Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Hard Truth About What is Really Running this World - Singapore Perspective

Singapore was fundamentally a craphole to begin with since it became a bastard child of Malaysia when it was kicked out in 1965.

Most nations have a city in the middle of a big rural countryside. The 'countryside' we can claim to have is Pulau Ubin. Every other undeveloped area in Singapore is almost always under military control.

Our power is dependent on power stations using gas from Indonesia. When a pipe ruptured, half the island went dark some years back. Indonesia isn't always on good terms with us.

Same goes for basics food, and to some extent water, except for the desalination, reservoirs and Newater. We import a lot.

Sir Stamford Raffles was a Freemason associated with the royals and international banking families that founded Singapore as an outpost for them to do business.

Because of this close association with those that ACTUALLY run the world that Singapore has not gone down the path of failed states like Liberia or Somalia despite being at a clear disadvantage with no natural resources.

We must remember that as much as we want to hate the current government, all political leaders are mere oil rags answering to those with real power but never show up on camera or pretend to be nobodies. Our politicians are mere Public Relations officers for these hidden CEOs for us to throw mud at thinking doing so will make our lives better.

Singapore therefore by its history has been all this while a prostitute to the world. Singapore politicians have had to kowtow to the world's royal families and banking cartels so that we don't end up like Libya, a failed state that now has the CIA funded ISIL terrorists vacationing on its beaches chopping heads off.

The Free Internet is your friend for objective uncensored knowledge, TRE being one small example. Use it or Lose it. Then use this CNY festivities to refer them to the relevant websites, but don't be too direct as many people are afraid of finding out the hard Truth.