Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Globalist Control Freaks Meet Behind Closed Doors to Decide Fate of the Internet

First question that our 'elected' leaders and the rest of us should be asking is how does a small group of Nosferatu vampire types numbering no more than a few hundred are allowed to decide the fate of what comes close to a genuine libertarian facility of communication used by billions of people?

The free internet should be made another Amendment like the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution - The Right to Bear Arms. Shutting it down will have the same effect as taking away people's right to self defense, it allows criminals in government to go hog wild and cause the nations to fall off the cliff of tyranny.

The internet helped to expose crimes done by top government criminals that used to be brought down by courageous journalists of old who are few and far between these days (like Amber Lyon at ) but now brought under the heel of government to become meaningless mouthpieces that no one with discernment or are waking up would read, watch or listen.

Anti-SOPA was a successful campaign only because Wikipedia and Google jumped on the bandwagon, while CISPA had less exposure. Now this. Do we wait until they come out with actual draconian anti free internet policies and then we protest? Please use the above link and spread far and wide and raise awareness. Vinton Cerf, former DARPA computer programmer has wrote about the dangers of where this is going (refer to above link again)

Enough is enough.


Monday, 26 November 2012

Get a Job

I don't like keeping my mind idle. I hate sitting around doing nothing. I need a purpose otherwise life isn't worth living.

But I cannot work and consciously know that I give up a portion of my salary (which increases exponentially as my salary increases) and give up another portion into the local version of 401k called the Central Provident Fund (CPF) which since the government here says I cannot withdraw until there is more than $135,000, I am over sixty five and on a drip or worse, is as good as another layer of taxation, because the bloody system says so. And this country sure loves its penalties and fines.

And at work I am faced with pseudo personalities who suck up to the boss by stepping on your head, everyone is like sharks in a feeding frenzy to race to the top while the elite sit back and laugh at us knowing the game full well.

And this insane system is run by pedophiles, satanists and occultists, and the insane.

Its time the rest of the world woke up their idea and refuse to serve these parasites.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

There Is Something in that TV

Those who are largely exposed to the alternative media will also be aware of the detrimental effects of television. The amount of garbage,  decadence and fluff flushed into our living rooms is unprecedented.

Some years back a big push for a new kind of television that is riding on the information revolution of bigger bandwidth of cable and satellite came about called high definition. Media corporations, government etc (here we go again) were pushing high definition television, advertizing with promises and gimmicks that were rooted in the same old methods of advertizing, our modern way of living that appears to be dominated by a chase for bright shiny objects.

Starting around 2008 I noticed I was unable to watch a program for longer than forty minutes. After 2010 it went down to less than 30 minutes unless it was a program of interest (usually its documentaries from the history channel. It seems the only half decent type of program out there). If that happened I would have bad headaches after watching for an hour.

Either its the recent trend in flashing special effects, or some unseen frequency outside of visible light that is being fed into the television that we pick up. I might as well be sitting a ruler's length away from a microwave oven. And I draw the connection between these headaches I have been getting with the recent introduction of high definition television from the approximate timing of this introduction. After a recently bad episode of headaches from watching an hour long program, I have had to make it a point to watch no more than twenty minutes.

When it comes to the introduction of new technologies, given that money and wealth runs the world but is in the hands of the few, who repeatedly with documents and evidence to want to control the rest of the world population, one has a right to be suspicious of ulterior motives of such technologies, and the leaving of 'back doors' to allow the control grid to take control of your smartphone, for example.

Humanity is at a crossroads but it seems in this current stratification of society a few are leading the rest. Democracy is an illusion. The elite for a large part appear to define the way humanity is going. One path goes to a global prison system of control in the long run, and a return to the Dark Ages that will also consume those who initiated it.

The other path allows people to have the liberty to thrive and be entrepreneurs, and in turn those with wealth contribute to building up of civilization to Type 1 level that can survive destruction of their home planet. Those who control the direction of society need to realize the consequences of the choices they make.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Congressman Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress

Alex Jones calls for the 2nd American Revolution:

To all people of the Republic of the United States, you know what you need to do.

Take your country back.

It is your land.

It is your birthright.

Don't let the federal tyrants win.

'I have sworn upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man.' - Thomas Jefferson, 1800

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Reality? What Reality?

