Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Religion of Money

Our society is well on its way to becoming a dead place that lacks passion for life.

Singapore is the model for the future as a city occupied by transhumanism. 90% of people on the streets plugged into their smartphones is just the start.

Look at Japan's depressing conditions in the urban centers and you can see where Singapore is going.

Talk to people about your problems of not having much and all they will tell you is 'earn more money'. The methods on how to get it is your business, your problem.

And through it all, the concept of money itself was nothing more than an illusion.

No one even questions where we got our obsession with gold, a metal that is very hard to mine out of the ground and refine, and has no intrinsic/practical value UNLESS you are in a very high technology society of computers, satellites and jet engines that require such metals.

What money definitely is a tool of control. It must be had to consume food and water, both which you can't last long without.

And we call ourselves 'free' and 'smartest species on this planet'.

How much of the junk coming out of cable TV ever talks about the above?


Most including myself has had to put aside much ambitions because of the cost involved. Design and art schools that costs tens of thousands? Forget it.

Recognizing that I had been born into this manufactured reality, attempts at multi-level marketing did not work out.

I don't care if well meaning people tell me 'at least I tried as entrepreneur'. In Singapore the only thing that matters is the results. I have earned more in the lowest paying job I have done (working at 7-11) than 6 years in 3 companies, including one that claimed that it had good financial backing.

In fact I lost more, a lot more trying to find an alternative income when I left my job that I was abused in that I had studied half my lifetime for.

My father wouldn't have any of it and as a 'punishment' I am not getting any of his inheritance.

I am sure he will be needing all that money when he burns in Hell.