Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mark Passio: Transforming the Satanic elements in Human consciousness

Pay attention to this interview.

You either choose to take it in, or completely dismiss it.

Both paths of choice have consequences.

A comment in a thread talked about the need to clear up our problems, otherwise we will export our problems to other planets when we just jump into space. It was posted under a space themed artwork on a nuclear-powered rocket designed to travel to Mars in less than a month.

It was censored and deleted by the thread-owner/artist (it was within his right needless to say since it is his artwork and comment space) but his reason for deletion calling it politicking and pushing of political ideologies demonstrated at the very least his unwillingness to acknowledge the big picture and reality of the United States of America and his misplaced belief in his country's exceptionalism.

It is worth noting with grim satisfaction that the above-mentioned thread owner lives in the United States, a country burdened by $18 trillion in debt, quadrillions in derivatives, the key sponsor of terrorist activity against any nation that does not accept the Petrodollar, the world's biggest terrorist (Al-Qaeda and now the satanic child-beheading ISIL or Al-Qaeda 2.0 are products of Western intelligence agencies) and now with the incident in Ferguson, Missouri, has shown in clear as daylight terms the United States government will openly carry out summary executions on its own citizens.

Most telling with the Ferguson incident is the bold open criticism and exposure of hypocrisy of a country that lectures other countries on their human rights violations.

At this point in the Awakening For the Record is beyond caring who is awake or who isn't. First hand experience of the most horrific dimensions is necessary if it is needed to wake up people who in their arrogance believe all that  they need to know is what they already know and there is no need for any more knowledge.

The said board-member is about to have a rude awakening and he will not have to wait long, if the team at and The Looking Glass predictive system of The Arclight Institute have got their predictions right about the amount of time left for the United States.

The United States at its current rate will not be sending up its own spacecraft for the next few decades with the absolute hate the World has for the D.C. criminals and their Petrodollar hegemony and the World's clear willingness to dump the Petrodollar if the sentiment at the recent economic forums in Australia and elsewhere are an indication.

At this point for Americans still refusing to look at videos of Building 7, still believe in American exceptionalism or does not have an exit strategy out of a country that will collapse within this decade, these people are beyond hope and beyond help.

As a final add-on of information: