Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Construction - The Cesspit Industry

I met a guy who worked in construction (like I used to) but moving away from it into the logistics side of construction equipment. He was moving away from it into logistics because of the absolute crap the construction industry has become, he got his ass kicked a few times from other companies playing dirty behind his back.

Strictly speaking it wasn't really a redpill moment because I already took that pill in 2011 related to my involvement in the construction industry, the beginning of my real awakening. It was another confirmation signpost, that I had made the right decision leaving that loathesome industry in that year.

Foreign construction workers brought here from China have part of their pay cut so that the company can win the contract at lower cost, sometimes up to $50million cheaper. 

The workers have no choice but to stick on because if they go back early they will have no way of paying their debtors that they borrowed to come here and might be killed or their family exploited. 

They basically work for little or no pay for over 6 months to a year until their debts are paid off, even longer like 1 year plus when their company does shit like this. And of course the local clients here are only too happy to accept these scumbag construction companies. 

I am not christian, but I do smell 'karmic judgement' coming down hard on this country that has everything built on labor exploited in the manner described above. And most won't see it coming, practically 9.8 out of 10 on the city trains have their faces planted in smartphones. The mind control is complete. 

But Goddess Kali doesn't care for this country's faggotry or excuses. She will execute as with the Will of Divine Universe, without mercy.