Saturday, 9 July 2016

AIDS and Fail of Truther Intellectual Dead Horse Beating

Yet again we are seeing the downward sliding into the realm of intellectual dead-horse beating with the obsessions with numerology of the elites to the upcoming 'special dates' with a Seven in the day and month. 

The likes of Brandon Smith calling every positive development like the recent BREXIT as just another move by the 'elite' is more raining on the parade of a rare opportunity to feel good about a symbolic refusal and a middle finger to the degenerate bureaucrats of Brussels telling the rest of Europe what to do. 

In an endless stream of bad news it seems there are those wet blankets eager to ensure the rare opportunity to feel good have that wrenched from their grasp. For this reason the independent media is pushing people away from the toxic vibes it generates.

Brandon Smith's article:

I guess with the elite being several steps ahead of us we might as well give up. Why bother resist when in the end we all know what the outcome is going to be?

The likes of the above article come from the Rothschild's Doom and Gloom Department designed to wear out our spirits. Joining the dots of numerology dates, Economist Magazine covers, and hidden symbolism has become a giant spectator sport of obsessive compulsive disorder types like train spotting. 

While essential to understand what the enemy is thinking, it does not pay to have a sniper scope view while losing peripheral vision.