Monday, 13 October 2014

Being Awake?

“Being awake” is the fashionable statement to make nowadays, but the reality is that most who claim to be awake are anything but. They merely stopped parroting the MSM headlines, and now parrot the alternative media headlines instead.

Social media really is to blame for that. Before Youtube, Facebook and Twitter took over, before there was such a thing as the ‘9-11 truth movement,’ the only people calling themselves “awake” were the individuals who had actively ventured out onto the web all by themselves, driven forth by their own curiosity and their compelling need to understand.

But for over the last years, it’s all gotten rather mainstream as people flood each other via social media with the new fad of the day. Logic, fact, in depth research and listing of sources has been replaced with glib opinion, infantile polarization and memes.

Awakening is a traumatic process, where your world is shaken to the core, where you discover that almost everything you ever held true turns out to be a deliberate lie. You are not the same person anymore that you were before the awakening. 

And….having awakened you cannot help but change the way you carry yourself through life. Having said that, I see too many people that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. But awakening means taking responsibility too, over your life, over your mind, over your actions.

So thank you Zen, for trying in your own poetic way to urge the dreamers and the floaters to get a f***** grip and prepare physically, mentally and spiritually. The hurricane that is about to hit us is not theoretical, as so many westerners seem to think it is.

And it’s indeed “too late” now to change it’s course. We had a small time frame where we could change the path of the approaching hurricane, but that chance is now passed. What is on the horizon is now inevitable. You may call it karma. We will experience it.

Yet we are here, born during these miraculous times and we are here for a reason. As Mark Passio puts it: “You came here to participate in a slave rebellion.”

And those who call themselves awake: “We are here to lead the rebellion against this plantation called life on earth, right now.” So if you call yourself “awake,” get your act together now.

Denial is not a river in Egypt. Get off from your rosy colored cloud, and prepare yourself to assume leadership over the situation.

Like Zen says: “to sit and point at an oncoming tornado as if understanding its origins and intricacies will dispel it is utter insanity. It’s time for preemptive action, both in activism and personal preparation. That’s the loving thing to do for yourself, your loved ones and your planet.”

It’s time to get creative, people! Our creativity is what sets us apart from the other animals, so use it, and use it wisely. It’s never too late to make miracles happen….”

- Comment by Mariella,