For some their reality is sports as entertainment. For the oldfags among this group, their reality is video games are 100% evil (even though its kind of the same entertainment as the football they can't live without) and the internet is filled with Hackers on Steroids working through a Series of Tubes that needs to be shut down.

For some reality is that government is good, government is our lord and savior, and questioning them should be kept at a softball level so that we don't piss off the overlords who tell us we should listen to them and pay them taxes to further enlarge government and further tell us how we should run our lives. In fact the bigger the government the better. World government is ultimate utopia since with one single government there can't be war, right? Right?

Reality for some is X-factor, Dancing with the stars, American Idol, Shitbook, faecesbook, Failbook, MySpace 2.0: Electric Boogaloo, Facebook, apps for smartphones, etc.

Reality for some is all of the above, and getting up at 7 am, rushing to the crowded oxygen-free subway train (because obviously 2 minutes is the difference between a promotion and being passed over), working on bullshit you couldn't care less about to earn those few bucks, scheming at the same time to bring other co-workers down and boot-licking the boss to convince him you are the reason why the company is able to succeed, go for lunch, a sandwich or a heavy lunch wolfed down in ten minutes, gossip about the latest trends in latest electronic tech and how the latest election in the US matters to the world, go back to work, repeat what you did in the morning, perhaps a meeting where if you are not important you are spectating a meeting that has about as much importance as a bucket of elephant dung, but you have to go anyway, answer about your progress in your department which you otherwise don't care outside of work, go back home as late as 10pm to show your boss you were hardworking, maybe one hour of your time, go back to bed and repeat it the next day.

If you are a family man, perhaps spending time with your kids is on Saturdays and Sundays and for the occasional family outing you have managed to save up for in between paying off the debt spent on that wedding, your housing loan, your student loan from your college/university days, your utility bills, and everything else in between. Oh yeah and feed the family pet that you don't like but have to live with because your spouse likes keeping pets and you had to marry that person or your family won't approve.

Its a fact for some that barely two days have passed since you got your paycheck that you are broke yet again.

You are forty years old and you one day wonder where was that fantasy dream you've been chasing since your teachers, 'friends', family and the system told you about.

'Study hard to get this job I tell you should do because its popular and people 'respect' that profession. This is reality. You don't study hard you will be in deep shit. You will suffer and be living on the streets. I know what's good for you because we are your parents. You want to learn the hard way, that's your choice. Fear Reality. Reality is what we say because we have served it and you should as well. Fear, Fear, FEAR.'

'This is reality,' your co-worker wage slave deep in the matrix say through their workaholic-dope-induced eyes, not quite able to discern you from more than 3 feet away. 'Get used to it. Otherwise what's the point of life? Get married with a wife (who was told by her mother a husband is good only if he has a car on top of a house), have kids, and retire at 65. Live to work. Buy, consume, work, die.'
'Oh by the way, you can't get all of your retirement savings, its government policy.'

'What? But I worked hard all my life, bootlicking my bosses, backstabbing my way to the top, rushing for subway trains, pulling all kinds of strings to survive in the workplace, to make sure my kids could grow up with public education! I was told I could get my money on retirement. How can I retire without that half of my retirement money the government is keeping?'

'You didn't know? Its in the fine print. Too many people grabbed their entire retirement savings and gambled it all away in the past. Government now decides for you how you spend your money.'

'You are a conspiracy theorist. It's not the reality I invested in with my energy and sweat. It's not the reality I was told when I was in school.'


What was that your parents told you when you were a kid that when you grow up then you 'can do what you want'?

Presstitute Mudstream Media: Demand for Foreign Labor Expected to Rise

The latest pitch to further sink this island with foreign trash talent was sold to us today on a day when people should be partying the victory of Light over Darkness. Delicious irony is delicious.

Knowing they got thrashed in the last election over issues like the influx of foreigners, they are doing a pretty good job claiming that this is just for the usual jobs that in an expensive city state no Singaporean would take, i.e. construction laborers, foreign domestic workers (FDWs). The article itself claims FDWs  are needed as 12% of elderly non-working resident households last year hired at least one of them, and implies that this will continue to rise as the population gets more elderly. However this assumes if Singaporeans themselves can afford hiring what we would call 'foreign maids'. And the article makes no mention in numbers about elderly, well-to-do foreigners coming here on the lax immigration policies themselves hiring FDWs on their own, which might be the real drive here.

