Wednesday, 26 April 2017

ChannelNews Asia - Fake News With Fake Expressions of Laughter

Anyone who has spent more than five seconds interacting with non-synthetics who are not faceplanted in their smartphones will know how real emotional expressions look like.

When the female anchor on FakeNews Asia announced this evening about an upcoming news piece about Japan fixing its trash problem, her right eyebrow went up in a way that would have required a lot of energy and effort. Overall it was clear that she was faking her laughter, in addition to the way her body moved about in her chair. 

I didn't know dealing with trash was hilarious. I thought saving the Earth from our pollution was serious business, just like the Internets.

It was obvious the male anchor was raising his eyebrows at times when they were not required to be raised.

TV programs - programming your mind to love your enslavement.