Thursday, 22 December 2016

Conversation with the Nikkimori on Mark Passio's Approach

"I was thinking about this while going out, is that Mark Passio while his stuff is 'ideal' and its coming from his negative experience with the Satanists believes that by getting into people's faces he will send a message is a form of satanism because it goes against common sense grounded in reality. 

Common sense though will tell you that the Mark Passio approach of getting in people's faces saying military personnel are dogs will most likely put you in a hospital ward, especially when dealing with police and military who are passionate about their job. 

Also a salesperson will tell you that pushing an unpopular idea requires being on good ground with the target audience. Its how you get them to buy stuff they don't need. Likewise Mark Passio's ideas that are unpopular at this time, in order to convince people will not work with his aggressive approach. 

Also realistically what separates us from animals is our ability to organize logistics and teams to build stuff of civilization. Like [building] a bus. We need the windows team, the engine people, the tires people, the electric and mechanical engineers. If order following is bad then successfully organizing a team to build a bus would never happen. 

Likewise defending a nation against an organized invasion requires an organized defense and a knowledgeable person aka a commander to get it done. Also most military personnel if they weren't rejects of society who entered the military because they couldn't get another job, real military professionals are the most level headed and nice people who have the value system of the military required for a functioning society. 

The downside is the rigidity and lack of creativity. And then the training to turn a person into a killing machine plus the usual destruction of the individual thinking. Current methods of training a grunt require a loss of some humanity in the process to be able to kill without hesitation.

Real military men who started out from broken homes as punks learned real leadership skills became successful businessmen. Because smartasses don't have a place in the military. In the real world being a smartass doesn't work and in the current situation the military institution is one of the few that the culture can shape a person into a leader. 

The key point that Mark Passio missed with his presentation images showing order followers leading to death camps are the result of what Thomas Sheridan says the bolshevik type 'knuckledragging scum of the earth/piece of human shit waste' who run smear campaigns on their iphone and talk shit on comment pages. Hardly the type to be found in a professional military with a value system, i.e. uniform code of conduct, procedures and directives, organized methods of warfare, leadership skills.

In the end it was the US military that shared intelligence with Russian forces to stop some of Obama's plans to help the Islamic state (just sharing what I have found in my research) because they are a uniformed institution and they have a value system to uphold that uniform and that became a check and balance against the golfer loser. 

Turns out some of the recent Wikileaks information was Pentagon officials pissed off that their country was run by the Enemy. So who actually helped in a big way? It wasn't alt-media. Mark Passio didn't directly have an impact leading to the email leaks. It was the guy in the helmet, uniform, boots and rifle, aka the 'dog' working within the system and acting on doing the right thing. The guy in the helmet wins yet again, this time on the beach head of cyberspace.

Maybe that's the real reason why satanists call them 'pets'. They will follow the satanist orders, and then fuck everything up at the last minute because they remembered their oath to the Constitution and piss on the satanists carpets. Just like Pepe [the Frog]." 

"Deep comment. The whole topic could be turned into an insightful YT speech. 

The whole angry MarkPassio approach is part of a reason why I don't identify with all these conspiracy people and why I deleted my first YT channel. Yes, we get it, we are living in hell, but in the end we are just nerds with an internet access. 

Mark is probably a very high IQ person, but he lacks the talent and viewpoint of a smart salesman, like you said. 

I think Thomas described it best when he said in his "Dont ask dont tell" speech that most people in the alt media lacks the social/emotional intelligence and hence we are viewed as eccentric and mentally ill. 

It's also why I can't take people like QuasiLuminous serious, he screams all the time into the camera while crying about "muh Reptilian Saturn Symbolism, m8". It's pretty laughable.

 It also doesn't help that some people mix historic events (2nd world war) with paranormal topics, occult symbolism, white pride/Nazi idealism and even otaku culture and 4Chan internet memes (like 2Circles). 

In a way it's entertaining, but I can understand why some uninitiated people will reject the information. 

I like your thoughts about the military. Now while thinking about it, there are also some cases were the military has done good things worldwide, like helping people from environment accidents and all these tsunamis. 

I have not researched the whole Wikileaks, but I enjoyed reading your insights about it." 
- Nikkimori

"Thanks. I share what I can. If i did a whole bibliography on every bit of research I did (like I once stupidly did when talking to someone) I will lose the audience attention. 

QuasiLuminous in a way is a lesson as to why the alt-community can't work the way it is now. Some of it is organized counter-intelligence operations, but the rest is just idiots who haven't learned how to sell unpopular ideas. 

Its just as well the alt-media community is made of those with Awakening-caused PTSD, loneliness, basement dwellers and hardly the type to run a successful business of which sales skills is top priority. The PTSD problem also further feeds the need for more negative stuff and 'all are controlled opposition' belief system. This QL guy is textbook case that Sheridan would like to use to show how not to spread information. 

Recall the New Orleans Hurricane Katrina. It was the military under General Honore using amphibious assault vehicles carrying emergency supplies that saved the day while Federal Government's FEMA's Michael Brown totally screwed it up. 

Yeah, the non-order followers screwed it up, massively. , scroll down to Military section. 

If there was no military and a man to manage it and bark orders and personnel following those orders, New Orleans  would have gone to even more shit than it was."