Saturday, 28 December 2013


"TAXATION is the claim that a group of people who call themselves "government" have been given the "right" to confiscate an arbitrarily-chosen percentage of the product of another individual's labour (a form of Property), whether or not the other agrees to share that product voluntarily.

Taxation is enforced by the threat of violence (behaviour resulting in bodily harm) or imprisonment (the taking away of physical freedom of movement) if for whom the product is being seized attempts to resist the confiscation.

This practice is always "justified" ( "made into a right") by those who claim that such a practice is necessary and required to "uphold the common good".

If we define Slavery as the confiscation of 100% of the product of the labour of another human being, we can clearly see their is no magical percentage to which we could lower this number (other than absolute 0%) that would no longer constitute Slavery.

If we are being honest with ourselves, Taxation is merely an euphemism for Theft, Violence and Slavery, the practices upon which it is actually based.

Since no individual anywhere on Earth has the "right" to claim ownership of the product of another's labour, such behaviour can never be "delegated" to a group, and called a "right".

Therefore all forms of Taxation is always WRONG according to Natural Law."

Mark Passio, Natural Law Seminar, New Haven, Connecticut, October 19th 2013