Singapore is a nightmare when it comes to population density. Ask anyone who's been through rush-hour. Facilities and infrastructure are showing signs of wear and tear (just ask SMRT, the subway train operator).

'These projections are according to an occasional paper released yesterday by the National Population and Talent Division (NPTD).'

'National Population and Talent Division' was started, according to Wikipedia, in January 2011. The General Election came soon after. One can't help but wonder at the timing that the ruling party probably knew they would get thrashed over this 'foreign talent' issue, and hastily created this division (chaired by no less than the Deputy Prime Minister and one time Defense Minister, and holds the position of Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs) to try assure Singapore voters that the burning issues would be taken care of.

'Associate Prof Tan Khee Giap from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (here we go again) said: 'Even (if) all Singaporean households decide to produce half a dozen children from today, it would be too late as it would take time to grow up and be available to the needed job markets.' '

Jeez I wonder who else said we need to pump out more babies. By the way he was also the same guy who instituted a punitive 'Stop at 2' policy in the 1960's. To add more rotting pus on top of the pile of bullshit this Assoc Prof Tan sets a ballpark figure of an insane six babies per Singaporean couple as still not enough, to 'psy-op' (here we call it 'psycho') us into showing its a hopeless cause and make us buy into this sales pitch to further overcrowd this country, knowing full well a Singaporean couple would not be able to afford a wooden shack if they even went beyond more than one kid with the insane inflation and doubling of world food prices, education, utilities, and general overall cost of living here.

This same Assoc Prof Tan, throws in the old fear card at the end of the article, which is following a template that is almost universal among all tightly controlled local media, 'Luckily we are not in Europe or US (where) 99% of them cannot afford this sort of help unless paid for by the welfare state. Are we demanding the same in the future?'

I can hear the chumps, gofers, boot-lickers and yes-men gladly getting in line.

In the end practical necessity of survival will ensure a faster falling birth rate among local Singaporeans in the face of endangered job security. Thanks to 'globalization', everyone around the world is now competing with workers in factories in China working for cents on the dollar, for 18 hours a day. Apple owned Foxconn in China has had to ring their buildings with suicide nets. Go look it up.

As for the comment about the welfare state of the Western hemisphere, this didn't happen by accident. It was engineered and designed at all levels to purposely destroy the Western hemisphere and pave the way for the rise of China who's draconian policies against its people were given the seal of approval by David Rockefeller whose family has a long history of pulling power strings behind the curtain.

Frankfurt School of Social Engineering, coming out of the Frankfurt fiefdom of the Rothschilds in the 1930s who are way up there who control virtually the entire money supply of the world through their minions, i.e. political leaders and political think tanks:

-Huge immigration to destroy national identity (see Singapore, United States, Europe, etc)

-Control and dumbing down of the media (manipulation of methods of reporting of events and therefore programming our sense of the world and reality)

-dependency on state and state benefits (and of course pulling them out when they are fully dependent on the system)

-the promotion of excessive drinking

-emptying of churches

-encouraging the breakdown of the family
-creation of racism offenses,

-continual 'change' to create confusion

-the teaching of sex to children

and others


What Dr Richard Day said in 1969:

-Suppressing cancer cures as a means of population control

-Curtailment of United States industrial pre-eminence (happened already)

-Sports as a tool for social engineering and change (when is the next Manchester United versus Liverpool match? Knowing all the football player names, all the match strategies, placement of players on the football field, etc and little else apart from their job scope which in a significant number of people is all that makes up their general knowledge in their whole life)

-Falsified scientific research (see exposed Climate Gate emails on 'human' caused global warming and conspiracy to 'hide the decline' of global temperatures caused by reduced sun activity to impose carbon taxes on everything we use. Al Gore by the way has a $20 million dollar house by the coast, what coastal flooding?)

