Friday, 29 December 2017

Star Wars Fans Are Now Experiencing With Disney What Gamers Went Through With Electronic Arts

Real fans of the original Star Wars trilogy are up in arms over the train wreck that Disney has done to the latest edition of Star Wars with The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

However this is just the latest example of companies run by accountants destroy quality and storytelling over appealing to the brain-dead masses for their money. In Star Wars case its the tragic case of Disney pandering to the bottom-of-the-barrel oddballs and lunatics who think they are part of some great social shift shouting slogans.

One somewhat recent example is the way Mass Effect 3 ended, one such game developed under Electronic Arts.

However an older but equally significant example was the evisceration of the Command and Conquer (C&C) Tiberian series involving two major factions GDI and NOD.

C&C 2 Tiberian Sun had some elements taken out as result of reduced production time on the order of Electronic Arts had just taken over Westwood during production, however it was largely a decent game. 

C&C 3 Tiberian Wars had troubling signs of what was to come in C&C 4. Downgrading from typical fictional super-high technology terrain walkers of the year 2030 like the GDI Titan back to early 21st century wheeled vehicles was not adequately explained. 

C&C3 Game unit and vehicle design was mediocre as well as continuity issues with technology. Advanced weaponry like GDI Disrupters that killed anything it projected its rectangular beam at, or got in its way, were completely removed from C&C 3. 

GDI's super-unit the Mammoth Mark 2 giant walker (more than likely inspired by Star Wars Imperial walkers) which signified the height of mid-21st century GDI technology was removed for the sake of downgrading from walkers to wheels. 

Again it was for pandering to a certain group that would rake them the biggest profits.

C&C 4 employed radically different elements not seen in previous games, and storyline was atrocious with beyond weak characters and even shittier ending. So bad was C&C 4 that video game pirates were debating whether this video game was worth pirating.

While it is tragic to see where the Star Wars franchise has gone, the backlash by its high time that more and more see why corporate-profit minded developers and producers do not mix with the arts. 

Not many outside of the C&C fans cared when Electronic Arts destroyed C&C, at that time video games was considered fringe before the smartphone video game became widespread, so maybe with a large group like fans of the original Star Wars spitting blood over The Last Jedi it will highlight the problems of corporate media in a bigger way.

For those not familiar with Electronic Arts, here's a comprehensive graphic of how they have wrecked the gaming industry: