Monday, 17 November 2014

Singapore's Straits Times Newspaper Shows It is Ahead of the Curve - AFTER EVERYONE ELSE

2 September 2014

"90% of people in public plugged into a smartphone at inappropriate times, like driving or crossing the road that require situational awareness as well as family outings. The 'apps' like Angry Birds on a device that is a spy device tracking your location comes before everything else."
13th April 2014

"This has translated into people who don't even look at you while talking to them. This has translated into people walking into oncoming traffic with smartphones up to their faces. This has translated into whole families looking down at their phones instead of talking to each other. The entire thing smells of dehumanization and a tiptoe down to a transhumanist agenda, started first by getting people to be disconnected from each other emotionally, and accept artificial impersonal aspects."


I say 'after everyone else' because if I am putting these articles out of my own fluoridated brain, chances are there are people out there who have seen and noticed this a lot earlier, and I mean those who are fighting the good fight and are ahead of me on the curve and not the zombies who follow mainstream garbage.

I recommend cutting edge website articles by Jim Stone at, lots of new stuff updated every 2 days minimum. Just shows how much of a dangerous controlled world we live in and there are 'people' who do not want the system that supports them to be disabled.