Monday, 4 April 2016

Panama Papers - Desperate Shillage & Trollage by the Fraudulent Corporate Media

[Disclaimer: An early opinionated post at a time when not all the facts are out for this developing story.]

The timing and the fact that well known documented financial criminals from the big banks of Wall Street and City of London, as well as Mr Coup/Financial Destroyer of Nations George Soros are not mentioned or if indeed listed, they weren't trumpeted in the media mouthpieces at the same level as those connected to the Russian and Chinese Presidencies should make one sit up and take notice.

With the Liberation of Palmyra as the Seal of Approval on the progress so far of the Russian-led Alliance's strategy for peace in the Middle East, it is very hard to deny this is yet another psychological operation of 'look over here'.

Interesting that those mentioned are connected in some way to the leaders of the BRICS and Eurasian Alliance, trying to make the Russian and Chinese Presidents look like criminals while their countries are offering a new economic order backed by Gold/Silver away from the broke and insolvent G7 running on printing press and fraudulent economic figures.

Few days ago the leading independent media were commenting on the silence of the western press over the victory in Palmyra over the Daeshbags. One would think there would be celebration given they had been very critical of Islamic State's vandalism of Ancient Palmyra since mid-2015. Their near-silence and weak reporting comparing to their current jihad-level reporting over Panama Papers says it all.

It was only a matter of time before they did another 'look over here' hoping this would distract us before we work out that this 'deafening silence' is proof of western media complicity with their roles as mouthpieces of the contributors and manipulators of the unwarranted conflicts in the Middle East, the Caucuses and Eastern Europe.

The fact Mossack Fonseca's 'Panama Papers' is being shrieked about in the Zio-Press like its Party Time is a giveaway it is a non-story and not worth paying attention to by itself, except perhaps as a way of figuring out what is it they don't want us paying attention to by releasing this garbage.

The following anti-Putin hit-piece from The Guardian is reminiscent of the rapid jumping on the 'hate-Russia' bandwagon that we saw over the shootdown of MH17 in East Ukraine.

When the Presstitutes are asked to jump, they reply, 'How High?'.

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray:

"What do you expect? The leak is being managed by the grandly but laughably named “International Consortium of Investigative Journalists”, which is funded and organized entirely by the USA’s 'Center for Public Integrity'. Their funders include:
Ford Foundation
Carnegie Endowment
Rockefeller Family Fund
W K Kellogg Foundation
Open Society Foundation (Soros)" <--- Very active for a reanimated corpse


However the independent/alternative media should be careful as this could be a psy-op on another level to keep us looking away from something else being carried out. Stay frosty.