-Use of terrorism, surveillance, implants and televisions that watch you (remember this was said in 1969)

-Knowing how people respond, making you do what they want (targeted aggressive advertizing based on their collection of data on your search results, what you put on facebook, what websites you visit and more)

-Technology will be used for reproduction without sex

-Families to be diminished in importance

-Euthanasia and the demise pill

-Limiting affordable access to medical care makes eliminating the elderly easier

-New difficult to diagnose and untreatable diseases

-Education as tool for accelerating the onset of puberty and evolution

-Restructuring education as a tool of indoctrination

-More time in schools but pupils wouldn't learn anything

-Controlling access to (real) education, school as the hub of the community

-Changing laws to promote moral and social chaos

-The promotion of drug abuse to create a jungle atmosphere in cities and towns

-Promote alcohol abuse

-Restrictions on travel

-The need for more jails

-No more psychological and physical security

-Crime used to manage society

-Shifting populations and economies

-Tearing out the social roots

-Sex and violence inculcated in entertainment

-Implanted I.D. cards (see mass microchipping of population)

-Food control (Genetically Modified food, food supply control to give the impression of scarcity so the majority of population live in a Hunger Games style civilization of filth and decay with the elite lording over us)

-Weather control (HAARP, Alaska and similar facilities for punching holes in the ionosphere)

-The arrival of the totalitarian global system

The above lists are by no means exhaustive.

The above information has been brought to the mainstream domain thanks to people like David Icke. Mr David Icke called out on Jimmy Saville the 'national treasure' as a prolific pedophile a decade before his activities were exposed in recent weeks in the United Kingdom.

'Huge immigration to destroy national identity'. This was planned as early in the 1930's. This is happening to us now. Get real.Wake up now, or prepare to put your children and grandchildren through living hell under the real terrorists of the world, the globalists.


Thursday, 8 November 2012 Credo Mutwa's Pledge

When kings are slain, and a pope is sent to hell,
when on a marble slab..a murdered princess lies,
a pale sacrifice to the beasts that rule the stars,

When out of the sky a stricken warplane falls,
trailing behind it long bridal veils of flame,
as missiles rage and red hot cannon roar ...

When the battle tank briefly rules the blood drenched plains,
an iron tyrant on another's stolen throne...
and it's long cannon shatters the trembling skies with sound,

When nameless soldiers die friendless and unknown,
in Africa's valleys or Kosovo's snow-bound plains,
and whole tribes perish of hunger, disease and war ...

When money is built into a jail to hold humankind
and love has died and compassion is unknown ...
and lies become truth... and truth becomes a lie in a nameless city

When, in streets who have no love,
numberless children know hunger and abuse ...
In countless homes where brute force rules supreme,

women have become blood-spattered slaves,
strangers to love, healing and respect,
strangers to the gentle and comforting word ...

Whose guilty shoulders must bear
the heavy beam of crucifixion, all the ill we see?
Whose quivering back must bear the barbed scourge?

For all the evil and all the pain we have known friends
my Earth this on Freemasons are there Weavers of lies, brewers of lies,
who can strike at people with weapons of the night

against which no armour and no shield can prevail.
The written word is their poison-coated sword,
the tinkeling coin their cull and crop of maize ...

Murderers of nations, Africa's deadliest foes,
I curse your footsteps wherever you may go,
In whichever cave or dungheap you may hide,

I curse you all ... may Heaven blast your eyes.
Tell Jabulon, the demon you call God,
Nomabhunu's son defies him to his face,

I swear by the stones on my mother's sacred grave,
that as from this moment, I will fight you to the end.
Against your kind, against your Masters too,

I will not cease to raise the Sword of Light.
For all you have done and all you have yet to do,
I will fight you to the ending of my days...

Credo Mutwa


Tuesday, 6 November 2012 Standing Out From the Tribe

'The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. 

If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. 

But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.' 

~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Friday, 2 November 2012

No More Fucking Around

I will start by saying this is a heavily opinionated piece but I feel needs to be put out. I urge readers to do their own research and verify or debunk what is being said here. The vital component of the Awakening is a massive Anonymous Legion of independent thinkers who have independent opinions, are free to disagree regardless how popular that opinion is, but are mature enough not to resort to ad-hominem attacks.


This article was linked via Infowars. It describes the falling birth rate and the government's laughable attempts at trying to boost the sex rate. In the United States CIA factbook, the Singapore ranks 222nd in a list of 222 nations. That must be really awesome to hear for an eugenicist like Bill Gates.

"We have a problem. The long-term trend is down but we cannot give up," Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a speech on Sunday about the nation's future. "We need to create the right environment, the right social environment, the right ethos so that Singaporeans want to settle down and have kids."

