Sunday, 29 June 2014

David Icke being cut out of the TPV by Sean Adl

I personally wasn't there to see what was exactly going on in between David and Sean, so anything beyond what was told by David Icke is speculation.

David Icke didn't seem to have much control, as he said, believing in the ethos that its for the People, but instead this opened the way for business interests to take over and shut him out, because again, the religion of money was involved. The forces behind this religion are predators in nature and predators do not play by any ethics or morality.

I acknowledge this is speculation in itself but I have seen this happen on a personal level in real life. Being charitable in the ruthless commercial business world is being a chump. Mr Icke appear to have lacked in this understanding, typical of trusting decent people. Its a sad state of affairs that decent people get run over by darker interests. This is why we can't have nice things.

Sean Adl was running the show and he wanted his own climb up the greasy pole behind David Icke's back. To do that he had to stick with alternative's "mainstream", the hijacked version of the alternative media by the controllers to a new cul-de-sac and a new reservation. This was coined by Thomas Sheridan as the Purple Pill on the Vinny Eastwood show concerning the comedian Russell Brand.

The controllers told him to control certain bits of information, but give away just enough to take the wind out of the alternative audience to go further looking deeper into the rabbit hole. The quality of the shows in TPV had severely deteriorated by then, save for Richie Allen and David Icke's Dot Connector series.

As long as money is involved in any venture, the people behind that venture are playing in the Archontic Controller's stadium and it will be brought down eventually or co-opted. Time and again I have seen how money is the biggest cause of the problem with co-opting the direction of really finding the Truth and the nature of our reality.

The controllers have done a fantastic job with money as a tool of control. First make it the only medium to get basic needs essential to life, then make sure to get those promissory notes, one has to work at a job. Now its all about in the name of survival regardless if one sells one's soul and ethos in the process. Then once the basic needs are met, the ads are next in coming to create new needs, material needs, such as branded goods and expensive cars and bigger houses. The end result is the emotional association to money and all its attendant problems.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Why Every Individual On This Planet Should Keep and Bear Weapons

While this was taken off a tragic situation currently developing in a war-torn region, the point being made here is:

Mentally screwed people who kill unarmed, defenseless people do exist in this world, always has been, and always will be. Innocence is not an insurance against your right to life and property forcibly taken away from you.

The brainwashing that one should not defend oneself / resist (when one's right to property and life is threatened) up to and including deadly force runs deep in most parts of the world.

This has to change. The right to resist with force including deadly force to neutralize a threat to your individual rights and liberties is a Natural Law right for every individual, whether he/she is aware of it or not.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Penny That Dropped For Me

Every individual in the awakening process would put the moment when the penny dropped for them, the moment when all their suspicions that something was not right suddenly come together at a rate that they experience a revelation.

For a long time the impression that I had when the penny dropped was the plunge into depression and mental meltdown. I had been raised in an authoritative environment, and had high expectations of getting the results of telling the system what it wanted to hear.

But I think the real big penny, among many that dropped the closing dark days of 2010, was the fact that no matter what I did, how hard I worked, how perfect my grades were, it was never good enough for the shallow minded authoritarian pigs in the house.

It was not enough that I was in the top ten in secondary/middle school. It wasn't an elite school, in their viewpoint, so to them getting that high in the school's ranking was no big deal to them. It didn't matter that the effort put in involved sacrificing of free time for recreation, going out to movies with friends, having a life.

Because in their view, the only thing that mattered is the results.

Given after my mental meltdown, the belief that the same authoritarian pigs in the house would have changed their attitudes by then was a gravely mistaken one.

After leaving the job that had caused the stress and depression problems, wandering for years without one, and finally getting the current one that I am happy to be in, they gave the crap about my salary, based on the outdated mentality that the size of the paycheck was important above all else, etc, etc, etc.

The authoritarian pigs that to this day carry the same mentality that said getting top grades in a school that was not part of the 'elite' brand of schools was nothing.

It brought back the bad old days of high school/junior college and the endless condemnation for not doing well, not because I was lazy, but because I realized the fraud of aiming for top grades and the pointlessness of having done so in previous years.

To this day it still burns thinking about it and how I sacrificed my growing up years for the biggest nothing in history that is a piece of paper that is the reward for telling the public education system what it wanted to hear.

The process of having to memorize reams of texts and definitions to maximize marks in the exam also had a negative tendency of expressing myself in long-winded statements in casual conversation, a tendency that I have attempted time and again to break, with little success.

More criticism of the education system here:

And so my D-Day came when I stopped giving a fuck what anyone thinks, society included, including the authoritarian pigs in the house that don't deserve the label, 'parents'. The day when I realized the system for what it was, absolute bullshit, when I stopped giving in to fear what they thought of me, or what society thinks.

After all that they have done to me, they can slowly rot to death in their own hell.

And of course the rest is history with the future seeing myself detaching from all forms of establishment belief systems and boxes of perception, in the march up the mountain path to the Truth.

I prefer going on the adventure than staying within the 'safe' walls of the mind prison. Much better than being like certain brainwashed pHd types that I know well who have completely sold their souls to the satanic system and dismissed anything outside their perception of the possible as conspiracy theories.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

The ID card system, Media Manipulation, Slavery.

Singapore has a national identity card system. It has the individual's photo, name and a government issued number with barcode.

There is one other system that uses issued numbers to differentiate individuals. It is called a prison.

There is one other system that uses barcodes associated with the number. They are used to identify commodities and individual goods with a PRICE TAG on them.

Worldwide, religion, race, creed, belief systems, societies, nations etc are categories for people to be filed into categories and sections to be managed and controlled.

The general public looks upon government as something they need to run affairs they considered too far outside of their narrowed scope of things to care about, i.e. paying the bills on time, climbing the social ladder, generally 'acquiring stuff' as Max Igan likes to put it. And that is why the history of civilizations has formed a pattern of rinsing and repeating, rising and falling, with chaos being the only constant with man-made laws at the whims of the controllers being enforced.

Government as an entity however sees the general public differently. On the individual level, they are a tax form number and income details in the tax department's record to be used to determine how much to take away from the individual after the year is out. This is the price tag that the human individual has wilfully accepted whether that person knows it or not.

Not exactly a system that involves the door swinging both ways from the looks of it.

Children are a prime target for the archontic controllers through the public indoctrination education system. The grading system does an efficient job of rewarding those who become another source of energy for the system.

The rest are told there is something wrong with them for not being suited for a system favoring the training of system's slaves and eventually wind up in another reservation built by the controllers specially for them.

For every individual who has not been made aware of the manipulation, exists the advertising on every form of media out there promotes their products by playing on the insecurities and fears of the individual. In the end the same basic outline is to show that said product will be the cure of the targeted population's insecurities and fears.

It is a counterfeit solution, as the insecurities and fears are not solved, they lay beneath the conscious mind, waiting to be dragged up out of the subconscious mind (filled with feelings of abandonment and lack of attention in the home and in the community) by the next advertisement, and the system absorbs back through the money the essence of that person's efforts like a parasite. The advertizing media also perpetuates existing false divides among people.

As long as people keep believing their self worth is based on a manufactured reality, slavery will persist.

Unfortunately the corruption of the mind from the programming of children in school and influential adults with flawed thinking and opinions programming the next generation to remain to be in the mind of the child even as they long passed the age of adulthood physically, perpetuating the enslavement of the human race.