Friday, 3 June 2016

NSA Whistleblower Jim Stone On Cell Phone Zombies

'I am going to say it like it is. Cell phones can be very low class. And eventually everyone will accept that, just like body odor. 

How much worse can it be than to walk around in public like a zombie stuck to a screen and tied to a device?

How annoying is it to talk to someone, and have them get pinged 3 times in five minutes? 

Cell phones were actually cool back in the 1990's, when only a few people had them. 

But now, every low class fool can walk around with one, it is no longer any sort of status symbol, and I have started to judge people by their phone behavior.

If you go to a family gathering, and sit in the corner with your cell phone tapping away on the screen the whole time, you are a DUFUS. 

If you can't walk two blocks without checking the screen five times, you are a DUFUS. 

If you can't drive without continuously texting, you are a DUFUS and my GOD, it is FAR WORSE than drunk driving. 

I remember the day when digging around for a tape or CD was the hazard. Those were the days.

I believe we are fast approaching a time where improper phone use won't look cool, it will hurt your image and tag you as socially illiterate. 

Nowadays it seems to me that the most common faceplant is on a cell phone, and the idiots will be the last to figure out they ever fell at all.'