Lolwut? And in other news, the big ferris wheel at Marina South is a mind control machine. (credit: Encyclopedia Dramatica, 2011)

To be realistic anyone who knows how the system works knows its pointless throwing all your gripes at the country's leader. He's just another cog in the system. The entire system in one form or another would be more appropriate for receiving the blame, that has been purposely designed to make them snitch on one another and keep everyone in line so the entire machine functions as a single agenda.

Certain sources claim the government in the eighties covertly sponsored a misguided agenda where incentives for having more kids were thrown at those who had gone on to get college degrees while leaving out those going through the diploma and technical education side, in a mistaken belief that smart kids are born through smart parents. Whether this has any scientific fact is irrelevant. If true, such an agenda would have shown yet again an eugenics agenda at work, sponsored by the government.

In the sixties they were worried about overpopulation, so they instituted a draconian 'stop at two' policy, instead of finding solutions. Now the chickens have come home to roost on these guys, and now they are flooding the country with cheaper foreign labor in the name of globalization, and further ensuring the locals find it harder holding on to the jobs, as stated by a local organization "Transitioning" trying to help locals get back to work.

Lee Kuan Yew, the country's founding leader and father of the current prime minister, warned in August that Singapore "will fold up" unless it reverses the drop in the birth rate.
"Do we want to replace ourselves or do we want to shrink and get older and be replaced by migrants and work permit holders?" said Lee, who launched the "Stop at two" campaign in 1966.


Ah, the delicious irony. You done your part, and the results are what they have turned out to be. Now get on with retirement while this 'tofu' generation (what some cab driver told me about his two cents about the current generation) goes about trying to clean up the mess with the disastrous pro-immigration policy has created for this country.

Here are some other reasons why increasing fertility will be a pipe dream. Some are from my personal experience and talking to the guys, those who are the rubber that meets the road.

- Maternity leave periods and attitudes towards expectant mothers at the workplace are among the worst in the "developed" world. No exceptions

- Cost of living is on par with the world's most expensive cities when all factors like housing, food, public services, taxation and others are considered.

- Public housing costs have become so high in some cases they are more expensive than private housing or 'condominiums', while the total apartment area of a five-room flat has reduced to the apartment area of a 3-room flat from twenty years ago.

- Job salaries have hardly increased. Contrast these with doubling of food prices, doubling of road taxes, jumps in goods and services tax, increased costs of education all the way up to college, petrol/gasoline/diesel costs, utility bills, etc

- The demented work culture-from-hell here is putting more and more people through the mental treatment system. Working in multiple 'unofficial' job roles, i.e. not mentioned on the contract paper is the norm. Profit maximizing is everything for companies to the point where cost cutting measures are applied at the micro level at such ridiculous intensity it actually increases costs in the long term. 
Guess what, folks, they don't get it. Job stress is through the roof. 'Official' work hours are just a bloody cover for officials to officially claim we are a happy nation 'officially'. And because of crushing deadlines and punitive penalties they may put in an actual amount of work amounting to more than 70 hours a week. Its gotten so ridiculous where people have been reduced to RUNNING zombies. Yes, like rushing for the subway train when the next one is just two minutes away.

So does one think for one moment with all of the above, a typical Singaporean can come back and still have energy for sex? 
Or do kids have a place in a system where all they have to look forward to in their future is the scam that is public education system that sorts out what the system calls 'express-level' from the 'normals' with actual labels to boot, dumps a ton of irrelevant shite that most of which will never be used in the work environment. At least there's a small but growing number of Singaporeans who are getting wise to this, but more need to wake up to this and quit reading the so-called 'mainstream' presstitute media that keeps telling everything is find and dandy.

The government in the past has thrown about incentives, money packages and a whole load of ta;l. But if anything Singaporeans are an intuitively smart and realistic lot. 74% of respondents said "No" to a telephone poll on 'Can Singaporeans be persuaded to have more children?'

The results speak for themselves.

'These guys only throw money around when they are sincerely scared.' - Material Defender 1032, Descent 1 video game (1996)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Call of Duty: Terminate Facebook with Extreme Prejudice

Reading the above article I wonder why there are people still using the social network also known as Myspace 2.0: Electric Boogaloo. Why are we supporting a social networking site that is ACTIVELY censoring those who are exercising their free speech? When did Facebook suddenly become a mouthpiece of the government?

Facts about Facebook

-Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook President calls you (if you use Facebook) a dumb muthafucker.

