Friday, 1 August 2014

Ebola - What You're Not Being Told


Health campaigners are today calling for U.S. authorities to speed up their approval of a new drug hoped to be the first cure for the deadly Ebola virus.
There is currently no cure or vaccine for the disease, which has claimed the lives of 672 people in West Africa, since February.
The head of global charity The Wellcome Trust earlier this month called for experimental drugs to be offered to those diagnosed with the virulent illness in West Africa.
Despite the drugs not being fully tested Jeremy Farrar, professor of tropical medicine and director of the trust, said Ebola's spread in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone is 'out of control'."

Expect the fear machine to go into full swing on this 'cure'. Expect the demonisation of those who rightly refuse this 'cure' based on the statement highlighted in bold. A drug that has not been fully tested is an unreliable drug.

This drug is being pushed for the reason of Ebola being 'out of control'. It is only 'out of control' because, as the video explains above, the money that could have been used to contain this virus is instead being used for the political power games in Ukraine, Syria and elsewhere.

Now they are using the schtick 'out of control' to push through this anti-Ebola drug without the standard protocols. A population driven into fear by a rabid media will be easier to control. Fear of terrorists no longer works with a population that has largely awakened to who is really running the show.

Fear of disease and the Ebola's terrible effects on the person at the terminal stage will send people reeling into panic. A population driven into hair trigger alert will attack those that rightly refuse this cure.

I believe this should not have to be the case despite humanity's rather pathetic history of problem-reaction-solution. Prepare in advance so that you are mentally ready. Battles are 90% psychological.

Watch the above video and demand that the media report correctly on the facts of Ebola. Ebola is a real threat and can become a global pandemic. But if we act now we can limit the damage and its potential use as the eugenicist controllers' depopulation agenda against the human race.