Sunday, 6 March 2016

Science No Longer Inspires [Download PDF - Towards a Galactic Science Driver]

"Einstein and Planck changed our fundamental understanding of the Universe. The age of space travel, smart phones, satellites, and silicon has been built upon that new understanding of the Universe. 

While our ability to pursue certain tracks of engineering and technological development has greatly improved, there have been no new fundamental scientific revolutions—no new Einsteins, no new Leibnizs, no new Keplers. 

Even worse, the understanding of true science has not merely stagnated, it has collapsed." - Benjamin Deniston

In order to earn a living as a scientist, one has to take grants from organizations that are deeply embedded in the control system and are more interested in controlling the progress of humanity.

Most of the scientists are therefore controlled or have the belief in the status quo and authority.

The perspective of LaRouchePAC has been about how the philosopher Bertrand Russell was the most evil man of the 20th century. Among other things like mentioning ideas that were about control and seeing humans as soulless automatons, he proposed using Mathematics as an underlying foundation of science, making it a mainly left-brain, calculative thinking without the creative side.