-Mark Zuckerberg and his sister attended Bildeberg, the sinister collection of the power structure behind the curtain, out of the public eye, to determine who will be your next presidential candidate, among other anti-human agendas, like the rotten cancer planning its next move against your body.

-Facebook does not support your rights. Post a piece of creative art you created on facebook, and their terms of use declares your creativity as their property.

-Facebook launched investment stocks that are now crashing, knowing all along this was going to be another Bear Stearns or LIBOR type scandal, to rip off those uninformed enough to invest in them.

-Facebook has been exposed for allowing pedophile networks to advertize openly for users to trade their pics and has been extremely uncooperative with watchdog groups sending repeated emails to them to take these groups down. This despite their active banning of groups talking and posting harmless stuff like breastfeeding.

-Facebook has been selling your private data to corporations to boost sagging profits, evidently after their investments didn't rip off nearly enough people as they hoped.

This list is not exhaustive, not by a long shot.

As David Icke said in his Wembley speech and numerous times, protests are good, but the powers that be don't listen and don't care, such as the anti-war protests before the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and more recently college students in the UK protesting about rising tuition fees. They don't care, they laugh at us, and in the case of Bildeberg 2012 openly talked about how fast they can crash the economy so that the protestors will have no money to go over and bother them.

Their arrogance will be their undoing, but it is you, the user of facebook, what will you do in the face of all this? I used to post infowars and other alternative news sources for friends to see, but virtually no one read those as facebook has descended to being a cesspit where so much unimportant stuff is being posted, people don't go there expecting serious news its not a place to spread the word, from personal experience. Hence the reason why I left.


I am issuing a DIRECT order, not as a General of some army, not even an officer, but a citizen of Humanity who is using his God given rights to Free Speech, to all Soldiers of Freedom in the world, you are to disable your facebook accounts immediately and spread the word to others to do the same. Failure to follow this order marks you as the Enablers of Tyranny and Enemies of the Lulz.



Monday, 29 October 2012

College Degrees, Society at Large, Pyramids of Demonic Filth

One lesson I got from David Icke's October 27th Wembley event, but should be obvious to those who have gone to college and worked a couple of years in a job that turned out to be a ride through hell, is that getting a degree before you have started regular work is a pointless exercise.

The only difference it seems between this and a technical diploma is that you are apparently paid higher. But companies only pay employees high salaries for two things, experience, and degrees whose subject matter are very specific to the job. Until you have been to work, you have no idea what is your real passion and even if this is the line of work you should be doing. 

Too many kids have been brainwashed by their parents and the system to become what they are not. They go on to be part of of the gears and cogs in a machine that they don't understand the big picture about. Pretty soon they realize they aren't going anywhere unless they kiss ass, or their boss, another cog in the machine himself, decides that they have rusted and need to be replaced. Upgrading onself is a requirement to keep going, but how far can one go in a job that one doesn't like save for the invisible reward that has been dangled in front of you since you entered kindergarten.

There was a pretty good cartoon (also shown at David Icke's recent Wembley event, but its out there in youtube) that described the whole process completely. Since his kindergarten days the cartoon character has been chasing this phantom dream dreamt up for him by his circle of relatives and friends that leads him to some senior position in a big company. The day when he thinks he has 'arrived' as some senior executive he realizes the inescapable truth that what he had been chasing after, was not what he had been expecting and what he had been putting his sweat and tears into. 

A rat race was all he had been doing. And then he is left longing about what he should have done during those twenty plus years working seventy hours a week, all the time driven by a phantom dream, when in fact he could have lived that dream during those 20 years spent suffering his ass away working for a boss who was using this character's energy for his/her own rise to become a bigger cog in the system. I didn't really get the part about the musical score thing, but I am guessing it had something to do with expecting to listen to the music at the end of the score, instead of listening to it as the notes and octaves go by, and how it was a metaphor with how we live our entire lives. We expect to live it at the end when we were supposed to live it throughout the journey.
With what has been going around the UK with the Jimmy Saville shite these days you need to be a person completely devoid of any morals, any basic fiber of human decency, beyond the pale of any decent human conduct, to really rise to the very top of the pyramid. This should serve as a warning to anyone who fantasize that somehow it is possible to get all the way to the top. 

