Saturday, 9 August 2014

National Day Singapore

And another evening is spent doing all that flag waving bullshit.

But before you think you are dealing with another Mr Sour Grapes, one of those 'negative voices' trolls on the internet as nicknamed by the authorities, just hold on right there.

First, let's get this negative-positive dualism bullshit out of the way.

People calling this kind of information negative are spiritual and mental cowards who can't face up to REALITY and TRUTH. If the Truth sounds negative, it is because 'that which has happened' (the simple definition of Truth) is NEGATIVE and has to be FACED AND DEALT WITH or what is happening will continue along the same path.

I mean heck that is what we guys had to learn in National Service, right?

'Positive thinking' has become this new mantra to ignore the fact that you are a prostitute working long hours past midnight at your SLAVE JOB for a paycheck that before you can receive the pay advice is already taken up by the half-dozen monthly loans for that car, house, kids tuition,  and others.

And that is why they doll up the news anchors on mainstream media in nice voices and slick hairstyles and present the version of reality that they want YOU to believe (aka LIES) in smooth, pleasing tones.

But Truth, especially if its too harsh and ugly, forget it. Even though its backed up with evidence.

The Truth is, nationhood and flags are ILLUSIONS. You don't need a whole dossier of stuff from,, and other 'conspiracy theory' websites (another nickname thrown out by these spiritual cowards) to know this is the case.

Just look around your cubicle and count how many Singaporeans there are sharing your office. Just go to the beach on a weekend and see how many locals are there. Just look at what happens to people who write in blogs questioning the whole CPF thing. Or how about the riots in the Indian quarter and the strike by China bus drivers.

Back to this whole National Day thing. I just tell people I didn't even know I had a country. We never owned it.

So why bother watch programs about 1950's and 1960's riots? It was their problem and it was caused by those who wanted chaos. Yet all this is fostered upon us as if we had some sort of responsibility for it.

That's real negativity there, with the bullshit fear being implied that we have to somehow stick together for some false notion of 'greater good' sold by liars so that we will work ourselves to death and keep donating our 'protection money' called income tax so we stay obedient like a good little citizen slave.

Still want to wave that flag? That hidden pentagon formed by the 5 stars is in fact the center of a larger upside down star forming the reverse pentagram of Satanism.