Tuesday, 8 October 2013

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

I don't post much nowadays, so a big apology to those out there who might have been following this blog, hoping to catch an update.

I recently started work. Nothing I can't handle. The daily grind though is what's wearing me out, getting up, going to and from work on crowded trains, and leaving me little energy to do anything else but work. Aged in my early 30's but feeling like in my 50's. It seems the government seems to care little about the dangers of overcrowding and the risk to public health from overcrowding in public places.

The 21st century as I am living it now is not what I imagined it to be. I remember believing in a more positive future. The past dozen years was a joke, a waste of time and a trip through hell of psychological fear based mind control of terrorists everywhere hiding under your bed. I am done with it and moving on, if the future has something that I can do that leaves a legacy behind to benefit the world.

Having a ton of money would have to be a first step. There's just not getting anywhere with it with the current system we have. Our society has become so ingrained in commerce we cannot escape the fact that money is up there with oxygen. At least in Singapore, you can forget about self-respect, electric power, water, food, getting a girl, living a half decent normal life without money. An old dude today said how his electricity was cut because he couldn't pay up the electric bills on time. Its already come to a point where people can hardly put anything to the savings as costs of living rise but salaries hardly move up a notch and so called local banks reward savers with a percentage that is a joke compared to the rate of inflation.

Getting a few million through a day time job will be impossible unless I was already working for the elite, by then I would have to sacrifice a part of my soul to get that far up.

But I need those few million if I am going to thrive, instead of just survive, spending one's whole life as a dead zombie working without ever really living life.