Here's the thing. A system that is run at the very core a satanic worshipping devil cult that runs giant kidnapping rings of women and children and ritually sacrifices them out of the public eye is at its core more rotten than the devil's pus-filled stomach filled with the rotting corpses of dead children it has eaten (credit that expression to Alex Jones) and not worth holding up and supporting. Anyone who knowingly serves this system has given him/herself the Mark of the Beast and will be dealt with accordingly. If they think they are winning, they should take a good long look at the sports scandal surrounding cyclist Lance Armstrong. The globalists let their minions think they are winning, then bring them crashing down when they are at the top. 

Even for those who are serving out of 'ignorance' ignorance is no longer an excuse. Decadence rules the day and is everywhere.Vices rule society. Greed is put on a pedestal. Ripping off fellow members of humanity. See the corruption cases in Singapore involving top chiefs of the firefighting services and the anti-drug bureaus. See the scam from about four years back of Sunshine Empire with their big paintings showing too many lions in one spot to be real, ripping off old folks of their retirement savings. Prostitution rings involving school principals. This is the point in time in any civilization in human history when unless some mass Awakening occurs, civilization collapses.

Humanity will have to pick up the pace with this Awakening thing or prepare to get shafted. I might be judged as someone who doesn't practice what he preaches, and I would agree with that. What matters is getting the information out  before even that becomes impossible.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Video Games: Desensitized Death by Robots

I have been playing video games since I was a kid. I grew up with them. I learned to write stories and intros to those school essays that was just a waste of time like everything else in public schools, but I had to do anyway.

Graduated from pacman to Duke Nukem 3D to Half Life and the Command and Conquer series to the Call of Duty series.

But in the last decade since about the time Final Fantasy 9 was released (in around 2000, the last Final Fantasy game of Playstation 1), something wrong began to happen to video games. Some argue that the market became so that gaming companies had to employ profit maximizing strategies to stay on top or go under.

Whatever the outcome was, we gamers found ourselves dealing with monstrosities like Electronic Arts taking over franchises and beating it to a dead husk either by releasing lame expansions or simply ruining the story outright. Command and Conquer became a famous case since it originated from the 90s, but so did Battlefield and Mass Effect (through Bioware) as well as Call of Duty in its Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

As someone who grew up with the Commodore 64, its been a painful process to see the video game industry become like this. And as recent polls showed, Xbox video gamers by a large majority preferred drone strikes, in a recent poll (large sample population by the way) held during the dog and pony show that is the United States presidential debates.

I am under the impression that a large majority of gamers have lost the level of basic intelligence needed to discern between a video game and real life.

I look to the future, when we have defeated the New World Order, and we will look back and generalize video games as a whole in the same league as all the other evils that the NWO used as tools to perpetuate whatever corrupt, desperate plans they had for humanity, chiefly in this case desensitization towards apathy and making it easier to control a zombified populace. In other words never before in the history of video gaming has being termed a "video gamer" has had such a level of negative connotation.

Being someone who visits and values looking at things with the perspective of the Truth and reality, I am forced to look at something I used to enjoy doing with a much different perspective and seeing how it has brainwashed us into potential killing machines enabling the deaths of real people with real souls and real emotions.

These opinions are my own. I do not claim to represent the opinions of any group whatsoever, although I will say I am one of the relative few who play video games for the storyline's sake, i.e. singleplayer mode. Even the value in that is largely gone, with cheap run of the mill stories making video games just another annoying NWO brainwashing tool that should be avoided at all costs.
As an example, the 'bad guy' in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was the 'leader of the 99%', a clear reference to the large majority of humanity targeted for financial, social, moral and physical extermination by the NWO.

I am as good as done with video games.


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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Facebook a.k.a. Myspace 2.0: Electric Boogaloo

 The title says it.

 A friend once said that Failbook has lost its effectiveness to communicate important stuff, and in the end the best way to communicate important news was through word of mouth, from one person to the next.

Why has it lost its effectiveness? The faggotry levels of the blog are at levels previously unheard of. Most of the posts are of the daily activities of people doing completely mundane stuff that I don't need to know about. The right hand side of Facebook contains games that have no intrinsic value, not even a basic storyline, just a reason to pass the time. So people who come on to Failbook do so not expecting serious stuff like news updates.

And then there are other reasons. Facebook's earnings have been crashing, and recently it was revealed that yet again they are compromising user's privacy (as if there was any to begin with) by selling your usage data to companies to boost their profits. What this means is companies can use this sold data, and shove advertisements in your face without asking you. 

