Sunday, 8 November 2015

Paul Sandhu Features Flat-Earther Paid Shill - Another Alt Media Channel Bites The Dust

Paul Sandhu has been a great channel for economic related news and interviews with V the Guerrilla Economist, Dr Jim Willie, Rob Kirby and others.

However as a result of featuring a paid shill on his show, however I will no longer recommend him and it is recommended that people visit his channel only when a notable guest is around for that guest's information.

Whether the flat-earth theory is real or not the question. The shape of the body of the planet we are living on pales in comparison with the immediate threat of the control system against us.

The flat-earth psyop is a distraction for people's efforts and energies away from the critical issues. The independent media/Resistance needs to get its priorities straight.

This is an on-going active war against humanity, chemically through preservatives and fluoride in your water, psychologically through the television and mainstream media lies, and destruction of freedoms through increased technology and surveillance of the internet, for starters. 

This is not a train-spotting exercise. Get with the program and find real solutions instead of wasting time chasing down the false rabbit holes.

If there is still a core of decency and common sense left in the minds of the Resistance, this will simply cleanse the Independent Media of the slime-infected minds. And nothing of value will be lost.