Friday, 27 December 2013

2013 Re-[tro]-Spect

I will first say I feel blessed to have come across Mark Passio's website

I urge all those who have come across this blog, go see his podcasts, and watch from #1 to #144. I am barely 10% in and I have learnt light-years of information. Doing the Great Work takes Hard work and time.

We are running out of time. The controllers are pissing themselves laughing. Watch this YT video based on a recent podcast by Mark Passio which echoes my sentiment for the human race:

I don't like human beings myself. 'Devolved, degenerated, animated, golems' pretty much says it. That's why 'sacrificing for the greater good/human race' is beyond me. I am above this timid, lying morality.

2013 is drawing to the close. We should be setting up colonies on Jupiter's moons by now. Instead we are bickering and arguing with each other, in the shadow of a post -11/9/2001 (day/month/year) world, while the NWO continues its steady move towards a global lockdown.

I feel bad for those WW2-era soldiers who died fighting for freedom, and look where we have gone. They died for nothing.

Merry Fucking Christmas and a Muthafucking New Year.

Signing out,


Also check out my latest drawing 'First One's Free' on , and I thank you in advance for viewing. I like big guns and I cannot lie.