A more sinister angle to this is that it conditions users to accept having their details become an open book for faceless corporations. Add this with their face recognition software that profiles you wherever you go and automatically attaches your personal preferences to your face and name, also opens the door for private or government run firms to be able to access your data. There are analysts who are experts in decoding human personalities based on the kind of data that has been mentioned above, down to what you do in the bedroom.

Posting your stuff on facebook also runs the risk of you being profiled by interviewing employers who are known to actively search to gather a better idea of the kind of person they have interviewed and this can make or break their decision to hire you.

Facebook has also been used as a weapon for cyber-bullies. The recent suicide of Amanda Todd over cyber-bullying taken too far is a case example. While the facebook team has been actively censoring certain political viewpoints, they have allowed cyberbullying and pedophilia to run rampant.

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Soldiers of Freedom

This is for the record. 

I was originally going to put it as Soldiers of Fortune, as a nod to one of the most realistic video games out there for its time, and its sequel, 'Double Helix'.

But these are dark times. Our generation born in the eighties and early nineties face a dark future ahead. The knowledge of what's really going on behind the scenes on the world stage give little comfort to what's up ahead. If anything its gotten so into our faces being either 'sheep-minded' or 'awake' there is hardly any difference with knowing there's a problem out there.

The bullshit that is globalization has resulted in a situation where everyone is forced to compete with everyone else. The baby boomer generation, the majority of which have grown up being led to believe that the system is god are only now beginning to realize that the system has been having them all along. The thing is, those who have been smart about their finances will have a ton of savings to sit on, and many of them were the pioneers of the new industries that have come up. 

Our generation on the other hand are usually finding ourselves going into established fields that are already dominated by these types. Sad to say, my experience with many of these middle managers and senior managers with their top down approach in this fucked up country I live in has been a rather unpleasant one. Not too long ago, one such person who likely falls into this group posted comments on the web generalizing my generation has having it too easy, and complaining too much, compared to his generation.

I say to these people, the steps going down six feet are ready, the coffin lid is open, just go down there, STFU and sleep forever. We will gladly hammer in the nails for you.

If you baby boomers hate us so much, then you share the blame for bringing us into the world. You also share the blame collectively for bringing the world to a state where information technology has made it what it is so that to stay away from the internet completely is next to impossible, and made the world a flat place where everyone is competing with everyone else on the entire planet for a paycheck, resulting in lower and lower wages in the name of competitive profit margins for mega-corporations, while inflation further pushes the dreams of owning a house and a car further and further away from our generation. 

The middle class is being destroyed before our very eyes. Is it surprising that our generation is producing less and less children? Is it surprising that our generation has more and more people staying single, and it turns out these are the same people who are more likely to be in touch with their common sense or are highly educated? Is it surprising that those of our generation with deep pockets are emigrating out of this nation to countries like Australia? Is it surprising that many of us are still staying with our parents long after we reach our thirties?

Also chemicals like fluoride in the water that have been proven to screw up children's brains and put one at the risk of cancer (see Harvard study fluoride causes brain damage) has led to our generation to have suffered some form of damage that has impaired the ability to think clearly. Looking back on it I am pretty sure I suffered some form of effect from fluoride as I had a real problem in primary (elementary) school paying attention or solving simple maths problems, and suffered big time for it. Its a childhood I pretend I never had. I remember drinking fluoridated water by the barrel load as a kid in elementary, well because who told us it was safe to drink? "Adults". 

One thing for sure, our generation is picking up the tab for the crap that is running this world. I feel bad for the folks in America of my age who are looking forward to a US$16 trillion debt that them and their future generations will have to pay off with their taxpayer money, assuming the Dollar lives that far. A collapse of the US dollar will have severe repercussions for every other nation on the planet, including China, in one way or another. The economic conditions we are now having are very similar to the same conditions preceding the Second World War.

We face a dark, dangerous and dystopic future. People talk about being positive, but ask anybody who's deep into preparing for a possible society collapse (preppers for short), and he will tell you, 'Think Survival, Not Rights'. Its a scenario that leads one down the path of discussion few will dare venture, but will be forced upon us sooner than we would like to think.

"Folks, we aren't in Kansas anymore." 
- Alexander Jones, CEO of Infowars, Austin, Texas

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