Saturday, 1 February 2014

Independant Compatriot's Article "World War 3 is not inevitable" on Temasek Review

This article forgets that the US dollar is headed for potential collapse, the country of the United States is a tyrannical police state, liberties in that country are all but gone, for a Republic barely more than 200 years old.

This article also COMPLETELY forgets that there is a global elite that uses politicians like Obama, Bush, Cameron and our politicians for us to throw mud and blame for our problems when the truth is the world is run by a few people at the top, the Banking and Energy Dictators who have worked hard to ensure every resource on Earth especially energy is metered and paid for and the 'unwashed masses' in their eyes keep paying their taxes to the government and get high on drugs, and they are the ones behind the inflation of an illusion called 'Money' (mono-eye, fake One Eye or fake Enlightenment)

This country of Singapore is built on a very weak foundation of commerce based on the Religion of Money (see that Forbes article on Singapore's uncertain financial future that MAS is in denial about) that has assumed that money will stay forever and is a legitimate way of the distribution of resources. Money is a tool of enslavement that creates a class society so that certain skills are considered 'more valuable' than others This is especially with true creative arts in this country, ask anyone who followed his passion in art if he is able to take care of himself without other streams of income.

It forgets that in history since the Roman Empire that currencies always drop to zero as political corruption, decadence and hedonism takes over. Inflation is forever, ERP rates will NEVER go down, fare hikes are permanent. Our current way of civilization is built on illusion by a few at the very top. These people will INSTIGATE giant wars such as World War 3 that pits various ideologies and religions that today are at each other's throats to cull the global population in all its horror and violence and bring forth a New Dark Age that will be ruled by the Dark Gospel of Lucifer and the absolute Evil that it brings about.

See Albert Pike's letter that predicted World War 1, World War 2 and how World War 3 will be carried out. The parallels are too close to be a coincidence. And people still don't want to believe in a worldwide conspiracy so huge and malevolent that it beggars belief that a group of so-called humans would get together and plan the extermination of the human race.

And yet enough still live in a realm where information has been attached the emotion of 'negativity' so people have tuned out from the world at their own peril. 'Let's all party together for tomorrow we die' is a not uncommon mentality in our time.

The solution while simple in itself requires responsibility, owning one's own power and hard work in its learning and application. The wealth of information on turning this around is available in the podcast section of

Unfortunately in the Singapore context with the overworked individual who is disillusioned from working one's ass to the ground in one's slave job and not receiving any appreciation for it, after having spent one's childhood wasted on endless schoolwork for a paper degree that is meaningless anyway,  'responsibility' and 'hard work' are words that will send many of us running a thousand miles in the other direction.