Friday, 10 January 2014

Illusion of Society and the Pointlessness of Expectations

There are times I wonder what I am doing exposing myself to information that I would normally had in the bygone past dismissed out of hand.

As someone brought up in a left-brain modality since birth by parents also brought up in the same matrix, taught to love servitude, pay taxes to the government, because government is master and to be grovelled to, why I allow myself to seriously consider the esoteric, right brain modality thinking and the spiritual and supernatural.

All because of that day in Christmas 2010 when the matrix and the sick society of expectations which I had sweated over trying to please, to conform, to adjust, to gain approval and acceptance of since the day I was born, tossed me in the trash can reserved for those that it did not want. And in this trash can I saw first hand the true face of the matrix and what it represented, by how it treated the least it claimed to have taken care of.

And I realized also that serving this matrix required doing so out of an underlying fear of winding up like those already in this trash can. Instead keep working everyday, 'grin and bear it', and when going to barbecues and parties pretend to be very knowledgeable, prepare some pseudo enlightened quotes to look good, follow a program of fake plastic smiles and pointless fancy dresses out of a need to be part of some illusion so that this otherwise deadly cancer of the human race will somehow keep the practitioner as part of the trendies.

One of those related to me even expressed shock at the fact I refused to learn the social custom of carving a turkey for Christmas based on the reason of being 'accepted by society', saying further that I could go and rot with the bile of hatred. On top of that this relative had scoffed at my warning of drug running in Australia using travellers as unwitting couriers based on the case of the Political Sacrifice of Australian Schapelle Corby,  who is probably now dead if this out-of-luck lady hasn't already rotting in some cell in Bali. (see for more information)

Needless to say I no longer regard this relative any more than a moving, obscure shadow, no more than the many other shadows in the crowded city trains I have the misfortune of sharing my limited space and oxygen with every morning. I do not give a care about biological relations and the excuse of such a relation justifying any form of familial responsibility especially in a diseased mentally ill world where maintaining of fake, meaningless relationships is based on such trivialities.

All this without realizing the very meaning of what 'family' is supposed to be has been crushed by 'modern' society pressures and parents seeking to use their children as tools to fix their own issues of domination and control. And its likely these same people complain about the government's obsessive control over their lives through taxation and otherwise nonsensical special-interest 'laws'. They complain about those who assume the form of psychic vampirism as Michael Tsarion would call these golems, without realizing they as a collective have created or perpetuated these problems.

As above, so below. Pot calling Kettle black. Until this illusion propped up by denial and refusal to acknowledge the problem is taken down, forget about all the information put out by David Icke, Mark Passio, Michael Tsarion, Alex Jones and others, because its just alternate entertainment for those who found the mainstream media soap opera boring and are merely looking for another.

In the words of Samuel Adams, 'crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you.' We all reap what we sow, we also reap what we allow through our inaction.