents) about 'studying hard and getting a job to be successful' was a lie and a fraud.

All I saw at the workplace was a dog-eat-dog world, an exploitative environment. It wasn't enough that one was smart enough or got the job done at the end of the day, one had to be smart in politics, which I couldn't because it went against my morals. 'Moral education' class had been a big waste of time in school. The only 'moral' was moral relativism, the worship of the Religion of Money over everything else.

A lie so big that they must have had realized they had been duped but chose to keep it from me. For this they have lost my respect for their 'authority' and are just rubble and sewage to be incinerated.

Doesn't matter how high in position one is, the fact they physically took care of me (but spiritually and emotionally abandoned me) or the fact that they brought me into this satanic prison planet, one answers to Natural Law/Karma, and everything has consequences.

When my so-called parents can sell me a lie and obfuscate the truth, I had to wonder what else is out there that I had been lied to. And boy did I find a mountain of garbage under the carpet, starting with 9/11 thanks to Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory on the WTC and Pentagon, the bankster run economy and Climategate and finally the FEMA camps that led me to Alex Jones, then David Icke and everything else. I have lost count how many cans of worms have I opened since.