Friday, 10 October 2014

Economics and Finance: Rob Kirby Rant on interview with Paul Sandhu

"To put it in very short and laymen's terms, the petrodollar, or the continued use of the petrodollar as the world reserve currency has been the enabling instrument for the US to project its hegemonic power around the world.

It has been the tool of influence, and its has been the essence of American power, because it gives them control over the financial apparatus, globally.

This is why, we have seen Russia and China band together, with other BRICS nations, and this is why they are in an all-out attempt to kill it.

In my view, it is something that needs to be killed, for the sake of humanity.

Because the stewardship of the world's reserve currency has been so astronomically abused, and that its a disgrace to humanity, and the people that have been the stewards of this, they need to stand down, and they need to be put down.

Because they have no right doing what they are doing.

This is the essence of crimes against humanity, and a lot of these people deserve to be dragged into the World Court and be charged accordingly. That is my thought on that.

And that is why the rest of the world has become so anti-petrodollar / US dollar hegemony. And that's it in a nutshell." [paraphrased and edited for easier reading, 29-31 minute mark]