Thursday, 30 January 2014

Singapore Prime Minister's Speech Promising a Bright Future for NTU students

Attending the recent Anti Fare Hike rally at HL Park I heard from people who distributed flyers about the protest the fear they saw in most people and refusing to accept these flyers as they don’t want to rock the boat.

But the anger is there but its suppressed by the fear of a repeat of Operation Coldstore in 1984.

All I can say to these people and the police who intimidate and threaten arrest oon behalf for their government and corporate masters who hate them more than they despise animals, is to look at their children and grandchildren in the eye and justify not rocking the boat to ‘play safe’ and ‘go along to get along’ in exchange for creating a nightmare future for their children and grandchildren.

This reality is hard to face when we have been raised with the idea given to us by society that our value as human beings is equated to how much we earn. As a result of all of the above, the generation of 20-40′s is left frustrated, angry, disillusioned, and disenchanted with shattered dreams of the ’5 Cs’ that we were fed when we were in school.

The speech in NTU was filled with to the brim with empty promises. The US dollar is very close to collapse. The banking and financial institutions are thinking of new ways to rip you off. Many conflicts go around the globe, threatening us with the very real probability of WW3. Meanwhile the Forbes warning by an objective source sliced through the lies and denial of the MAS that everything is totally fine with our country.

The PM’s derogatory reference to the social media shows his contempt for what he sees as the Wild West that is shattering the illusion that his lies and spins generates. The PM knows he is losing control and therefore trying to brainwash the younger generation into believing that social media is a bad thing and needs to be ‘controlled’ just like his pet MediaCORPSE and SPH state controlled media.

The insanity of believing that more rules will bring more order is a disease of the insane control freak and typical government class attitude. I got news for my fellow NTU students from an ex-graduate from your university, you haven’t seen anything of the real world until you really started working in a full-time career next to foreigners who have no respect for you and see you as competition to their bread and butter.

When you do, you will either go crazy, or go further into a brainwashed state. Either way, you will remember the lies of in this speech, if you have at least 2 brain cells on active duty and not become brain dead from studying all that garbage that won’t be of much use in your job. Take my word for it, been there, done that.

Companies only want experienced cheap people. You will be pushed aside by cheaper foreign labor with your qualifications. Remember, Government in Latin ("gubarnare" + "mens") literally means Mind Control. Nothing more, nothing less.

National ‘Education’ anyone? School 'Discipline' is just another way of removing our creative aspect and learn fear and obedience of authority. Sounds familiar? It should. And yet now the system throws out 'entrepreneurship' and other tone deaf soundbites that demonstrate a complete disconnection from reality. The government sponsored school system has DESTROYED the brains of successive generations of Singaporean kids.

This was all done by design. Public education, for those who are awake enough to notice, retards the perceptive and dot connecting ability (seeing connections from things that are seemingly unconnected on the surface) of school kids by dumping tons of rote learning and exam centred crap on them.

The PM's contempt for social media also shows a clue why this was done on top of the addition of fluoride in the water.

Social media demonstrates that a obsessed control freak, mind control institution doesn't like smart, informed, educated people who come together and share and intelligently with wisdom and clarity thinking (that fluoride in our drinking water destroys).

Any more doubts as to why the establishment wants to institute rules and control on the 'wild, dangerous, out of control' social media and internet?

Ask yourselves, who is the real 'wild, dangerous, out of control' entity?