Monday, 25 May 2015

Former NSA officer and Whistleblower: Moon Landing Hoax Theory is Disinfo Psy-op to Discredit the Truth Movement

From email inbox:

Anonymous: "About the NASA moon landing…a good friend of mine was a project manager for NASA during the 60’s and 70’s. In fact, he was responsible for getting the ‘monkey’ back alive when they first sent it into space as a trial run.

He also worked with a number of the astronauts prior to them going to the moon. He worked with Neil Armstrong on the X15 (when Neil was a pilot) and considered him a good friend. My friend was present at Edwards Air Force base during the live feed of the moon landing. He also had conversations with Neil and other astronauts (Harrison Schmidt) related to their moon experiences.

As far as he is concerned, the moon landing did happen. When I related the ‘belief ‘floating around the internet that the ‘moon landing was a psy op, he stated that there was enormous amount of correlating data that was generated during the moon landing. Many people were present when this data was being processed as the moon landing took place. It would be impossible to falsify this type of condition.

He also indicated that there is no way Russia or China, with all of their ‘spies,’ would not have exposed a ‘false landing’… immediately. 
[Jim Stone's] response: With me, you are preaching to the choir. And I have this to add - what about the mirror the astronauts left up there? The one for bouncing a laser off of so the Moon's orbital position could be perfectly pinned down? They have determined WITH THAT MIRROR that the Earth will eventually lose the Moon in about 700 million more years. How do you hoax that?

Anyway, it is all really stupid to me, I guess some idiot out there has been tasked a desk job at the CIA to spew B.S. and make "truthers" less credible.

Now my box will be full of junk for saying it, but the "moon hoax" is for people who simply did not actually look at the history of the Apollo program, where every last stinking thing was filmed on a Hollywood set multiple times before they did it, so they could be critiqued ON FILM and learn to DO IT RIGHT, rather than DIE IN SPACE. Duh, how hard is that for people to grasp?

After they got it right on film numerous times, THEN the mission would be done. Then some idiot got hold of the photos and film from these sessions, which happened on the ground and were well published, and said that is all there is.

I beg to differ, because there is a mirror up there still being used TODAY as proof, and China photographed one of the landing sites with a probe they sent. Anyway, I am probably preaching to the choir . . . . .

Oh, the latest shillery is about the Van Allen belts, which were known of long before Apollo and are indeed fatal if you stay in them for over 3 weeks but the Apollo astronauts had the GOOD STUFF, you know, like America had before the "liberals" took over and got through the Van Allen belts in about an hour. In that context the Van Allen belts are practically meaningless.

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