Saturday, 12 September 2015

Singaporeans - Mind Controlled Slaves

A nation of sheep will be ruled by a party of wolves.

As far as Singapore is concerned the Awakening is dead. The Divine Hand of Blessing has been removed from this country.

Singaporeans have demonstrated they can't exercise judgement when it comes to serious national matters. When Judgement Day arrives, it will be in the official records that Singaporeans chose this to happen to them.

Just pray it arrives in the form of a giant asteroid so the suffering will be in a very short time frame.

If there was indeed voter rigging, it only proves what I have said all this time about the fallacy of belief in the institution of violence called government (mind control), which in turn is ruled by the banking and corporate elite.

There is no point hoping for a future in Singapore, where there was none to begin with.

Going on social media and in public lambasting the incumbent party and then out of irrational fear vote for the same party in the polling station is not 'political immaturity' as some alternative voices have stated. It is called cowardice and treason.