Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Former NSA officer and Whistleblower: Moon Landing Hoax is a Disinfo Psyop Revisited

"I deeply apologize if this web site covers topics that are too complex for the moon landing hoax crowd to handle, but the Van Allen belts never stopped the Apollo missions for a very good reason -

They are TOTALLY PASSABLE. You just can't live there. The Van Allen belts were talked about all the time back then and the fact that the astronauts passed through them in an hour and a half and therefore would be OK was stated repeatedly.

The Van Allen belts are not a problem unless you stay in them for three weeks.

BUT OH MY GOD, THEY HAVE RADIATION, RADIATION RAAAAAAAAADIATION AND ARE THE END OF THE WORLD! Well, I have a little secret for the scientifically illiterate types, something that will SCARE YOU TO DEATH!  

Take the cover off your smoke detector and look inside. Don't just take it off far enough to change the battery, I MEAN LOOK AT THE CIRCUIT BOARD. On that board there will be a little round metal canister with a hole in it. IT HAS A RADIATION WARNING SYMBOL ON IT BECAUSE IT IS RADIOACTIVE. 

Smoke detectors use a radioactive source to detect smoke, and it has been on the ceiling of your bedroom for 15 YEARS. OMG YOU ARE DOOOOOOOOOOMED!


Because your government sucks so much from you in taxes and steals it outright after [Zionism] took over that Nasa can't afford a Saturn V rocket anymore, it can only afford a space moped (my add-in: probably referring to the Space Shuttle) and as a result they can't just blast through the Van Allen in an hour, it will take weeks because all they get is crap now and yeah, THAT MAKES IT "IMPOSSIBLE" NOW.

And here is why this topic irks me so much: Because it is an obvious attempt to get people to stop dreaming about space travel and just stay on this earth and go NOWHERE, because "we never did" and there is this BIG BOOGIE VAN ALLEN MAN IN SPACE THAT HAS US ALL TRAPPED. 

What a load of bunk scientifically childish god it just rubs me backwards and I have GOT TO BE CIA because I said we went to the moon and really the truth is I have an IQ above 50 that says we went to the moon simply because even I know people who were involved in that program, have at least a basic understanding of science and physics and if you are out on the web pushing the "moon landing hoax" you ought to instead just set up an Amish style camp in America like the movie THE VILLAGE and push your bullshit there, all the while you keep a Van Allen monster in the woods to make people afraid to flee your idiocy.

If you succeed in hoaxing mankind's greatest accomplishments out of existence, the village is where you will be, and you won't deserve anything more."
Source: http://jimstone.is