Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Apathetic State Worshiping Dafts Just Got Served

The last month has seen the appalling treatment of the blogger Amos Yee. We got to see a significant portion of Singaporeans who tacitly or openly supported the incarceration and treatment of Amos Yee in the name of 'preserving racial harmony'. 

"While she is crying hell, there are evil people laughing at her desperation, continue to condemn her son, wanting her son to mete the worst punishment possible, and also ridiculing her, cursing at her for not bringing her son up well. 

Such wickedness is so widespread, among the unthinking young, the politically aligned adults and the selfish individuals that care for nothing but their self interest, is so despicable." - Chua aka RedBean of

I am sure they were still laughing in some weird form of state-worshipping induced orgasmic power trip when they saw the demolished state of Amos when he was allowed to return home :

After the State's and their bootlickers absolutely disgusting display of a power trip (like a drug induced trip) the subway trains decided to have a 'power trip' of their own at 7pm on the 7th day of the 7th month of 2015.

For foreign readers, this is the nationwide subway system as of July 2015:

The entire Red and Green lines, half the entire subway network, was taken out in the evening. Apparently someone took a piss on one of the power lines.

The result was a degree of epic fail that reached previously unknown levels:


So who's laughing now?

Because having higher and higher fares is worth going back at midnight. 
It is interesting that this happened at a time when the majority of the country's population were on the move, exhausted from work, going back home. Not at any other time, not mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

Natural Law/Cosmic Law/ Karma/ God's Judgment is real, and doesn't give a damn whether one believes in it or not. I have seen it play out in my life and in others. 

This country is under Judgment for how a sixteen year old blogger was treated, among a ton of other issues that is sinking this country into the cesspit.

This incident was a warning shot across the bow, with more on the way to serve us as long as we continue to support the inhumane treatment of those whose views differ from others and in the process sink ourselves in the eyes of Cosmic Law.